Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Kierra (Left) -Izzie's - Frill Suit - Brown, Pic 2 - Blue
Lila (Right) - Izzie's - Frill Suit - Red, Pic 2 - Black

Lila (Left) -Izzie's - Tulle Cocktail Dress in White, Pic 2 - Ocean
Kierra (Right) -Izzie's - Tulle Cocktail Dress in Magenta, Pic 2 - Forest

I have been in SL for about 6 months now. Some people could say that I am still a "noob" and some days I still feel like one. However, fashion was one of my instant obsessions here and I completely immersed myself in it. One would think I should know about every designer on grid by now, but am still finding new and beautiful pieces everyday.Izzie Button is one of those "new to me" designers, who is creating such fabulous pieces. Izzie's clothes have a very feminine feel without being too "frou frou". She really knows the female form and has a keen eye for detail. She is one of the few designers who can master a dress with an empire waist that actually doesn't make you look pregnant while you are wearing it. A perfect example of this, would be Izzie's "Tulle Cocktail Dress" (pics 3&4). This gorgeous number comes in deep jewel tones that are utterly scrumptious. This dress flows instead of poofs. I just adore the delicate texturing mixed with such rich color. This dress can not help but make one feel and look absolutely stunning. It was also one of the first dresses of this styling that I did not have to edit! Usually they are way to big and I have to shrink them way down to size. If you do need to adjust the size, it comes with a skirt that has a resize option.
I know I am skipping around a bit, but I am in LOVE with that dress! I also was amazed at how much I adored Izzie's "Frill Suit" (pics 1&2). When I first saw it, I had my doubts that it would work with my type of style. However, when I tried it on, I did not want to take it off! This again is a very feminine design, but with a masculine edge. It made me feel very sexy and in charge! Kierra said it reminded her of something a female "Jame's Bond" would wear. She is definitely right. This suit can be worn like it is in the pictures or paired with skirt. You can opt to wear it with the frill or without. This too come in variety of rich colors. If you are looking for something fun, different and very sexy, this is the way to go.
I also wanted to mention that Izzie is also participating in the "Fashion Is Love" hunt too. I know you can't wait anymore, so here is the limo to Izzie's Shop:

~Additional Styling Info ~

Lila ~
Skin: LAQ - Martina - 05 (pics 1&2) and Martina -03 (pics 3&4) [Nougat] Glow skin
Hair (pics 1&2): fri.day - Allison- Thoughtful Brown
Hair (pics 3&4) LAQ - Tess-Black
Bangles: Izzie's - Wood Bangles: Black (pics 1&2) Red(pics 3&4)
Earrings (pics 1&2): *ByKay* - Prim Almighty-Silver
Earrings (pics 3&4): Zaara - Urvi Earrings- (colored) silver
Necklace: Zaara - Parnini Necklace-Clear
Shoes (pics 1&2: *ByKay* - Mayaka-Black
Shoes: (pics 3&4): *ByKay* - Kate-Color Change/White

Kierra ~

Skin - (Pics 1&2)::DS:: - Selima Bordeaux
Skin - (Pics 3 & 4) Belleza -Elle - Tan
Hair - (Pics 1 & 2) >TRUTH< - Tina - night
Hair - (Pics 3&4), ""D!va"" - Haruka -Onyx
Necklace - MIEL - SEY
Bangles - Izzie's wood bangles -Brown (Pic 1), Blue (Pic 2) black (Pic 3&4)
Shoes (pic 1&2) - Sole Sisters -Carrie-white (1L)

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