Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blue Monday...

Once again, I have a post that I planned to have up last night. However, SL did not want to behave... I couldn't attach prims or rez. I was also crashing almost every time I would try to TP somewhere. Once I had finally managed to get everything together, my viewer kept freezing on me. So, it took me over 8 hrs to come up with 3 decent pics. Normally, this wouldn't even take 15 mins, unless I was playing around with windlights, different angles and  such... Oy! What made it worse it is that I have been meaning to post this amazing new jewelry set, from kyrha Bouscario of NHA!, for awhile now. Anyway, enough whining and on to the goods! These fabulous earrings and necklace, make up the 'Vanilla' set. There is also the equally fab matching 'Nasha' headband, which is sold separately. However, if you are going to grab the jewelry set, you simply must get this gorgeous headband too. kyrha prices her creations so reasonably (I think she should get a bit more, since she is so talented) that it would really be crime not to. NHA! is definitely one of my favorite stops for jewelry and I highly recommend that you check out all of kyrha's incredible creations. Here is your limo to NHA!
FYI: I am wearing the new LAQ skin, 'Jennie 2', and I LOVE it! You must grab a demo for this!

NHA Vanilla Set

NHA Vanilla Set 2

NHA! Vanilla Set 3

~ Additional Style Info ~

Hair: [e]  Charmed - Blonde 07 by Elika Tiramisu (NEW)
Skin: LAQ ~ Jennie2 [Peach] 05 by Mallory Cowen (NEW)
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Cool Silver (M) by Ikon Innovia
Bangles: ::je suis...grande::all color::bangles by Jula Merosi  (NEW)
Dress: Peqe - Roses/ Lily by Inex Hax
Pants: Kyoot - Eibo Trousers - White/Yellow by Saeya Nyanda (from Seasons Hunt)
Bag: [ glow ] studio - Bag full of flowers (gold) with pose
Shoes:Mstyle  RIVEA Pumps - Yellow Flowers by Mikee Mokeev
Poses: .synt. by Tart Quandry & Bent! by Catherine Fairport

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fashionably Late to Fashionably Late!

I am covering the last few hours of cycle 2 of the new 'Fashionably Late' event at the CHIC sim. Tomorrow at 4pm SLT, they will be putting up a whole new collection. So, I have decided to show you a few last minute reminders, in case you want to pick something up from one of these fabulous designers. Here is your limo to Fashionably Late

FL- ISON - ride off
ISON - ride off outfit by Harry Hyx
FL-Peqe - Tee - Yellow
Peqe - Tee - Yellow (comes in blue, pink & purple too) by Inex Hax
FL-Miamai - Kama Dress - Silver
Miamai_Kama Silver Dress by Monica Outlander
FL- KIM Sunny Swimwear
KIM-Sunny Swimwear-Handmade Design by Kimberly Flagon 

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: [PXL] GAIA SK SE MEB C1 by Hart Larsson
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Eggplant (M) by Ikon Innovia
Poses: (marukin) by Valencia Southard
Hair: TRUTH Danni - fudge by Truth Hawks
Lip Tatt:  [PXL]  GAIA SK Rose Lips (Tattoo) by Hart Larsson
Bracelet L: LaGyo_Chic charms bracelet gold by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Bracelet R: LaGyo_Imber bracelet gold/white by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Tights: Izzie's - Tights houndstooth by Izzie Button (NEW)
Peqe -
Hair: [LeLutka]-RYKIEL hair - IdontBleach by Thora Charron
Hair Corsage: LaGyo_Leilani corsage - it's a regular corsage I modified & put in my hair - by Gyorgyna Larnia  (SUMMER 2011 Gift) 
Lip Tatt:  [PXL]  GAIA SK Cyclamen Lips (Tattoo) by Hart Larsson
Necklace: LaGyo_Contexus necklace gold (texturechange) by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Bangle L: LaGyo_Macula bangle gold (texture-change) by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Pants: :[P]:-Aeda Slacks-P-Nautical by Aikea Rieko
Shoes: N-core  COQUETTE "Fatpack" by Claire Messenger
Miamai -
Hair: [LeLutka]-BIGGEST hair - IdontBleach by Thora Charron
Lip Tatt:  [PXL]  GAIA SK Pink Lips (Tattoo) by Hart Larsson
Necklace: Zaara : Vanisri wrapped necklace *amythest-silver* by Zaara Kohime 
Bangle: ZC : Patra silver bracelet *clear* by Zaara Kohime 
Hair: [ 69 ] KERI - Mocha by Kumii Yoshikawa
Hair Flower: je suis...hibiscus behind ear by Julia Merosi (to be released)
Lip Tatt:  [PXL]  GAIA SK Cyclamen Lips (Tattoo) by Hart Larsson
Bangle: LaGyo_Macula bangle gold (texture-change) by Gyorgyna Larnia 

