Friday, June 4, 2010


Released Today - Friday, 6/4/10
MARNIE: Lila (Left) - Marnie in Cocoa, Skin: Belleza/Kierra (Right) - Marnie in Streaked Platinum

LOURDES: Kierra (Left) - Lourdes in Chocolate/ Lila (Right) - Lourdes in Drfitwood
TINA: Lila (Left) - Tina in Night/ Kierra (Right) - Tina in Chestnut

Truth Hawks has done it again! While staying true to his signature texture, he has still been able to release 3 new styles, which are unique and absolutely irresistible. While Lourdes has a very soft and modern look, Marnie and Tina have a look reminiscent of two very different decades. Marnie has a an early 80's feel, à la Debbie Harry from Blondie, but with a very modern twist. Marnie comes in the regular solid colors* as well as variety of streaked versions. Tina, on the other hand, reminds me of the "beehive" hairdos from late 50's-early 60s. However, much like Marnie and Lourdes, Tina has a very fresh up-to date look. This particular hairstyle also has an adorable color change ribbon in 4 different colors or you can opt not to wear it at all.
What I love most about Truth Hawk's designs, is that he is able to create a very unique texture and style without sacrificing the natural movement and flow of the hair. His hair definitely does not suffer from that static and wood-like appearance that I know you know what I am talking about ;). Truth's hair is so soft and literally bounces with each subtle movement. OMgah, I sound like a shampoo commercial. However, it is the "Truth" *giggles.* Today is the official release day for these three gorgeous styles, so get your butt on down to TRUTH HAIR A.S.AP! The limo awaits you:

~ Addition Style Notes ~
All Hair by TRUTH - Thank You Thruh Hawks!!!
Skin: -Belleza - Alyson Deep Tan Group Gift
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Cosmic Dream Eyes (Free Gift)
EyeLashes: TF - SweptAway!

Skin: ::DS:: Selimia in Bordeaux (800 subo-gift)

* TRUTH hair comes in a very wide variety of colors to suit anyone's needs!

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