Friday, September 28, 2012

*Tea Time* Is Looking For 15 New Bloggers!

 *Tea Time* Rules for participants: (15 Winners)
 I have received many Bloggers requests this month and decided to give a chance to 15 bloggers to be part of the *Tea Time* "Bloggers Group".
But .. we want to choose only the best and then we will have to prove it by creating a post with a minimum 3 items from *Tea Time*.
We will choose the top 15 according to these rules:
1-High quality of editing.
2-Your blog must have minimum 2 feed.
3-Your blog must exist at least 6 months... or really HQ if your blog is new.
4-You have to be original.
5-Your style should be in the style of Vintage *Tea Time*.
The bloggers who wish to participate must create the images and place them in the group, * Tea Time * Flickr,  with also the link of their posts.
The 15 winners will be informed by e-mail on flickr and contacted InWorld (SL) from Tea Xofan.
Thank you! We look forward to many participants!!.
*RULES FOR BEING A PART OF *Tea Time* Blogger Group for a LONG TIME are really easy and I will send you them when there are the 15 Winners.
Tea Xofan
Blogger entries will be accepted until the 19th of October. The *Tea Time* blogger group will be closed to all applicants on October 20th, so make sure you enter in time!

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