Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Collabor88 Home Deco - Last Day for Jan Cycle

I had been in a lot of pain the last week. So I have been on heavy painkillers in order to help alleviate it. Fortunately, they work VERY well. Unfortunately, I keep passing-out on my keyboard. LOL. It has been very hard to take and edit pics, since I can't keep my eyes open. People tell me to take a break, but I am stubborn. I had to show some of the wonderful builds and furniture that are available at Collabor88. You better hurry though, because I am really late with this post (what's new?) and it will close at 12am SLT today. If you do not make the deadline, most of the builds and decor you see will soon be in the main stores for purchase.
I can't begin to tell you how amazed I am at how far SL has come with it's builds. Mesh really has transformed the quality and life-like appearance of the textures and details. Both Trompe Loeil and Barnesworth Anubis, create some of the best homes on the grid. Most of the decor you will see in the following images, are provided by two of my favorite interior (homes too) creators, Cheeky Pea and Scarlet Creative. The furniture and decorations are beautifully rendered, realistic and not to mention gorgeous! I would go into much more detail, but I don't have much time. Plus, I may fall asleep again. LOL. Please take a look at the pics and check-out the credits for all the info. Here is your LM:


Trompe Loeil  - The Newport Beach Cottage White [mesh] by Cory Edo

Trompe Loeil - Newport Beach Cottage White 1

Trompe Loeil - Newport Beach Cottage White-  2

Trompe Loeil - Newport Beach Cottage White- Back -3

[ba] sodermalm loft by Barnesworth Anubis 
[ba] sodermalm loft Part 1 for Jan C88

[ba] sodermalm loft Part 2  for Jan C88

[ba] sodermalm loft Part 3  for Jan C88

Set 1 -
House: Trompe Loeil  - The Newport Beach Cottage White [mesh] by Cory Edo (avail @ C88)
Set 2 -
Skybox: [ba] sodermalm loft by Barnesworth Anubis (avail @ C88)
Pic 1 (top):

Sofa: :CP: Ansel Sofa by Isla Gealach (avail @ C88)
Chairs: :CP: Ansel Wing Chair by Isla Gealach (avail @ C88)
Coffee Table: :CP: Ansel Coffee Table by Isla Gealach (avail @ C88)
Shelf with Picure Frames: :CP: Ansel Wall Art Frames  by Isla Gealach (avail @ C88)

Light:  :CP:  Ansel Hanging Light by Isla Gealach (avail @ C88)

Pic 2(top):
Desk: :CP: : Bruine Desk by Isla Gealach
Lamp: {vespertine- i live on the moon lamp} by Amelie Knelstrom (Cold Winter Nights Hunt)
Shelves (wall): :CP: Wanderer Bookshelf - Japan by Isla Gealach (avail @ FaMESHed)
Shelves (floor): {what next} Rosa Pallet Shelf by Winter Thorn
Pic 2 (bottom):
Pictures: {sa} Photo Cube Art by Charlotte Bartlett (avail @ C88)
Bench: {sa} Woodsman Slouch Bench by Charlotte Bartlett (avail @ C88)
Lamp: {sa} Wood Cage Lamp by Charlotte Bartlett (avail @ C88)
Record Player: {sa} Vintage Crate with Record Player by Charlotte Bartlett (avail @ C88)
Rug: {sa} Wool Rug BlancRug by Charlotte Bartlett (avail @ C88)
Ottoman: MudHoney Meredith Ottoman by Rayvn Hynes (4 Walls Hunt)
Shelves: {sa} Scarlet Creative Mesh - My Modular Shelves Option 1 by Charlotte Bartlett (4 Walls Hunt)

Pic 3:
Record Shelf: floorplan. record shelf / painted by Tegan Serin
Tray with Drinks: {what next} Chocolatier Drinks Tray by Winter Thorn

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