Monday, June 28, 2010


Pic 1: {Dead Carrot} - Shape[Girls Dig Curves]
Pic 2: {Dead Carrot} - Shape[Girls Dig Curves], Tattoo{Who Did A Stitch On Me?}
Pic 3: {Dead Carrot} - Shape[Girls Dig Curves], Tattoo{My Fugly Tattoo Guy}

Lucie Genira is one of SL's new up and coming shape designers, whose brand is also known as "Dead Carrot". She does some pretty amazing tattoos as well. If you are bored with all the perfect (not to mention unrealistic) "Barbie" and "waif-like" shapes, Lucie's shapes are the way to go! I was given one of Lucie's new shapes to test drive, which is so accurately called "Girls Dig Curves", and I was definitely in for surprise.Thank you Lucie! As you can see in the above pics, my figure has nice full bottom and very well rounded hips. The breasts are not uber huge and are the prefect size to compliment this figure. The legs are that of a real woman, shapely and not a mile long. The youthful face just pulls the whole package together, giving one a very unique and lovely look. Just so you know, all Lucie's shapes come with skin charts, so you can find the perfect skin to go with the shape of your choice. The shapes are also modifiable, which is major plus in my book!
Lucie also designs dome rather edgy tattoos, which are a refreshing change from the butterfly tramp stamps I see everywhere. In the second picture, I am wearing "Who Did A Stitch On Me?". I think the photo and name pretty much say it all, but I love the realism of her carefully placed scars. In the the third and last picture, I donned the "My Fugly Tattoo Guy" tatt. You have got to adore that name! The jacket style tattoo with it's tribal-like print is extremely well executed and not to mention very cool to look to at.
Lucie has a great talent and fabulous sense of humor, which shine through in work. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Btw, she just released an awesome new shape called "Cicatrix", which is in her store now! So hurry up and check out the rest of her amazing creations. The taxi is waiting:


Hair: Maitreya - Green II-Caramel
Skin: -Belleza- Alyson SK 7
Tanga: *League* - Itty Bitty Tanga-Ecru
Shoes: [SC] - Nantucket Spectators-brown
Bangles: [}Jasha{] - Spring Bangles-Grey/Brown
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen Eyes (free gift)

Set: -VP- Dirty Bath (Clean Version)
Poses: *Everglow*

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