Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Action for TGI 50L & Awesome New Releases!

*Action has a lot going on right now and tons of new releases too. So, first off, I wanted to let you all know that MarilynMonroe Munro is featuring one of her latest hair releases for women, which is also known as 'Chou', for 'TGI. 50L' today. Yes, that's right, you can pick up 'Chou' in jet for only $50L, which is an amazing deal. Normally, Action's single hair packs are priced at $150L. So this is a real steal and a uber cute style too!

*Action Womens Hair - Chou in Jet

*Action Womens Hair Chou - Jet

Today is also my third installment of Action's new 'Ensemble' packages for women. I am featuring the 'Grim Skater', who also comes with the 'Chou' hairstyle in jet and with one of the new 'Sexi Minis' that I am about to you later. Once again, everything pictured here is included in the ensemble (except my skin) for just $1000L. Now, I know $1000L may seem a but steep, but you are not just getting the whole outfit. You are also getting the hair, boots, backpack, scarves, socks and bracelet. These all are resistible too! You are also receiving these products at 30-50% discount! So, it's really a very good deal. Plus, MarilynMonroe's styling is incredible! I just love how she puts these looks together. And for me, that's always one less hassle I have to worry about. I can spend up to an hour looking through my ginormous inventory, figuring out what to wear.

Action Womens Ensenble - Grim Skater

 *Action Womens Ensenble - Grim Skater
*Action Womens Ensenble - Grim Skater

If you think I am done, just wait one minute.... MarilynMonroe also just release a line of very 'Sexi Mini' skirts. These ultra cute and seductive skirts are a definite wardrobe MUST and come in 6 cool colors/textures. They can be worn alone as a skirt, or layered with jeans, leggings, etc... 
*Action Womens Sexi Mini Skirt

*Action Womens Sexi Mini Skirt (Top) - Charcoal, Chex &Grey Tartan
                                                   (Bottom)- Red Tartan, Skullx & Stripez

So, what are you waiting for? I suggest you get down to *Action now. Btw, the 'Chou' hair is only on sale for $50L until11:59 SLT this evening. So, you better hurry-up and grab it! The limo is waiting to take you to Action

~ Additonal Style Info ~

Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 - 02 [Nougat] Glow skin

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