Saturday, November 30, 2013

LAST DAY for SHOETOPIA 2013 and {{BSD Design studio}}!

I apologize, Blogspot crashed on me and I lost ton posts, so I am reloading....

My hands are about to give out, so I hope I can make this post quick! BabyChampagne Sass of {{BSD Design studio}}, makes some of the most beautiful and fashion forward accessories on the grid. She created the most fabulously original shoes for SHOETOPIA 2013. She is one talented and busy woman!

The first pair from {{BSD Design studio}} are these gorgeous Supermodel Heels:

{{BSD Design studio}}shoetopia supermodel

I know the shoes look a little off. I was having major viewer issues and the stunning mesh detail was not rezzing for me. I had my LOD maxed too! I wanted to show more versions of the shoes as well. After several relogs, I just gave up. I hope it was just due to the holiday weekend or I will have a serious problem (i.e, my video card). I hope BabyChampagne Sass accepts my sincere apologies. Anyway, these shoes are really pure love with their design. They come in a ton of gorgeous colors (dual tone and solids). As far as skin matching goes, they do not have skin matching database. However, the presets on the HUD will fit just about any skin. It is really incredible. I managed to match these shoes to several different skins in a matter of seconds!

The next pair from {{BSD Design studio}}, are the Surreal Shoes

{{BSD Design studio}}surreal

These Surreal Shoes have such brilliant design. I love the antler trim. If you are looking for a statement shoe, {{BSD Design studio}} is the best place to look. BabyChampagne has definitely won me over!

With that said, here are LMs and Credits:

Skin: -Belleza-   Nina No Brow Med 9 by Shyla Diggs
Poses: -.label motion.- by anne Dakun 

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