Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hmmm! So much going on! First of all, I am so happy to say that for the first time EVER, I was able to see the MAYFAIR SIM fully rezzed! If you read my blog, you probably have heard me whine quite a bit about my mesh issues and overall connection problems.  Mesh would rarely want to rez, especially a whole mesh sim with detailed baked textures. If I needed to purchase something from Celoe or Mon Tissu, which was not on MP, I had to blindly click around for the vendor I needed. I was only able to do that after about 5 relogs too. Finally, about a month ago, I found out what was wrong with my connection. I needed a better router. And, let me just say, SL has been a whole different experience and much more fun to say the least. So the MAYFAIR SIM was my final test to see if my issue was truly resolved. I have to admit, I put it off for quite some time since I was scared I would still see nothing. But yesterday I decided to go there and it rezzed right away! Yay! I decided to take the pics for my post there too.
I also have some good news for -Belleza- skin lovers. The team over at -Belleza- created a new monthly event at their store, called 'Best Buys'. On the first Friday of every month, they will release exclusive skins for just $400L and it will last for 3 days only. For this first round, they released 'Ava' in 3 gorgeous make-ups! They also released 2 special versions of their male skins as well. The 'Ava' skins are available in 4 different skin tones (pale, sunkissed, tan and medium). The -Belleza- appliers for Lush and Lolas are compatible with these tones. You can also get the 'Ava' lips pack (in your favorite skin tone), to give your skin more wear options.
Oh! I really was so excited and flattered to find out that blogger extraordinaire, Nadja Baxter (of German Style), chose me as her blogger "pick"for Style Academy Feed's 'Faculty Picks'! I have always looked-up to Nadja for her fabulous style, stunning images and longevity as a blogger. It was truly an honor to be chosen by a blogger with such prestige and talent. To be honest, I really did not even think she knew I existed. LOL. I am always surprised to find out that anyone knows who I am, especially since there are thousands of SL fashion blogs. Nadja chose Mimikri Kit as her 'Designer Pick", which I was thrilled about. Both Nadja and Mimi are SL originals, who helped to shape the SL fashion world and make it what it is today. In a virtual world full of templates and poor style, these two ladies shine bright! Be sure to check-out all the Style Academy Feed's 'Faculty Picks' this month here: Style Academy Feed's 'Faculty Picks'

Indyra Originals Mesh -Memoire' Pencil Skirt-Pearl-Black

Indyra Originals Mesh -Memoire' Pencil Skirt-Pearl-Black (Close)

-Belleza- Ava 2 BB Medium - Best Buy
-Belleza- Ava 2 BB Medium by Tricky Boucher 

Location: MAYFAIR
~Style Info~
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes - Silver (ML) by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.03 by Izzie Button
Hair: TRUTH Ursula w/Roots - toast by Truth Hawks (NEW)
Skin:  -Belleza- Ava 2 BB Medium by Tricky Boucher (BEST BUYS)
Gloss: Izzie's - Glossy Lip Highlights 2B by Izzie Button (NEW)
Earrings: [glow] studio - Hatti Vatti earrings (gold/brown) by Jocelyn Anatine (NEW)
Necklace: [glow] studio - Hatti Vatti necklace (gold/brown) by Jocelyn Anatine (NEW)
Jacket: ** DIRAM ** MEGAN Coat - Black by djod Karu
Top: Izzie's -  Low Neck Tee black by Izzie Button (NEW)
Skirt: Indyra Originals Mesh: Memoire' Pencil Skirt: Pearl/Black by Indyra Seigo (NEW)
Ring R: MG -  Rings - Singapore Daisy Flower - R by Maxi Gossamer
Ring L: (Kunglers Extra) Livia - Silver ring by AvaGardner Kungler (NEW)
Bag: Baiastice__Claudia-hand bag-onyx-with pose by Sissy Pessoa (NEW)
Tights: Izzie's - Low Neck Tee black by Izzie Button (NEW)
Shoes:  Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Black by Mikee Mokeev
Poses: *Everglow* by Fanny Willis

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