Friday, March 23, 2012

Loving Leverocci!

As many of you know by now, my connection as been really screwed-up. I am also having a lot of issues in SL as well. My avatar not rezzing; logging into the void (10, 10, 10 coordinates); prims not attaching, mesh not showing; constant crashing; etc... I don't know how much of it is due to my connection and how much is due to SL issues. So, suffice it to say,  have not been able to  post anything until today. FINALLY! Please keep your fingers crossed that hings will keep improving. Anyway, I hate to whine, but I am sooo frustrated! Almost to the point where I don't want to log in at all! Thankfully, I am very stubborn and persistent.
Let's move on to a better topic ^^ LEVEROCCI! Jin Elfans's latest mesh release is AMAZING, but I wouldn't expect anything less, since her  creations are always fabulous. This release is comprised of Satin Mesh Tops Mesh Shorts, Mesh Field Hats and Wedges (they come in a sock version as well). All the pieces come in a mouth watering array of fresh spring colors. Leverocci's mesh is one of the best on the grid. The textures are so realistic and superbly done. As a former non-mesh enthusiast, I am truly impressed and love wearing these creations. For this post I am wearing the Satin Ruffle Top, Shorts, Cadenza Wedges. I figured I would save the gorgeous 'Field Hat' and Cadenza Wedges with socks for an upcoming post. These will all be major Spring/Summer staples for your inventory and I want to show just how versatile they are. So, what are you waiting for? TP down to Leverocci and try on some demos now!
Speaking of fabulous new releases, skin diva aida Ewing, finally released 'Leah'! 'Leah' is stunning! I think she is my 'all time' favorite -Glam Affair- skin to date! She is young, fresh and has the cutest freckles. She comes with 12 make-ups, a TON of lipstick options, and 5 skin tones. She also had 3 different brow color options (brown, blonde and red) and extra freckle tattoos. Her make-ups reflect the current color trends for this season, but aida is always awesome like that. You must try on demo right away! You will fall in love. Stay tuned for a upcoming full review (hopefully my connection will agree to this). So here are are your limos:

-Glam Affair-

Leverocci mesh silk top & shorts
Leverocci - Satin Ruffle Top_Pearl & SS12 Shorts_Warm by Jin Elfan
TRUTH  Dee (Mesh) - honey by Truth Hawks
Leverocci - Cadenza Wedge - Tea
Leverocci - Cadenza Wedge_Tea by Jin Elfan
-Glam Affair-  Leah MedTan - 06 BL by aida Ewing

~Style Info~
Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Gray (M) by Ikon Innovia
Skin: -Glam Affair-  Leah MedTan - 06 BL by aida Ewing (NEW)
Hair: TRUTH  Dee (Mesh) - honey by Truth Hawks (NEW)
Necklace (short): [Aura] Ethereal Prayer Beads - Mesh Necklace - Burnt by Tyr Rozenblum (avail@C88)
Necklace (long): LaGyo_Kenya multi-strand necklace by Gyorgyna Larnia
Top: Leverocci - Satin Ruffle Top_Pearl by Jin Elfan (NEW)
Shorts: Leverocci - SS12 Shorts_Warm by Jin Elfan (NEW)
Bangle R: LaGyo_Hula bangle by Gyorgyna Larnia
Bracelet L: -=UZURI=- -=UZURI=- Fikira Bangle (Bronze) by Bella Bombast
Ring R: LaGyo_Noa 3 stones rings by Gyorgyna Larnia
Bag: The Secret Store - Funky Tango Bag - Paper Cuts by Maylee Oh (NEW)
Sandals: Leverocci - Cadenza Wedge_Tea by Jin Elfan (NEW)

Pose (1st pic): Del May by Del May
Poses: marukin by Valencia Southard

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