Monday, July 12, 2010

The Plastik

Kierra (left): :[P]:-Ambrice-Full-Cowgirl
Lila (right): :[P]:-Ambrice-Full-BlueAsia, Fingerprints-Skies-Cult, Lionheart Elven Ears-Blue
Kierra (left): :[P]:-Ambrice-Full-SparkleGold
Lila (right): :[P]:-Ambrice-Full-Escher, Fingerprints-Saga-Shade, Lionheart Elven Ears-HiDef-Saga
Kierra (left): :[P]:-Ambrice-Scant-Black
Lila (right): :[P]:-Ambrice-Full-CrushCrush, Fingerprints-Myth-Evel, Lionheart Elven Ears-HiDef-Myth

Lila (left): :[P]:-Ambrice-Scant-Bellissima, Fingerprints-Story-Bare, Lionheart Elven Ears-HiDef-Story
Kierra (right): :[P]:-Ambrice-Full-Vivid

Omg! [The Plastik] has blown us away again. Now I know this "New Release" is a bit tardy on our end, but things have been a bit crazy over at "Demented Divas HQ". When the crap hits the fan, it seems you get hit with a lot of it all at once. Luckily, these new "Ambrice Dresses" have been our silver lining on the dark cloud that has been following us. So enough whining and I'll get on with the info regarding all of this yummy goodness.
These gorgeous dresses are draped in rich and very detailed patterns. Aikea Rieko never ceases to amaze me with her beautiful hand drawn textures. She really pushes the limit's of one's imagination, since her ideas seem endless. This one dress comes in 16 awe inspiring patterns, 8 of which we are showing, that are filled with intricate paisleys, eastern influences and even a "Esher" replica! "Ambrice" also comes with 2 style options. You can opt to wear it with a corset, which is amazingly rendered with an alluringly depicted lace-up back, or without and as two piece. The back of the dress is even adorned with an adorable and very lifelike zipper! It was literally impossible to pick just one favorite pattern! They are all wearable works of art!
I am sure you have probably noticed the skin that I am wearing. By the way, this is Lila writing. *LOL* Well, the skin, also know as "Fingerprints" is a "New Release" from Aikea too. So I figured that I would use this opportunity to give you a teaser of these amazing textures. "Fingerprints" comes in 9 unique skin tones and 6 different make-ups! Each skin also comes with a set of elven ears, eyes and the "glowy" prim eye attachments". I can't get over the quality of Aikea's skin. It is flawless and luminous. She some how manages to make the face seem very soft, but very striking at the same time. Aikea's careful use of shadow and highlighting is just the perfect amount to make this one sensual and very ethereal creation. This is yet another masterpiece.
Aikea Rieko's designs just take you into a world of fantasy and myth, which is so wondrous that you never want to come back to reality. And what makes her pieces even more incredible is that they can be worn as just a regular fabulous slinky dress. Well, I wouldn't say regular, since her designs are better than that, but they can mix with just about anything in your wardrobe. So let me stop rambling and let you get your pixilated butt over to [The Plastik]. As usual, I sent a limo:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: :[P]: LionHeart Tale - Cirrus-Pout
Hair (pic 1): TRUTH - Tilly- Auburn
Hair (pic2-4): TRUTH - Kalista-Mocha
Jewelry: Mariposa - Aubade Bronze-Obsidian
Boots: Drakke Deigns - Dakota Boot
Eyes: :[P]: Frozen Soul-Blue
Tattoo: 3Toos - Estrella

Hair (pic 1): fri - Kate-Moody Brown
Hair: (pic 2&4): TRUTH - Layla-Night
Hair (pic 3): TRUTH - Layla Streaked-Latte
Bangles L: [} Jasha {] Spring Bangles - Left - (Black)
Bangles R: [} Jasha {] Spring Bangles - Right - (GreyBrown)
Boots: [Gos] Burlesque-Color Change
Lashes: TF - Swept Away EyeLashes

ALL POSES: aDORKable Poses

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