Saturday, December 18, 2010

J'adore Mon Tissu!

Unless you have been living under a sculpted prim rock, you had to have seen, or at least heard about, the debut designs from { Mon Tissu }. I know many of us have been eagerly awaiting the opening of this store, since it is the merging of two of  SL's most talented and favorited designers, Julliette Westerburg and Emma Gilmour. However, for this venture, they are going under the alternative avatars, Elie Spot and Anouk Spot. Regardless of what names they use, their creation are even more brilliant than I anticipated. Staying true to their talent, all their designs and textures are hand drawn. I am always amazed at how realistic and detailed these pieces are, especially since they are not loaded down with tons sculpted prims. However, the sculpted prims, which are crafted to perfection, are works of art in themselves. So, I could go on about { Mon Tissu } and all the incredible features of their designs forever, but I'll just let you take a look for yourself. If you haven't been to { Mon Tissu } yet, which is a definite must, here is a  ~ limo ~.

 {mon tissu} Prudence Cardigan - Brown & Denim - 1929 Cigarette ~ Ink
{mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots ~ Dark Brown

~ Additional Style Info ~

Hair: !lamb. Wild Nothing - Honeycomb (NEW)
Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 - 02 [Nougat] Glow skin
Tank: jane.femme.lace cami.wh fawn
Jewelry Set: MIEL AHI Set
Poses: GLITTERATI - 148 &144