Friday, October 19, 2012

Faith Skins 25% Off Sale at [PXL] Skins!

FAITH SALE at [PXL] Skins!


Starting this Saturday at 12am SLT, [PXL] Skins is having a 25% off sale on their lastest skin release, 'Faith'! All 'Faith' skins and make-ups are included. However, in order to get the discount, you MUST be a PXLVIP Group member and you MUST TP to the VIP room to get discounts on the skin. Like I mentioned before, the one time group join fee of $250L is well worth it. Just one of the gorgeous monthly group excluisves is more than worth the price of admission. This awesome sale will go on for just 1 week, so be sure not to miss it! Here is your LM to [PXL] Skins:

[PXL] Skins



  1. First, I love your blog. I am writing this in hopes it posts, to let others know. I know this wasn't intentional, but it gives the impression that the skin in the picture here, is the one that was free. Or maybe it's just me. I joined the 250L vip group and the free skin had pink blotches on the face, brown blotches on the decollete (chest). It was bad. I have nothing against this store, I hadn't heard of it before, and the skins you pay for looked nice. I just wanted to help someone else avoid the confusion I encountered.
    Awesome awesome blog!

  2. I forgot to also ask, will you please post which skin you got to achieve the look in the picture above? And shape too if you will?
    I tried every strength facelight I own and couldnt fix the group gift skin. Thanks, Clarity

  3. Hello! I am sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately, blogspot had been acting up on me and I had trouble retreiving my comments over the last few days. First off, thank you so much for reading my blog and I am so happy you like it! I am sorry you felt I had misleading info, which is something I try really hard to avoid. The image in this post, is 'PXL's' ad for 'Faith' with additional advertising added for the 25% off sale. It is not my own pic or ad. It was given to me from PXL skins. Next time I post a designer's ad, I will make sure I give that information. I am sorry you thought it was a free group skin. But the title of this post and the heading do clarely state it is 25% off sale. It also denoted in the paragragh following the ad along with the info about it being for PXL VIP grooup members.But, I can understand thinking that becuase it is for group members, it may come off as gift. Frequent skin sales are one of the benifts of group membership, along with montly skin gifts. I think you also may have confused it with my previous post for an upcoming group skin gift from PXL here:
    The pic for this was taken by me with my own shape (I made my own shape) and a neutral windlight. No facelights were used, aince I don't wear them.
    Regarding your group skin issue....
    The skin in the above pic(for the sale)is the base 'Faith' skin with 'ad-on' prim teeth, which are also available at PXL (they are not included with any of the skins or part of the sale). The photo was taken by 'Zoey Demar' and she was either wearing her shape or the 'Faith' shape ( The 'Faith' shape is available at PXL). I am pretty sure Zoey made her own shape and it is not for sale, but I can ask. I would definitely make sure to demo any skins in the store before buying them... just in case.
    Facelights are not used much anymore (at least by most of the photographers and bloggers I know), so the look was acheived purely by using a neutral windlight. I am not sure which viewer you use, but firestorm comes with a ton of great preset windlights. If you use the 'Offical Viewer', you can download a lot of great windlights from here:
    The 'analu' settings are great for skins. When I do skin reviews, I mainly use a setting based off of one of those.
    As far as the actual skin gift goes, I didn't see any issues with it. But, it may just be me. I would take a pic 'inworld' of the areas that you see a issue with and send them to the creator, 'Hart Larsson' with a NC explaining what is wrong. I am sure this will be of help to him when he makes his next skin. Feeback from customers is always essential. You can also contact his manager, 'Sophia Harlow'. I am sorry you did not like the skin, but there will be moregroup gifts in the future to check-out. If there are any questions that I did not answer, please feel free to contact me inworld. I can also try and help you with shape and lighting, so you can acheive the look that you want. Once again, I sincerely apologize that you had a bad experience with one of the skins I promoted.

    Warmest Regards,