Monday, December 27, 2010

New from TRUTH

Truth released 2 amazing new styles and one awesome group gift, which is Holiday variation of a prior release, this week. The first style, Jolie, is gorgeous, long and pulled back on one side.

TRUTH Kai - macaroon & Kai Streaked - fudge

Next we have Kai, who is super cute. I just adore her semi-ponytails that are loosely tied. Kai comes with an attachable bang option as well. So, you are basically getting 2 styles in one. As usual, both Kai and Jolie come in a standard and streaked version.

 TRUTH Kai - driftwood & Kai Streaked - Carob 

Lastly, we have 'Snow Kitty', which is a Holiday gift from Truth to all subo members. I was really excited to see this version of 'Kitty', since this is one of my all time favorite styles. The hat is color/texture change and the hair comes in every color imaginable. Talk about an awesome Holiday gift! Thank you, Truth! There is even a style for the guys as well.

TRUTH Snow Kitty - fudge

So, what are you waiting for? I know you can't wait to try on these demos, so I sent you a limo to TRUTH

~ Additional Style Info ~

Jolie -
Skin: Grix. Teagan - Cinna. - Blonde - Cozy  Dimp/Clvg
Bolero Jacket: The Secret Store - Bow-Lero - Jacket ($50L -Part of the 2011 Event)
Dress: PIDIDDLE - Denim Mini - Noir
Pose: (marukin)

Kai -
Skin: Grix. Teagan - Cinna. - Blonde - Cozy  Dimp/Clvg
Dress: MIEL LIA DRESS - coco - jacket layer
Pose: (marukin)

Snow Kitty -
Skin: Grix. Teagan - Cinna. - Blonde - faust-  Dimp/Clvg
Necklace: Gypsys! Deer necklace (Christmas Gift)
Sweater: The Secret Store - Ribbon Sweater - Black - belly prim
Pose: (marukin)