Thursday, February 10, 2011

*JeSyLiLO*:::ToTa:::Skin Line

One of my favorite and most recent lines of skin, would be the 'ToTa' skin line from amazing skin designer, LiLO Glom. LiLO has been a huge up and comer in the world of SL skin creators. I have reviewed and worn many of her gorgeous skins, but 'ToTa' is definitely her best work thus far. 'To Ta' comes in 3 skin shades and 5 make-ups. With each make-up, you have the choice of just wearing a glossed lip or a version with added eye-make-up. Plus, you also get teeth tattoo layer for even more options.  We all know that LiLO is the queen of wear options. Besides what I already mentioned, you have a hairline option, a cleavage option and matte or shiny body option. Each skin set comes with every combination of what I previously mentioned. You have got to LOVE that!
Now, let;s talk details. LilO Glom is on point with details. She gives you a perfect shade and smattering of freckles over the face. To make 'ToTa' even more irresistible, LiLO adds dimples on the cheeks. The face is absolutely stunning. And, as usual, the body is nicely rendered and well defined. This skin is definite MUST see. So, here is you limo to: *JeSyLiLO*:

*JeSyLiLO:::ToTa:::*TanSkin*J4(makeup)BT*(Shiny), *LightSkin*J2(makeup)*(Matte) & *DarkSkin*J3(maekup)BT*(Shiny) - All With Teeth Tattoo Layer

~ Additional Style Options ~

Hair:[e] Blind - Brown 08
Eye: ~Mynerva~ SoulHeart Eyes - DriftWood
Lingerie: *VEXTRA FASHION* "Bree" Bra & Panties (NEW)
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black
Poses: *EverGlow*

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