Friday, June 25, 2010


Picture 1: *COCO* - OneShoulderPolkaDotsDress
Picture 2: *COCO* - BubbleSkirt-Gold
Picture 3: *COCO* - Tank Top-with Sunglasses

*COCO* was my first favorite shop in SL and also my first taste of real fashion in SL. As a "noob", who was fashion obsessed in RL, I was overjoyed to find that SL actually had a lot of talented and incredible designers on the grid. cocoro Lemon was one the first of such designers, whose creations are on  par or even greater than the RL designers who we see on runways at fashion week. I was hooked! I am  also always closely watching to see what she comes up with next!
Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a few of *COCO*'s latest releases and was more than honored to review them. Thank you cocoro! In the first picture, I am wearing the "OneShoulderPolkaDotsDress". The name basically says it all! I just LOVE this little black dress, whose silk-like texture is so carefully wrinkled. The expertly crafted polka dot chiffon prim just brings this ultra chic number to a whole other level I just adore the subtle baring of the neckline.This dress just screams GLAM!
In the second picture, I am wearing cocoro's "BubbleSkirt" in gold.The intricate pleating mixed with hand painted shadows and highlights make this an extraordinary piece thats has a very exotic feel.This particular skirt is the perfect compliment to an formal or casual wardrobe.
In the third and last picture, I am wearing *COCO*'s "TankTop-with Sunglasses". Once again cocoro uses this amazing black silk texture (as seen in pic 1) with skillfully sculpted wrinkles that she places with an adept precision. The plunging asymmetric neckline is to die for! And when you turn around, the back has a fabulously low scoop cut, which accentuates my curves to a "T"! Absolutely YUMMY!
Now I think I have rambled enough, so it's time for you to go see this for yourself. The limo is waiting:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin (pic 1&3): Laq - Martina-05 [Nougat] Glow skin
Skin (pic2): Laq - Matina-03 [Nougat] Glow Skin
Cleavage Enhancer: Laq - Cleavage Enhancer v2 [Nougat]
Hair (pic1): - Allison-Moody Brown
Hair (pic2): - Cassidy- Thoughtful Brown
Hair (pic3): - Kate-Moody Brown
Bodysuit (pic2): [PACADI] - Yada Bodysuit-white
Pants (pic3): Djinn&Tonic - Clam Diggers-Dark Wash
Necklace: ZC - Parnini Necklace-Clear
Bracelet R: Zaara - Pallav Clear Bracelets
Bracelet L: ZC - Patra Silver Bracelet-Clear
Earrings: ZC - Urvi Earrings (colored)- Silver
Shoes (pic 1&2): *ByKay* - Kate-Color Change
Shoes (pic3): Redgrave - Madonna Heels-Black/Silver
Eyes: ::UH:: - Frozen Eyes (free gift)
Eyelashes: TF - SweptAway!
Poses: VIVAPOSES & *Everglow*

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