Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tank Girl

I really am a jeans kind of girl and dont really wear dresses too often so when I saw the new Renegade outfit from Twisted and Spoiled I had to buy it. It comes in a few different colour options and includes the pants,top in 3 colours,bracers, gloves, shoes, choker, leg bands and wristlets. I choose the Brown set and have to say I love it especially as the detail in the accessories is excellent as are the textures used. Twisted offer alot of complete outfits that come with accessories and sometimes shoes so no need to try and co-ordinate its already done for you so its well worth paying them a visit.

~Style Card~

Hair -booN - FKO548 in red
Skin - Deviant Kitties -[Charm] Bract - Tan ( There is a TP at the front of the store to get to the older DK items where this skin is in the sale section)
Outfit Including shoes and all accessories - Twisted & Spoiled - Renegade in Brown