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Davidfre Resident of JUST DESIGN is the latest shoe designer to create rigged mesh bare feet! I know David has been working hard on his new mesh feet for awhile and finally they were ready to be launched at SHOETOPIA 2013. He created both flat and tiptoe feet.

JD - Feet Flat FULL & EVO for SHOETOPIA @2013
 * Left -Right: (Flat Feet FULL, Flat Feet EVO - Sock 1 & Flat Feet EVO - Sock 2)

I can see all the care he put into to rendering and texturing the feet. They definitely they look beautiful!

JD - Feet Tip Toe FULL & EVO at SHOETOPIA 2013
  *Left -Right: (Feet Tip Toe FULL, Feet Tip Toe EVO - Sock 3 & Feet Tip Toe EVO - High Sock )

However, he did not just stop at bare feet. He created 2 different versions of the flat feet and also of the tiptoe feet. There is a FULL Feet version and an EVO version. What is the difference? I will try to explain it to you as best as I can.

  • FULL FEET: The FULL FEET have a blending zone around the ankle to remove any seams and are ideal if you are want to have perfect bare legs.
  • EVO: The EVO feet have a neat cut without any blending zone. Instead of a blending zone, they have the option for you to wear tights, socks or stockings. thigh high socks, 2 (regular) sock options and a pair of stockings are included. Other options and designs for the tights/socks/stockings will be in t eh future.
*see above images for examples

So when you purchase the FLAT FEET or TIP TOE FEET, you will find both the FULL FEET and the EVO feet in your package. If you plan on just going bare footed, use the FULL FEET. David also has a really easy PefectSkin matching system, so matching your feet will be rather easy. The HUD is connected to a HUGE online data base, which houses each of the tones of hundreds of skins lines. You simply find the brand of skin of you are wearing and then the tone.You click the tone button and voila! Your feet should match perfectly (sometimes due to lighting, you make have to tweak it a tiny bit, but that goes for any of these systems).
If you want to wear socks or stockings, then you use the EVO FEET. He has eight fabric colors for the socks and 5 color for the nylons. The EVO FEET come with several Nylon tattoo layers, for an easy match. Plus, there will be a HUGE a line of socks and hosiery in the near the future at JUST DESIGN, which will be created to wear with the EVO FEET.
Since the feet are rigged mesh, they come in 6 standard sizes sizes: xxs, xs, xs, s, m, l

Whew! I think I covered everything. I am really impressed with these new feet and their whole system.These are yet another item, I highly recommend checking out ASAP.

Oh! One more thing!

JD - Feet Tip Toe FULL - Cae Bal Anklet Rose Quartz - Gacha at Shoetopia
Cae :: Bali Anklet :: Rose Quartz by Caelan Hancroft

Caelan Hancroft of Caecreated of these lovely Bali Anklets for the SHOETOPIA gachas. Now, these anklets were designed to be worn with Gos Bare Feet. However, I had no trouble modifying the anklet, so it fits the JUST DESIGN - Feet Tip Toe Full. These anklets are quite delicate beautiful, so I suggest trying your luck at the gacha machines. The stones are all breathtaking, so you really can not lose. If you get a double, give it to a friend! (avail @ Shoetopia)

So, with that said, here are your LMs and Credits:

~Style Info~
Skin:  [PXL] JADE SK Mauve Lips MEB C2 (EN) by Hart Larsson (Part of Skin Addiction Sale)
Anklet: Cae :: Bali Anklet :: Rose Quartz by Caelan Hancroft (avail @ Shoetopia)
Pose: -.label motion.- by anne Dakun 

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