Monday, July 5, 2010

Sexy Bikinis from N1CO and Shapes Created by Bonny Raynier!

Pic 1: N1CO - Striped Bikini 2, Bonny Raynier - Charm Shape
Pic 2: N1CO - Bikini Stripes 2, Bonny Raynier - Sophia Shape
Pic 3: N1CO - Bikini Stripes 3, Bonny Raynier - Camy Shape
These are the "Dog Days" of summer and it has reached a high 100 degrees today in  NYC. At the moment, all that I can think of is a nice seclueded beach and a cool bikini. So that's exactly what I deciced to find. Noreia Owen, the fabulous designer and person behind N1CO, gave me some major help in the bikini dept.  I was also in the mood for different shape to show off these new bikinis. So I decided to take a few shapes for test drive that were created by Bonny Raynier.Bonny's shapes can be found on display at N1CO too.
In these 3 pictures, I am wearing Noreia's "Bikini Stipe" collection.These luscious binkins come in a pack with three dazzeling colors/textures and have and adorable prim tie. I just love such a tiny prim detailing can add so much realsim to an already well designed piece. As you can see, this particular bikini can hug any shape pefectly and show off  it's "assets" to "T".
Bonny Raynier really surprised me with her her shapes. I made my own body, becuase I could never find one that I felt very comfotable in. However, the sulty eyes,sensual full lips and "brazillin-like" booty, which Bonny has crafted in all 3 shapes, may have just changed my mind. The youthful phsysque and srtiking features will turn any head. I am wearing "Charm" in the first pic, "Sohpia" in the second and "Camy" in last. All have subtle diffences in hieght and body type. so I recommend trying on a demo before you purchase one. There are many others to choose from as well.
As far as the bikini's go, there is a lot more from where these came from. Noeria doesn't just do bikini's, she does MUCH, MUCH MUCH more! Her creations span from grungy to glam. Lingerie to  jeans. There is a little bit of everything at N1CO and you will be seeing much more of it here. This is a just a teaser.
So, stop reading the blogs and get down to N1CO now! You will not regret it! I sent a limo too:
~ Additional Style Info ~
Skin: [ATOMIC] - Faith-Caramel-Patriotic (VIP Group Gift)
Hair: - Cassidy-Timid Brown
Jewelry: ::Exodi:: - Prathivi Set
Barefeet: *ByKay* - Sam *Bare foot*
Eyes: ::UH:: - Frozen Eyes
Lashes: TF - SweptAway!

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