A Lazy Saturday...

Although, I usually wear Truth's new releases right away in my posts, I still like to do a feature review on his amazing new creations each week as well. It has always been that way. This last week has been really crazy for me and I haven't had much time in SL, so my TRUTH feature will be have to be today. Now, today wouldn't be quite that bad, if it weren't the day he usually releases his latest styles. So, I apologize to Truth and my readers (if anyone actually reads this...*laughs*) from the bottom of my heart for my tardiness.
Truth had created two perfect Summer styles. We have 'Jordan', who is a very long, loose and slightly teased ponytail. She is too adorable for words! Then we have 'Zaria', who is long with sexy waves and pulled to the side. She also comes with two bang options. You can choose a full bang or one that is 'side-swept'. You have got to love that! Zaria is gorgeous!
Now, like all of my 'Truth Reviews', I usually have a bunch of other amazing stuff to show-off as well. This week I have just a couple of casual 'short and tank top' looks. However, you will also see that I am wearing Julia Merosi's (of je suis) new  .. bag. I absolutely LOVE it. they come is a ton of colors and are basically the quintessential Summer tote. So, with that all said, here are your limos......

je suis

TRUTH Jordyn - honey
TRUTH Jordan - honey
TRUTH Jordyn - honey (close)

TRUTH Zaria - caramel
TRUTH Zaria  - caramel
TRUTH Zaria 2 - caramel
TRUTH Zaria 2 - caramel

~ Additional Style Info ~
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Eggplant (M) by Ikon Innovia
Earrings: [glow] Earrings - Orcan by Anemysk Karu
Flip-Flops: Maitreya Gold * Flip-Flops Fawn by Onyx LeShelle
Jordan -
Skin:  :F: Alexandra . Fair . 04 by Alexandra Barcelos (NEW)
Eye Shadow: Grixdale - The Body Shoppe - Fiji - Surf by Tyr Rozenblum 
Necklace 1: ::Happy Finds:: Vintage Butterfly Necklace by AnnoyingJapaneseChild Dinosaur  (Store is close for the momont :( )
Necklace 2: ::Happy Finds:: Vintage Flower Necklace by AnnoyingJapaneseChild Dinosaur  (Store is close for the momont :( )
Bangle: Finesmith makume bracelet by Yula Finesmith
Bag: : ::je suis...prete::striped brown by Julia Merosi (NEW)
Vest: *BOOM* Mini Vest (Rose Garden-Vintage) by Aranel Ah (PooPee Hunt item..Look for Doll)
Tank: *BOOM*  Everyday Tank (sand)  by Aranel Ah
Shorts: -tb- Denim Cutoff shorts by Julliette Westerburg
Poses: *Le Poppycock* Pout Series by Olivia Lalonde (NEW)

Zaria -
Skin: :F: Alexandra . Fair . 07 by Alexandra Barcelos (NEW)
Eye Shadow: Grixdale - The Body Shoppe - Fiji - Breeze by Tyr Rozenblum 
Necklace Top: Grixdale - Deco Layered Necklace Top- Lavendar by Tyr Rozenblum 
Tank: ZC : 11 Mishti tank *lilac* by Zaara Kohime 
Shorts: Zaara : Denim shorts *indigo* by Zaara Kohime (NEW)
Bag: ::je suis...prete::striped green by Julia Merosi (NEW)
Bangles: Zaara  : Pallav clear bracelets by Zaara Kohime
Poses: GLITTERATI by Katey Coppola

Thursday, July 28, 2011

All the years combined, they melt into a dream...

