Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Grrrr...  I was not going to do this post for the end of the July cycle of Collabor88 , because I had found out that it was over earlier than I had planned. Actually, I had wanted to do this post on a couple days ago, but it took me until late last night to finish, because I am having serious issues with SL. I don't know if it is SL, my connection or possibly something wrong with my new gaming laptop. This is basically what has been going on:

- I constantly crash (people of my friends list must love this)
- Mesh takes for ever to rez (if it does rez)
- I almost always have to clear my cache before I log or I will not be able to log in.
- I crash when I teleport anywhere. I have to log in directly to each SIM I want to access
- My notecards are not saving and uploading.  So, unless I double check it, I run the risk of sending out a blank one.
- I am usually a ball of mist until most of my inventory loads. Plus, my inventory takes forever to start loading. It stays at approximately 800 items for what seems like an eternity. The fact that I have an insanely large inventory does not help matters either

I hate to complain on my blog, but this has been making it almost impossible to get anything done! Let alone take pics and post them. I am soooo FRUSTRATED! I am submitting a ticket to LL, but since I use a TPV (Firestorm), I don't think they will help me.
Now that I went off on tangent, I forgot what I was originally going to say. Oh yes, I decided to post creations from the July cycle of Collabor88, even though I had found out the doors had closed by the time I posted my pics on Flickr. But, I had spent two days on these pics, so I am going to post. These images should look like I spent two days on them, but they do not. They are awful due to all the trouble. I know a lot of these items are event exclusives, but most can be found in the designer's mainstore soon. You just may not be able to get them in colors that were made specifically for July's 'BLEACHED' theme or the great price.
Even though the July cycle is closed, the August cycle is opening tomorrow, which is the 8th. And, in case you did know, it is also Collabor88's one year anniversary! I can't believe it has already been year that I have been blogging this fabulous event! I am so honored to be a part of such an amazing team of incredible content creators and talented bloggers. I often wonder if they made a mistake, when I was asked to blog for this event. LOL! I just wanted to give a special thanks to Drinkinstein Sorbet and her awesome team - Jezibell Thorne, Sophia Harlow and octagons Yazimoto (forgive me, if I missed anyone). Thank you for making such a wonderful event possible and may there be many more years of beautiful and innovative creations!
Please be sure to check-out Collabor88's new collection tomorrow. The theme is 'Baroque' and the colors are just yummy. Here is your LM to Collabor88:


C88 July - The Sea Hole - Seafarer's Cardi - Silver
The Sea Hole  - Seafarer's Cardi - Silver by Drinkinstein Sorbet
Schadenfreude Bisque Eala Dress by Allegory Malaprop

~Style Info~
Eyes: IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Bleached Brown ML by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.03 by Izzie Button
Mascara Tatt: *BOOM* Express Mascara (three coats) by Aranel Ah
Liner: MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner series-5 by Ekilem Resident
Look 1 -
Hair: TRUTH Milly w/Roots - fudge by Truth Hawks (NEW)
Skin: -Belleza-  Lily V1 SK 2 by Tricky Boucher
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Beatrice - Long by Maxi Gossamer (avail @ Vintage Fair)
Top: The Sea Hole - Seafarer's Cardi - Silver by Drinkinstein Sorbet
Belt: Nyte'N'Day - Ginger Belt - Cream/Silver Studsby Nyte Caligari
Shorts: {mon tissu} Cuffed Denim Shorts (XS) ~  Destroyed Wash
Anouk Spot
Bracelets: The Sea Hole - Moon Stone Scale Cuff - Silver by Drinkinstein Sorbet
Ring: LaGyo_Cherub ring by Gyorgyna Larnia (Will be avail for August C88 on the 8th)
Skybox: Trompe Loeil - BLEACHED Skybox by Cory Edo
Pose: ::WetCat:: My Paula Series by WetCat Flux * (avail @ Vintage Fair)
Look 2 - 
Hair: (fd) Sunday - Blonde 7 by Toast Bard (NEW)
Skin: Lara Hurley -Claudia pink/TAN (avail @ Vintage Fair)
Headpiece: LaGyo_Catalina headbend gold by Gyorgyna Larnia
Necklace (short): MG - Necklace - Lydia - Medium - GOLD by Maxi Gossamer (avail @ Vintage Fair)
Necklace (medium): MG - Necklace - Lydia - Medium - GOLD by Maxi Gossamer (avail @ Vintage Fair)
Dress: Schadenfreude Bisque Eala Dress by Allegory Malaprop
Bracelet: *League* Wanderer -Wood Medley- Bracelet -Wrist (6 Strands) by Nena Janus
Ring: LaGyo_Bizarre flower ring by Gyorgyna Larnia (Will be avail for August C88 on the 8th)
Pose: ::WetCat:: My Paula Series by WetCat Flux * (avail @ Vintage Fair)

* Pose was slightly altered with *ES* Posea X Hud by Steven Dean

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