Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011 Collection at [The Plastik]

It seems that Aikea Reiko goes all out for each Holiday, creating amazing special editions of her most popular designs and skins. Well, this Valentine's Day was no different. I know this post is a bit late, but I am sure you have heard about my technical issues by now, which have slowed me down tremendously. Anyway, better late than never. Plus, this collection is too gorgeous to pass-up. Aikea's hand crafted designs and skins are top notch as always and never lacking for detail. I am sure this collection will be available for a few more days, but I wouldn't wait. Even though these items are created with Valentine's Day in mind, they can be worn any day of the year. So, enough of my babbling and go see some of these pieces and the fabulous skin that is in store for you at [The Plastik]. I sent you a limo too:

Plastik]-Bordello-JL-Whole-Lover & Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Chrysanthemum-Void
[Plastik]-Bordello--Whole-Lover & :[P]:Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Chrysanthemum-Void
[Plastik]-Friday-J-Belt-Cupid& Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Chrysanthemum-Lovespell
[Plastik]-Friday-Belt-Cupid, Leo Warmer-Reverie & :[P]: & Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Chrysanthemum-Lovespell 
[P] -Jaida Dress-J-Sugar & Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Cleavage-Chrysanthemum-Aphrodite
:[P]:-Jaida Dress-Sugar & :[P]:-Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Cleavage-Chrysanthemum-Aphrodite
[P]-Minimalist Bands-Chest-Cloud 9 & Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Cleavage-Chrysanthemum-Warlord
 :[P]:-Minimalist Bands-Cloud 9 & :[P]: :Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Cleavage-Chrysanthemum-Warlord
[Plastik]-Galizie--St Germain & Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Cleavage-Chrysanthemum-Queen of Hearts
[Plastik]-Galizie-:[P]:-St. Germain & :[P]: Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Cleavage-Chrysanthemum-Queen of Hearts
[P]-Ambrice-Full- St Valentine  & Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Chrysanthemum-Papyrus-Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Chrysanthemum-Papyrus
:[P]:-Ambrice-Full- St. Valentine  &:[P]: Ataciara-Elven-Valentine-Chrysanthemum-Papyrusus

~ Additional Style Info ~

Hair: !lamb. Cinnamon - Honeycomb
Teeth Tattoo: [:T:] Parted lips 3 (Free)
Necklace: *La Forgia jewels* Cupido Choker RED (Spine)*