Friday, January 14, 2011

Grixdale (formally known as Tyranny Designs) is Having A Major Sale On All Teagan Skins !!!

Major Skin Sale at [Aura]

Tyr Rozenblum, of  Grixdale, Tryanny Designs and now [Aura], is having a MAJOR sale on the whole 'Teagan' skin line! Until the the 25th of January, Teagan will be marked down to just $500L per skin set and $1500L per fatpack. This is definitely one sale you DO NOT want to miss! Now, since 'Grixdale' is still in rebuild mode, the Teagan skins will be found at the [Aura] store at the .IILUSORY.SIM. Here is you taxi:

Grix. Teagan - Cinna. - Blonde - Faust - Dimp/Clvg  & No Dimp/ Regular Clvg

~Additional Style Info~

Hair: Maitreya Evi - Almond
Top: Grixdale - Just Relax Tank in Dirt