Friday, October 26, 2012

October Rain

I need to make this post quick! I wanted to have all this posted yesterday, but my connection was terrible and mesh did not want to rez for me. Yah, I know, what is new :/? But, seriously, how can I call my cable company and say, "Ummm... Can you find out what is wrong with my connection, because my mesh won't rez in SL?" Anyway, it is the end of the October cycle of FaMESHed. I had quite a few more items to show you, such as the AMAZING mesh skybox from Leverocci , cute mesh dresses and clogs from FANATIK, and some gorgeous separates from MOLiCHiNO . However, because I have had such and insane month with RL family stuff, RL health issues and a shotty connection, I was not able to get to it all. On a brighter note, I managed to snap some pics of these seriously chic 'Trench Coats' from NyuNyu Kimono of Nyu. They are available in leather or wool textures and come in a ton of beautiful Fall colors. She even added a pink wool coat for all you pink lovers out there. So, RUNNNNNN to FaMESHed, before this cycle ends tomorrow!
Kavar Cleanslate of ::Exile::  has been releasing like a mad man again! I am so thankful for this too! He really has created some fabulous MUST have hairstyles. But then again, he always does just that. One of my new favorite styles is called, 'Wild Horses'. I simply adore how he names his hair and this 'do' is gorgeous. It definitely gives it's namesake justice. Do yourself a HUGE favor and head over to Exile. Here are your LMs:

NYU - Trench Coat, Wool Scarlet for Oct FaMESHed
 NYU - Trench Coat, Wool Scarlet by NyuNyu Kimono

NYU - Trench Coat, Wool Scarlet & Wild Horses- Cashmere
::Exile:: Wild Horses:Cashmere by Kavar Cleanslate

Location: Looking Glass
~Style Info~
Eyes: IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - White MLby Ikon Innovia
Lashes: Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.03 by Izzie Button
Mascara: *BOOM* Express Mascara (three coats) by Aranel Ah
Skin:[PXL] FAITH SK NE LEB C1 by Hart Larsson (25% Off For VIP Members)
Shadow:[PXL] FAITH SK Smokey Eyes by Hart Larsson (25% Off For VIP Members)
Lips: [PXL] FAITH SK Red Lips by Hart Larsson (25% Off For VIP Members)
Beauty Mark: [PXL] Beauty Mark POS2 Light DX by Hart Larsson
Hair: ::Exile:: Wild Horses:Cashmere by Kavar Cleanslate (NEW)
Necklace (shorter): [glow] studio -Day Dream Necklace (gold) by Jocelyn Anatine (NEW)
Necklace (longer): MG - Necklace -Valentina Cross - Long by Maxi Gossamer
Coat: NYU - Trench Coat, Wool Scarlet by NyuNyu Kimono (avail @ FaMESHed)
Bag: NYU - Neutral Leather Briefcase, Black by NyuNyu Kimono
Nails: Izzie's - Claw Nails red L (hand size 10)- Gacha by Izzie Button (NEW)
Tights: Izzie's - Tights blackby Izzie Button (NEW)
Shoes: (Kunglers)  Morgana pumps - Scarlet by Ava Kungler
Umbrella: LISP - Rainy Days Umbrella (tex change) by Pandora Popstar
Poses: label Motion -  Lola series by anne Dakun (NEW)

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