Friday, July 2, 2010

All Dressed up with 'Morea'

Evane -brown
Paloma - champagne
Destiny - Black & Silver
Meryl - flowered
Anais - turquoise

We all love to dress up now and then and I for one am usually found in pants and a t shirt not formal wear, so when I was given some gowns from Morea Decosta, I wasnt sure what to expect. WOW is all that I can say to sum up the amazing gowns that are absolutly stunning with the most amazing prim work that make you feel like a Princess not a Barbie. Pics 1,2 &6 are showing some of the more casual style's available at Morea Style and I was really stunned at the amazing prim work with Morea's outfits and everything comes with resize scripts not that I needed to adjust anything Woot !!. The vibrant colours used in the texture work along with the beautiful flowing prims make these outfits a joy to wear. Life is also made easier for us ladies as most of the outfits come complete with accessories (i.e, bangles, neck pieces, etc...) to complete the look. Once again they all come with resize scripts in case any adjustments are needed.
Have a special formal event to attend or just a romantic date ?? Then look no further then Morea , since the most amazing formal wear is available in the store. The Paloma dress I have to say is absolutley stunning and I really did feel like a Princess when I put it on. I really am not a fan of the overly poofy dresses that are so big you could fit an army under them, but the formal wear at Morea really doesnt fit into this category. The highly detailed prim work along with the fantastic use of textures make the dresses simply breath taking. The Destiny and Meryl outfits are still perfect for any formal event, but are a bit more subtile than the Paloma. They are still stunning nonetheless. I loved the delicate silver trim on the Destiny dress, which makes it appear less flat than so many black dresses can appear. Once again the use of delicate prim work and detailed textures make these outfits come alive and a pure pleasure to wear. I would highly recommend a visit to Morea Style, not only for your everyday wear but evening gowns too. So what are you waiting for? Heres the Limo! So head on down to Morea Style and see for yourself the amazing work from Morea Decosta.

~Additional Style Info~

Skin - (All pics) - Mockskin - Melanie Makeup 2 Latte
Hair - Pic 1&3 - Magika - Gala Brown pack - Chestnut
Hair - Pic 2&6 - >TRUTH< - Bethany - coffee
Hair - Pic 4 -[Shag] - La La Love Me - blonde
Hair - Pic 5 - >TRUTH< -Tilly - driftwood
Eyes -::UH:: - Tsuya eye (good shit hunt prize)
Shoes - Pics 1,2,6 -Stiletto Moody - Bare Ava Gold (Black)
Shoes - Pics 4,5 - ByKay - MaryBelle - Black
Jewelry - Pic 6 - Mariposa - Acat Set

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