Saturday, June 26, 2010

New from TRUTH!

Lila (left): TRUTH - Iris-Driftwood
Kierra (right): TRUTH - Iris-Treacle
Kierra (left): TRUTH - Rayne Streaked-Blood
Lila (right): TRUTH - Rayne Streaked-Champagne
Lila (left): TRUTH - Lucille Streaked-Espresso
Kierra (right): TRUTH - Lucille-Cocoa

Just when I think Truth Hawks created every possible style imaginable, he turns around and gives us even more! This week's new releases follow suit of all his recent creations, by mixing a bit of the old with the new. Retro style is very obviously very big at the moment and spans quite a few very different eras as well. In the the first picture, Truth brings back a bit of that bohemian feel with "Iris". This loosely braided hair style is wrapped with the same signature leather and beads (that I loved so much) from Truth's "BoHo" style a couple of weeks ago. And to top that off, the leather and beads have 21 different texture options! You can also choose not wear this option at all.
In the second picture, Kierra and I decided to be a little less country and a bit more rock n' roll with "Rayne". "Rayne" definitely has a bit of that mid 80s "hair band groupie" feel to it. However, Truth manages to glam it up and give it a hot modern look. I just love the razor cut layers that give it a full and whispy texture. Like so many of TRUTH's latest designs, this comes in a myriad of solid colors and their streaked counterparts. As one can clearly see, Kierra and I opted to wear the streaked version, because we got it like that! *LOL* I'm just kidding.... Well, kind off.... *LOL*
In the 3rd and last picture, which is definitely least for obvious reasons, Kierra and I are wearing "Lucille". No, we are not wearing B.B.King's beloved black Gibson guitars, but Truth's awesome new retro 50's style. This particular piece is definitely very reminiscent of Betty Page's trademark hairdo. Btw, we know we look a bit like clowns in this picture. It was a good idea that went terribly wrong, but Truth's hair, and not to mention Kierra's editing skills, was the redeeming factor that made this even remotely postable.
So, stop staring at our weird skin and tp your butt on down to TRUTH! I sent a limo:

~ Additional Style Info ~


Pic 1-
Skin: [INAYA] - Meghan
Top: Mischief - Clara Belle-Cherry
Pants w/ Belt: .:A&M:. - Winter Pants-Black
Bangles: Izzie's - Wooden Bangles-Red

Pic 2-
Skin: -Belleza- Jesse Tan (Cleavage)
Top: Mischief - Xtra Simple Tank-Mulberry
Pants: Djinn&Tonic - ClamDiggers-Dark
Shoes: ::Maschienenwerk::: - Chucks-Red
Jewelry: Mariposa - Animosity-Silver

Pic 3-
Skin: Ironik Kitties - Griselda Skin
Outfit: *+*Jills*+* - MB-Drk Blue
Necklace: Burrroughs - Emily Necklace (Free Glance Gift)
Bracelet: Burroughs - Eva bracelet (Free Glance Gift)


Pic 1-
Skin: -Belleza- Elle Deep Tan (Cleavage) Group Gift
Top: ::::IrEn:::: - Red Shirt (Old MM Board)
Shorts: oRly?! - Unzipped jean Shorts
Jewelry: ZC - Kaya Turquoise/Gold
Boots: Kboots - Brown

Pic 2-
Skin: -Belleza- Elle BR Tan (Cleavage) Group gift
Top: MIEL - AM Tulip Tank-Licorice
Pants: Djinn & Tonic - ClamDiggers-LightWash
Necklace: .:A&M:. - Punk Necklace
Bracelet: .:*LOULOU&CO*:. ASTEROID Bracelets
Sneakers: UBU -PornStars Low-Tops-Color Change

Pic 3-
Skin: {Strumpet} - Goodbye NormaJean (ready for them all)-Project Themory Item
Top: - Basic.Cami-Cream
Shorts: R.icielli - Eleanor Highwaist Short (Group Gift)
Necklace: .:A&M:. - My Fabulous Necklace-NaturePeals-2 loops
Bracelet L: ::::GARAGE:::: White bracelets2 L
Earring: *ByKay* - Rosa Bridal Earrings-Cream
Shoes: [SC] - Nantucket Spectators-Brown

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