Sunday, July 18, 2010

Parading in 'Pesto'

Things have been pretty hectic in the Demented Divas Camp latley so it was nice to relax a little and slip into some of Pesto Portland's outfits and chill. Pesto is the owner and designer of Pesto Apparel and what a talent she has, bringing us yet more yummy delights to add to our wardrobes. The Bolero Jacket Im wearing in Pics 1 & 2 comes with two options which is always a plus for me. If your feeling daring the Nipple Tape is perfect choice and for the more conservative look the White Top option is the way to go. Sporting prim cuffs and collar this is a worthy addition to any inventory as it is so versatile and comes in a choice of 12 delicious colours. The SupaMiniSkirt again like the Jackets comes in an array of lucious colours with 15 to choose from, so you really are spoilt for choice. Although the skirt is rather short it still stays away from that 'Slut' look which I really dislike. With careful use of textures and prim I have to say fitted me perfectly for a change this sassy little number is definatley a head turner. Last but not least is the SummerTeeShirt which comes in 12 scrumptious colours and is perfect to go with almost anything. With a choice of layers this again like all of Pesto designs is a worthy addition to any inventory. So Ill stop waffling and as always heres your Limo so u can Tp your sexy little butts on down to Pesto and check it out for yourself

Left - OpenBoleroJacket - Shortsleeve [white top] Black, SupaMini Skirt - Eggplant
Centre - OpenBoleroJacket - Shortsleeve [white top] Earth, SupaMiniSkirt - Azure
Right - OpenBoleroJacket - Shortsleeve [white top] Bordeaux, SupaMiniSkirt - DarkGrey
Left -OpenBoleroJacket - Shortsleeve [nipple tape] Black, SupaMiniSkirt - Apple
Centre - OpenBoleroJacket - Shortsleeve [nipple tape] Grey, SupaMiniSkirt - Royal
Right -OpenBoleroJacket - Shortsleeve [nipple tape] Pink, SupaMiniSkirt - Pink

Left - SummerTeeShirt - Olive, SupaMiniSkirt - Sepia
Centre -SummerTeeShirt - Brown, SupaMiniSkirt - Peach
Right - SummerTeeShirt - Red, SupaMiniSkirt - Black

Left -SummerTeeShirt - Bronze, SupaMiniSkirt - Coffee
Centre - SummerTeeShirt - Eggplant, SupaMiniSkirt - Orchid
Right - SummerTeeShirt - Black, SupaMiniSkirt - Cherry

~Additional Style Info~

Skin - Belleza - Jesse Deep tan 4 (cleavage)
Hair - Boon -XFE275 hair purple (I tinted it slightly)
Eyes - Poetic Colours - Aurora
Jewelry - La Forgia - Heartbeat Set

Poses - Vivaposes, aDORKable, Glitterati, Everglow, {.:exposeur:.}

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