Friday, June 18, 2010

What Can I SEY?

Kierra (Left): :SEY - 7B- CargoPant-Black, :SEY - C-enji (Vest), :SEY - Layer Boots - Suede
Lila (Right): :SEY -Retro2Piece (Dress), :SEY - Denim HH 2 Color/Resizable (Pumps)

Lila (Left): :SEY - Loli-Cami/Black
Kierra (Right): :SEY - Haru-Bara=Khaki
Kierra: :SEY - Maki2_Zip up/drops

What can SEY? SEY has some incredible designs! I had always thought that risey Arai's clothes were primarily unisex and urban. Luckily, I decided to take a second look and found that there were gorgeous feminine pieces as well. You may have to look around SEY to find them, which is huge, but around every turn is another work of art. All of risey's designs are well crafted with beautifully hand painted textures. There is not one minute detail left unturned! Each time I look at one of risey's designs, I find some unique striking element that I had not seen before.
In pictures 1 and 2 - where Kierra, unbeknown to me, is about to steal my purse ::laughs:: -I am wearing the "Retro2Piece". I know it's called a 2 piece, but it's basically an adorable summer dress with a Pucci-esque pattern. It has two options for wear, which is with or with out shadow detail. I am wearing the the one with some shadow detailing on the bottom. I just love the tiny sculptured creases that are carefully executed throughout the dress. It just gives it an extra element of realism. The perfectly created prim skirt fits like a dream! And I think you all know by now that skirt prims are HUGE issue for me, but the size and structure hugged my body to a "T"! . The delicately hand painted "Denim HH" pumps that I am wearing are yet another masterpiece. To call it "wearable art", would be an understatement.
Kierra, on the other hand, is wearing a much more urban outfit, which is also unisex. The sturdily constructed "C-enji" vest is given a sense of life with brilliant texturing on the toggles and vest. And even though there are several resize scripts and sculpts, the fit is superb. The "Cargo Pants", have delicious subtle sheen and, like all of risey's designs, have exceptional prim work. They and also come with several style options. You can wear the cargos with our without a "bum bag belt"and you can change the color of the them. This is a feature I just love. Women like to have a choice and SEY gives it to us! Oh! And the boots! The boots are YUMMY! The workmanship is stunning! I just LOVE the carefully painted buckles with subtle nuances that gives it that extra something special. Did I mention that they also come is 8 color/ texture changes? Well they do!
In the 3rd picture, I am wearing the "Loli-Cami". The buttery satin texture just flows along my curves with each movement. The babydoll style is so natural and lacks the poofiness that I dislike so much. It is also adorned with a color change broach, which is an exceptional item in itself. You can also choose not to wear it. When dressed in this cami I feel truly glamorous.Kierra is wearing the "Haru-Bara" top. The rich colors and and eye-popping details make this one fabulous creation. I still cant get over the incredible sculpted prims that make this piece truly unique.
In the last and 4th picture, Kierra is showing off SEY's "Maki2_Zip up/ drops" skirt. I don't know how many times I can say this, but this is yet another masterfully crafted piece. The sculpted prims bring such an amazing sense of realism, you just want to cry! The gorgeous textures are so thoughtfully composed and not one detail is overlooked. So, let me stop rambling on and go take a look for yourself! The limo is waiting:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Kierra -

Hair (pic 1&2): TRUTH - Tilly-Streaked Gem
Hair (pic 3&4): Laq - HB Style-08
Skin: -Belleza- Jesse Deep Tan HB
Leggings (pic 3&4): Convoitise
Top (pic1): [Insatiable Fashions] - Black Tube Top
Top (pic4): Shush - Black Punk Tank
Jewelry: Topaz Square - X Bands
Tatts: 3 Toos - Estrela
Eyes: []::Tuli::[] Gem Eyes - Sapphire
Eyelashes (pic1): [glow] - Bohemia Studio Eyelashes-Drama 02

Lila -

Hair: - Marie-Thoughful Brown
Skin: -Belleza- Alyson Deep Tan Group Gift (Cleavage)
Jewelry: Mariposa - Oceanic Set
Bangles (R): Zaara = Pallav -Clear
Handbag (pic1&2): mixxES - marche bag (group gift)
Jeans (pic3): - Juno-Dark
Eyes: Exile - Shine-Lustous Arctic
Eyelashes: [glow] - Innocent, eyelashes-Pure

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