Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spotlight on 'Ty Zvezda'

Pic 1: T.Z.Ella Gown - Beach Wood
Pic 2: T.Z.Kaftan - Deep Red, Shuffle Flats-Deep red, UGERY Bag-Beach WoodKaftan - Royal Blue,  BUNTY Heel-Off White, UGERY Bag-Royal BlueKaftan - Lavender, Shuffle Flats-Brown, UGERY Bag-Blush
Pic 3: T.Z. - OKLAK - Off White, Shuffle Flats-Brown, UGERY Bag-Beach Wood; OKLAK -Teal, BUNTY Heel-Off White; OKLAK - Zebra, Shuffle Flats-Brown, UGERY Bag-Banana
Pic 4: T.Z. - High Mini Skirt - D. Winter Frost & High Mini Skirt - D. Winter Evergreens
Pic 5: T.Z. - Mini Beach Wrap - Faune - Style 2,  Shuffle Flats-Brown; SLOO Top & Belt - White/Blue steel, Shuffle Flats-Brown,  FUFFO Bag - Ivory/Green; Mini Beach Wrap - Off White - Style 2, Shuffle Flats-Brown
Pic 6: T.Z. - UGERY Bag - Blush, Banana, Beachwood, Royal Blue; FUFFO Bag - Ivory/Green, Brown/Ivory, Green/Ivory

I was sincerely flattered when Alan Edison, the designer behind Ty Zvezda sent me some review copies. As a long time fan of Alan's designs, it was a real treat to work with his gorgeous pieces. Alan has and intuitive feel for the female form and his body conscious designs are proof of this. In the first picture, I am wearing the 'Ella' gown. This is one luxurious piece that gives my figure an amazing silhouette.The silky texture and simple lines make this one elegant number. I just adore how Alan carefully adds the perfect amount of highlights and shadow, in order to show of the folds and creases on the dress. This is definitely one of my favorite gowns!
In the second picture, I am donning the 'katfkan'. This gorgeous piece comes in rich colors and 3 different wear options. This is another aspect that I love about Alan's clothes. Once again, the texture has a silk-like feel and flows with each subtle movement. The perfect piece to add to any outfit.
In the third picture, Alan has me in his 'Oklak' vest. This has a more bohemian and folksy look to it, which I am really into at the moment. Once again, this come sin 3 different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit and/ or look. I also paired this look with Alan's 'shuffle flats' and 'bunty heels'. These shoes are simple, but made extremely well. Pus, they go with just about any casual look.
In the fourth picture, I am sporting the first skirt I have ever bought at Ty Zvezda. I love the high waisted tulip shape and super soft iridescent texture. One again, Alan uses his incredible eye for detail  to carefully adorn  this skirt with hand drawn buttons and 3 different trim options.. This skirt is a MUST for any woman's wardrobe. This 'high waisted mini' can be worn casual or dressy, like so many of Alan's designs.
I the fifth picture, I am wearing Alan's fabulous 'mini beach wrap'. This uber cute pareo also comes in two different wear option.This is the quintessential bikini cover-up As you can see in the middle of this picture, I am went in a slightly different direction. I am wearing this amazing 'Sloo' top. I just can't get enough of this cute button down blouse which is cinched by a wide belt. Simply scrumptious.
In the fifth and last picture, I had to show a close up the handbags! I am in LOVE with Alan's bags. There is the 'Ugery' bag that is constructed with soft leather an beautiful jewel tones. Then we have 'Fofo' bag, which is made up of a thicker leather and wrapped in a uber cute bow. The silver linked straps are the finishing touch on this already amazing accessory. If you are a hang-bag whore  like me, these are the ultimate pieces for any womans handbag inventory. So yummy!
Ok, enough of my blabbering... Hurry up and check out Alan's incredible creations for yourself at Ty Zvezda. The limo awaits:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: LAQ ~ Martina - 08 [Nougat] Glow skin
Hair (pic 1): fri. - Allison - Delighted Blond
Hair (pic 2): TRUTH - Aradhana - chocolate
Hair (pic 3): TRUTH - Nora 2 - chocolate
Hair (pic 4 & 5): fri. - Scarlett.2 - Timid Brown
Necklace (pic 1): {Armidi Gisaci} Valencia Pearl Necklace - Classy
Bracelets (pic 1): :::: GARAGE:::: - pearl bracelets-white
Jewelry (pic 2 & 3): *ByKay* ~ Aizza
Jewelry (pic 3): *ByKay* ~ Kalya ~ *Red & Orange* ~ [Group Only]
Jewelry (pic 4): ZC : kaya onyx *silver*
Jewelry (pic 5): :: Exodi :: Prathivi Set
Necklace (pic 5): -=UZURI=- Mwezi Ear Rings
Earrings (pic 5): -=UZURI=- Mwezi Necklace
Bracelets (pic 5): [Armidi Gisaci] -Healing Koi Bangle - Wheat
Shoes (pic 4): #OC# Mercy-Black
Pants (pic 2 & 3): Armidi Limited - Kogo Skinny Pants [Simply Black]
Top (pic 4): fri. - Layering.Tank - (Black)
Bikini (pic 5): :: Exodi :: Regina Bikini (Black)
Shorts (pic 5): (Elephant Outfitters) Jordyn Shorts - Twig
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen eye(free gift)
Lashes: TF - SweptAway

Poses: Look at Me, *EverGlow*, VIVAPOSES, aDORKable Poses, {.:exposeur:.}

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