Sunday, December 12, 2010

What is FTLO..... Up To Next??????

All about FTLO... (RED).....

As per organizer Rhed Rhode......

You're invited to help the make a small dent in a very big global issue.
Perhaps you went to FTLO Halloween, or FTLO Ice Fest, or maybe you did my last two hunts "For the love of...Science" and "For the love of...Fall" but right now, at this very moment, I'm working on something MUCH bigger and I think it's important.
FTLO is working on something big....a way to make a difference.
We'd very much like you to be a part of it.
Last year alone, nearly half a million babies were born with HIV or AIDS
This charity event is to raise money to make a sizable donation to (RED)™ I am in no way infringing or claiming affiliation with (Red) or it's affiliates The Global Fund, & the United Nations respectively.
Since it's launch in 2006 (RED has raised over $160 Million for the Global Fund™ .
(RED) works with major labels and designers to partner in raising money and generating awareness for the Global Fund, the Global Fund in turn uses 100% of it's proffits to finance HIV health and community support in Africa with a focus on women and children with HIV and AIDS.

SO here's how it will work:
You as a designer can volunteer your time/services and design 2 items, Both to be sold with 100% of the cost going to (RED). Both items must be red or heavily accented with Red. You CAN make up to 5 items if you choose, but every item must be red. The two donation items will be using my vendors and will be clearly labelled as the charity items.
This event will have 100% transparency. I have set up an SL account named "RedCharity" Her entire transaction history will be copy pasted in it's entirity on the FTLO website  and updated weekly. At the end of the event, I will cash out the L on that account and donate the FULL AMOUNT to (RED) and copy paste the confirmation receipt onto the FTLO website. (they require a credit card donation and so this is the easiest way lol)

How can you help? 
Designers can make red lovely things for the event, send notices in their groups, plurks, facebooks etc. and refer other designers to help in the event.
Bloggers can blog the items, cover the event, submit to new feeds, refer designers and other bloggers to help in the effort.
Group members can come to the event, tell their friends, share the LM in their groups, shop, and donate to the (RED) Tip Jar. AND let me say this clearly: FTLO will keep NO proffits from this event, the land will be donated by me, there will be NO overhead for this event. It costs NOTHING to participate for you, no fee...just your time and creativity :) Your Landmark will go out with each sale, you may place ONE of EITHER a  group inviter (either a subscriber or an in world group) OR a landmark giver (not both...otherwise the sim will be LAGGGGY lol)

The "For the Love of...(RED)" event will start on February 5th @4pm SLT and end on February 27th @4pm SLT.
Who to Contact to participate? Rhed Rhode

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