Sunday, June 20, 2010

New from TRUTH!

Lila: TRUTH - "Bethany"
Lila and Kierra: TRUTH - "Tilly"
Kierra: TRUTH - "Carli"

Now, I know this is definitely not one of our better posts, but some unforeseen"obstacles" have temporarily left us disabled. Well, me primarily, but Kierra has been my savior in this whole SL disaster (my SIM was blown-up and lost A LOT of inventory along the way) and I would have not been able to pick-up the pieces (literally) without her.
Anyway, on to bigger and better things! Truth Hawks has released yet again, 3 amazing new styles. These particular styles are very reminiscent of the 80s. "Tilly", which is basically a faux-hawk, has a early 80s London/Lower East Side, Manhattan feel to it. I think this style is definitely very unique in comparison to many of Truth's other designs and like it. It was a very refreshing surprise.
"Carli" has a more mid-80s feel to it, but with a very modern flair. It still has that 80s teased hair" look, but no quite as big. I just adore the head band, which is adorned with steal studded pyramids, giving it that extra edge. The band also has a color/texture change option to suit any outfit. This hair is perfect for any of the 80's retro styles that are popping-up all over SL. This is definitely a "must-have" for your hair wardrobe.
And last but not least, we have "Bethany". This is definitely a more modern style. I just love the loose low-tied pony tail, which delicately frames the face with soft tendrils. This is t the consummate summer look that can be paired with just about any outfit.
Today, I will just leave things short and sweet.Truth's hair alone speaks a thousand words. The taxi is waiting to take you to TRUTH:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Lila -

Skin: ::DUTCH TOUCH:: IsIs - Cocoa LinerRed CL2 BBlack
Elven Ears: Action - UNISEX Elven Ears-Style 03
Piercing: .:::GARAGE:::. Piercing 02 (group gift)


Skin: Laq - Jessica

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