Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yeeee Hawww Coyboy

Corey and I decided to take a look at The Far Away which Ive seen featured in many pictures and always liked but never actually visited. It is a beautiful tranquil setting and is an awesome setting for pictures. I also got to play cowboys with Corey Yeeee Hawwwww !!!

~Style Card~

We are both wearing outfits from GothiCatz - Corey in 'Wanted', Im in 'Time'

Corey -

Skin - Redgrave - Cruz Tan Skin
Necklace - Bad@zz Double rope necklace
Stud Bracelets - Redgrave double stud armlet
Hat -Surf Couture - Straw Cowboy Hat in Dune
Tats - Para Designs - MHOH gift


Skin - Belleza - Elle in Tan - group gift
Hair - Etd - Janine in Blackberry ( Etd is currently closed)
Tats- 3TOOS - Estrela
Necklace-La Forgia - Chey Neclace
Bangles - YourSkin & YourShape Deck Gift