Friday, August 17, 2012

Elegant Steps

Vintage Fair 2012 is at it's peak! I am actually a bit overwhelmed by all the amazing creations that are influenced by so many different eras. One of my favorite finds, is definitely the 'Elegant Steps' dress from Giz Seorn of GizzA . For the fair, she created this 40's inspired dress in black, which goes perfectly with the 'Vintage Tuxedo' that she created for men. Yes, there are also many fabulous finds here for males as well. This is one event that definitely does not just cater towards women. So, I encourage all fashion forward men to get their cute pixelated butts over to Vintage Fair now! Girls, please drag your stubborn boyfriends with you when you go, so you make them get some gorgeous new clothes. Unfortunately, I know way too many men, who love to stick to just one or two outfits. This has definitely got to stop! LOL! I also must mention that GizzA is one of the very generous sponsors of Vintage Fair, who helped make this awesome event possible.
Speaking of sponsors, oOo Studios is another creator who helped make this event possible. Olaenka Chesnokov's poses are some of the best on the grid. In fact, I would definitely say the she is one of my top three favorite pose creators. For Vintage Fair, Olaenka created some really fantastic singles and couples poses. If you like to take pics as much as I do, I seriously recommend you check-out her Vintage Fair booth now! I dare you not to buy all her poses! For the following pics, I used her exclusive couples poses: 'Argentine' and 'Pas de Deux'
So, enough with my rambling and please go check-out the venue. Here are your LMs:

GizzA @ Vintage Fair
oOo Studios @ Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair - Gizza - Elegant Steps
GizzA - Elegant Steps [Vintage Fair] by Giz Seorn
Vintage Fair - Gizza - Elegant Steps  Part 2

FYI: I will give you a BIG gold star, if you can guess who the dude in the photos is :p

~Style Info~
Eyes: IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Bleached Sky ML by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.03 by Izzie Button
Mascara: *BOOM* Express Mascara (three coats) by Aranel Ah
Eyeliner: -Belleza- Eyeliner 4 by Shyla Diggs
Hair:[e] Found - Brown 04 by Elika Tiramisu (avail@C88)
Skin: Izzie's - Elena Skin sunkissed LB by Izzie Button (NEW)
Blush: Izzie's - Blush by Izzie Button
Eye Shadow: Izzie's - Elena Eyeshadow smokey 2 by Izzie Button (NEW)
Lips: Izzie's - Elena Lipstick red by Izzie Button (NEW)

Necklace: MG  - Necklace - Beatrice - Long by Maxi Gossamer (avail @ Vintage Fair)
Dress: GizzA - Elegant Steps [Vintage Fair] by Giz Seorn (avail @ Vintage Fair)
Bracelets:  *League* Pearls & Lace Bracelets by Nena Janus
Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Black by Mikee Mokeev
Poses (first pic): oOo Poses - Argentine by Olaenka Chesnokov (avail @ Vintage Fair)
Poses (second pic): oOo Poses - Pas de Deux by Olaenka Chesnokov (avail @ Vintage Fair)
Set: ~god~ Garden of Dreams- The Piano Bar - Dreamscene Skybox by Kayle Matzerath

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