Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hit With "Pretty Stick"!

Dress - Country Blue Dirty Prairie Dress
Jewelry - White Pearl w/ White Bow Set
Kierra (Left) - Corset Dress Green
Lila (Right) - Green Midrise Jean Skirt & White Lace Top

Dammit our truck broke down we need a cowboy preferable a hot one to come help us poor maidens in distress. With the very low cut back on the Prarie dress showing that adorable tushh of yours lets hope someone comes to rescue us soon Lila or Omgahhhhhh we wont be able to shop !!!!. Anyway enough of the sillyness.... the prairie dress has a lovely detailed bodice which really shapes our womanly curves without showing too much flesh. Then turn around and boom you get the sexy low cut just showing a little but not all leaving something to the imagination. We teamed our outfits up with the White pearl and bow set which are highly detailed and complment the check of the dress perfectly. The 2nd pic Lila is showing an outfit offered as a group gift the skirt unlike many in SL isnt right up the tushy and the lovely lace texture used on the top making it almost sheer but not quite giving it that seductive feel. The Corset dress has a nicely detailed bodice and contrasts beautifully with the simplicty of the skirt. Unfortunalty due to SL being a total pain in the butt I couldnt show a pic of the back as I had some major issues and couldnt take a pic. However it has an burlesque feel to it with the lace up effect and could easily be worn with a pair of jeans Yay !!!

So as ever heres the Limo to take ur cute little booties down to Pretty Stick :-

~Additional Style Info ~

Lila -

Skin: - Belleza - Elle Deep Tan HB (Cleavage)
Shoes: ByKay-Kate-Color Change
Boots: Kboots - Brown
Hair: brown
Eyelashes: Talon Faire- SweptAway!
Eyes: ::UH:: - Frozen Eyes (free gift)

Kierra -

Hair: - Pic 1 - Magika - Connect - Black, Pic 2 - Truth - Tilly - Crow
Skin: - Belleza - Elle in Dark Tan
Eyes: - Tuli - gems in sapphire
Lashes: - [DK] - Deviant Prim Lashes 01
Boots: - Boots - Lucy in Disguise - Engineer Boots - Black

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