Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grixdale at Kozmetika!

Unless you have been living under a sculpted rock, I am sure you have heard about the opening of Kozmetika. If you haven't. well you definitely need to check this place out. I would consider it to be the 'Sephora of SL'. You have SL's best make-up layer creators all in one shop and showing their best cosmetic creations. Tattoo layers have definitely been one of the best inventions of 2010 and unfortunately, since I use Phoenix, I am only limited to one tattoo later. So, I am keeping my fingers crossed, in hope that this will change.
Now, one of my favorite make-up and clothing designers, who is extremely talented too,  is also featured at Kozmetika. This amazing designer is Tyr  Rozenblum of Grixdale and [Aura]. She put out a beautiful line of eyeshadow layers, blushes and even cute little band aids. All of these layers come in gorgeous earth tones that are mixed with vibrant colors. So, let me stop my rambling, so you can see what I am talking about. And, since I know you will be dying to TP on down to Kozmetika, I am sending you a limo:

Here is a limo to Grixdale too:

Grix. Teagan - Cinna. - Blonde - Faust -  No Dimp with Grix. - Body Shoppe - Robin

~  Additional Style Info ~

Skin: Grix. Teagan - Cinna. - Blonde - Faust -  No Dimp
Eyes: ~Mynerva~ SoulHeart Eyes - DriftWood
Hair: !lamb. Heart - Butterfinger

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