Saturday, November 30, 2013

LAST DAY for SHOETOPIA 2013 and LaRoo Shoes!

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Next on my list are LaRoo Shoes. It has been awhile since I tried LaRoo shoes. I have no idea why, because they are really amazing! These all mesh shoes are beautifully made and have the best skin matching system yet! The match is beyond perfect, which really impressed me. LaRoo released three new styles for SHOETOPIA 2013, which were named after the Kardashian sisters (I found that amusing) - Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. Unfortunately, I accidentally screwed-up one of  Kourtney booties and did not make a backup copy (cringes). Sorry Kourtney! So, I only have two pairs to show you.

The first pair, are these gorgeous Khloe Pumps:

(LaRoo) Khloe Pumps for SHOETOPIA 2013

These pumps are so beautiful! I love the sueded leather and metal toe, which are adorned with tiny metal rivets. I need them in RL! The leather is available in 10 brilliant colors, which can be changed via HUD. The metal toe comes in a choice of 3 metals (gold, silver and black) and is also changed via HUD. I mentioned before that LaRoo created the best skin matching system to date (as least in my opinion). The system is called 'Easy Match' and has every skin creator you can imagine. All the skin lines and tones are up-to-date as well! They even have just recently released specialty tones! By recent, I mean like yesterday! 

Here are Laroo's Kim Pumps:

(LaRoo) Kim Pumps at SHOETOPIA 2013

The Kim Pumps are so cute and sassy. I really adore the T-strap and sheer lining. These shoes, like Khloe Pumps, are so wonderfully textured and rendered. Kim is available in 10 stunning colors and uses the 'Easy Match' system via HUD!
I can not begin to tell you just how impressed I am by LaRoo shoes. So, please demo these ASAP!

If you would like more info regarding LaRoo Shoes and the 'Easy Match' skin matching system, please go here:

Here are the LMs and Credits:

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