Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Latest Releases from " >TRUTH< "

Pic 1: TRUTH - Kalista - Java, Kalista Streaked - Driftwood (Streak 1: Dark Blonde & Steak 2: White)
Pic 2: TRUTH - Layla - Sangria, Layla Streaked - Night/Light Purple
Pic 3: TRUTH - Rylan - Cocoa, Rylan 2 Streaked - Almond/Blonde

Truth Hawks manages to turn it out again! This week he released 4 incredibly charming new styles. I don't know if it's just me who notices this, but it seems that Truth's signature hair texture is changing once again. The strands have an edgier "razor-like" cut, but still manage to maintain the flow and waves that Truth is so noted for. It was really hard to pick a favorite "do" this week, I'm loving them all! I mean, who can't resist the short angled cut and side swept bangs of "Kalista"? This particular style has a feature that I just adore. I am sure you are well aware by now that each new style is coming in a "streaked" version as well as a solid. "Kalista" comes with 2 streaking options! For each set of streaks, you get 19 colors/textures to choose from! So, for a girl who is highlight obsessed in RL, this is a SL dream come true.
In the second set of pictures, I am featuring "Layla". "Layla"has got me on my knees, thanking Truth for creating these uber cool "pig tails" that also have the side swept bangs. This design has a "streaked" version as well. "Layla" just has the one set of streaks, but still comes with the 19 color/texture change option.
In the third set of pictures, I am wearing "Rylan" and "Rylan 2". These two styles are almost identical. They both have fabulous long and layered hair, which is teased ultra high. But "Rylan" has the "side swept" bangs and "Rylan 2" has her hair pulled completely back. They are equally YUMMY and they also come equipped with the same new streaking option that I mentioned with "Layla". So, what are you waiting for? The limo is parked and waiting to take you to TRUTH:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Top: [mixxES] Ethnic Camisole_03
Jewelry: La Forgia - *Thalia Passion Set*
Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Deep Tan HB (cleavage) Group Gift
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen Eyes (free gift)
Lashes: [ glow ] studio - Vingue - eyeliner A

Rose Swing: aDORKable Poses - Blooming (Yellow/Red)

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