Tuesday, June 15, 2010



What is summer with out the the Carnival coming to town? I have many fond memories of the old busted rides, which look like they are ready to collapse, and all the cool booths with food and games.However, i was truly amazed at all the bright new shiny rides that were up and running, waiting for the hundreds of people soon to populate the fair carnival grounds. Actually it took "Zombie Popcorn" organizer, "Jenica Penucca", just one week to erect and design this whole build! For a neophyte builder, such as myself, that is just awe inspiring in itself!

Yay! The circus! I am paitentally waiting for it start!
And I am still patiently waiting for it start...............................................

Well, I guess I was bit early in all my excitement, so I decided to go and get my fortune told. And since the fortune teller must of been on break, I was left to my own devices.....
Hmmmmm...... The ball told me that a "person is watching me". The ball is probably right and also left out that the same person is also probably lhao!
The Fun House! I love the fun house and with all it's cool mirrors and mazes!
But I don't love clowns.....They scare me.....
Hmmmm.....Which door shall I choose????
I think I picked the wrong door.....
Yay! I made it! I survived the "Fun House"! But there's the clown again...... Is he following me? I really do NOT like clowns.....
Me trying to make friends with clown and overcome my fear on them,,,,,,,,
Blah! I need to take a break after all the excitement. Oh! I forgot to mention, in all my excitement, that they also have a ton of cool 30Lgacha machines put out by SL's top designers. Just about every top designer that I can think of has joined up with this ultra cool carnival. How amazing is that? Rides, clowns and clothes! What more can a woman ask for?


Hair: fri.day - Marie-Timid Brown
Skin: Pics 2-5- *YS&YS* - Evelin Skin group gift, Pics 8-12- Belleza - Alyson Tan Group Gift
Tops: Pics 2-5- ::Exodi:: - Imani Tee w/ bow-Laquer, Pics 8-12 {MV} Gacha Tee- "I'm This Tall"
Shorts: ::Exodi:: Frayed Denim Lounge Shorts-Indigo
Jewerly: ::Exodi:: Prathivi Set
Sneakers: UBU - PornStar Lo Tops
Poses: VIVAPOSES & (p4p)

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