Sunday, January 30, 2011

The 'Ataciara' Skin Line from :[Plastik]:

Aikea Rieko just recently released an amazing new skin line, called 'Ataciara', and it stunning! To say the least...  Aikea's eye for design artistic abilities are absolutely phenomenal.  She doesn't seem to miss one detail when creating the body and face. From the perfectly rendered lips to the cute little dimples right above the butt, her skin is on point. There are a lot of beautiful skins in SL, but none that contain this amount of accuracy. This luminous skin comes in 6 gorgeous 'regular' skin tones and 5 brilliant elven skin tones as well. I am usually not into elven/fantasy skins, but Aikea has definitely won me over with her elven skin tones. The colors and make-ups are dreamy and ethereal, which make them completely irresistible.  Aikea also provided 4 make-up tattoos, 3 freckle face tattoos and 3 freckle body tattoos. And that's on top of the elven ears and eyes, which are also provided for each skin set. So you are given a ton of wear options for your avi. Each skin come with a cleavage option as well. And let me tell you, Aikea creates ample breasts. I mean, even without the cleavage option they are quite full and natural looking. I love it! Btw, I am not a boob obsessed woman, who feels the need to have huge breasts. However, these are done very well and are definitely very sexy.  'Ataciara' is definitely, by far, one of Aikea's best skin lines to date. This skin is so versatile that it can be worn with the most casual of clothes or incredibly dramatic fantasy wear. Anyway, enough of my babbling, so you can see what I am talking about. And since I know that you will absolutely fall in love with this 'Ataciara', I sent you a limo to :[Plastik]:

Top Row: :[P]:-Ataciara-Lullaby-Killer & Ataciara-Lullaby-Phoenix
Bottom Row: [P]:-Ataciara-Lullaby-Shadow Cateye & Ataciara-Lullaby-Vegas

Top Row: :[P]:-Ataciara-Hymn-Killer & Ataciara-Hymn-Phoenix
Bottom Row: [P]:-Ataciara-Hymn-Shadow Cateye & Ataciara-Hymn-Vegas

 Top Row: :[P]:-Ataciara-Chorus-Killer & Ataciara-Chorus-Phoenix
Bottom Row: [P]:-Ataciara-Chorus-Shadow Cateye & Ataciara-Chorus-Vegas

Top Row: :[P]:-Ataciara-Melody-Killer w/Ataciara Makeups- Darker Lips & Ataciara-Melody-Phoenix w/ Ataciara Makeups- Lighter Lips
Bottom Row: [P]:-Ataciara-Melody-Shadow Cateye w/ Ataciara Makeups- Lip Stripe & Ataciara-Melody-Vegas w/Ataciara Makeups- Smudgy Shadow 

 Top Row: :[P]:-Ataciara-Poem-Killer w/ Ataciara Makeups- Freckle Face & Ataciara-Poem-Phoenix w/ Ataciara Makeups- Freckle Face. -Heavy
Bottom Row: [P]:-Ataciara-Poem-Shadow Cateye  w/ Ataciara Makeups- Freckle Face. -Light& Ataciara-Poem-Vegas

Top Row: :[P]:-Ataciara-Song-Killer w/ Ataciara Makeups- Body Freckles& Ataciara-Song-Phoenix w/Ataciara Makeups- Body Freckles. -Heavy
Bottom Row: [P]:-Ataciara-Song-Shadow Cateye w/ Ataciara Makeups- Body Freckles. -Light & Ataciara-Song-Vegas

Top Row: :[P]:-Ataciara-Elven-Bark-Stargazer & Ataciara-Elven-Lavender-2012
Middle Row: :[P]:-Ataciara-Elven-Mahogany-Warlord & Ataciara-Elven-Nautical-Void
Bottom: :[P]:-Ataciara-Elven-Ocean-Papyrus
:[P]:-Ataciara-Hymn-Cleavage-Shadow Cateye, Ataciara-Elven-Mahogany-Arcadium & Ataciara-Chorus-Cleavage-Vegas

~ Additional Style Info ~

Hair: !lamb. Wild Nothing - Butterfinger
Pasties: *League* Duct Tape Top -Pasties -Black
Tanga: *League* Itty Bitty Tanga -Ecru 
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black