Sissy Pessoa, who is one of my all time favorite SL designers, just recently came out with this insanely gorgeous 'Cabaha' dress. As usual the prims are sculpted so perfectly and the texturing is very beautiful. I always look forward to Sissy's next creation. By the way, Sissy has been very busy lately! She also managed to create a new skin line, named 'Nina'. And let me tell you, it is fabulous! She comes in 5 skin tones and 12 lovely make-ups. I am just showing you a brief preview in the post, so please stay tuned for the full review. In the mean time, I would definitely try on some demos and check-out all of what Sissy has to offer. So, here is your taxi to Baiastice

Baiastice Cabaha - Grey & Nina Peach 04
Baiastice_Cabaha-grey & Nina-peach -make up 04 BR
Baiastice Cabaha - Red & Nina Peach 12
Baiastice_Cabaha-red & Nina-peach -make up 12- BR

~ Additional Style Info ~

Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Warm Silver (M) by Ikon Innovia
Poses: GLITTERATI by Katey Coppola
1st Look -
Hair: Maitreya Piper - Caramel by Onyx LeShelle
Necklace: ZC : Parnini Necklace *clear* by Zaara Kohime
Bangles: Zaara : Pallav clear bracelets  by Zaara Kohime
Tights: Izzie's - Tights floral swirls by Izzie Button (NEW)
Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Black by Mikee Mokeev
2nd Look -
Hair:  [e] With- Brown 04 by Elika Tiramisu 
Jewelry Set: [MANDALA] Soul Cream gold Earrings & Necklace by kikunosuke Eel 
Bangle: [MANDALA ] Pearl rain Bangle /Gold by kikunosuke Eel 
BraceletLaGyo_Chic charms bracelet gold by by Gyorgyna Larnia 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"LoQ"s of Hair

Gia Pawpad of "LoQ Hairs", just re-textured and re designed he whole collection! And let me tell you, the results are just fabulous! I have always been a huge fan of Gia's sleek and chic hair styles. So. this undertaking just makes me love them more! I think showing you a few samples of her work will explain it all. By the way, if you haven't seen her new releases from the 'Hair Fair', you absolutely MUST check them out now! Here is your limo "LoQ Hairs"

"LoQ Hairs"  Frappe - Caramel
"LoQ Hairs"  Frappe - Caramel
"LoQ Hairs" Tequila - Caramel
"LoQ Hairs" Tequila - Caramel
"LoQ Hairs"  Con Panna - Caramel
"LoQ Hairs"  Con Panna - Caramel

"LoQ Hairs"  Cappuccio - Caramel
"LoQ Hairs"  Cappuccio - Caramel
"LoQ Hairs"  Tequila - Caramel & M O N S-Ivy summer dress vintage pink
"LoQ Hairs"  Tequila - Caramel & M O N S / Ivy summer dress vintage pink
"LoQ Hairs" Tequila - Caramel & M O N S-Ivy summer dress vintage pink (Close)
"LoQ Hairs"  Tequila - Caramel & M O N S / Ivy summer dress vintage pink

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: -Glam Affair- Amelie MedTan - Bl HB 04 by aida Ewing (NEW)
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Bronze (M) by Ikon Innovia (NEW)
Jewelry Set: [MANDALA] SINRA Necklace & bracelets /sakura pink by kikunosuke Eel 
Earrings: [MANDALA] Soul Silver Earrings by kikunosuke Eel 
Bracelet L: LaGyo_Chic charms bracelet gold by by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Dress: M O N S / Ivy summer dress vintage pink by Elikem Melodie
Shoes:  N-core SENSE 2 "Fatpack" by Claire Messenger
Poses: .synt. by Tart Quandry 

250,000 miles on a clear night in June and I'm so lost without you ...

I was a slacker yesterday and took a day off from blogging. I guess I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and just lacking inspiration. How does one have so many amazing things to blog and not be inspired? It happens, but I still don't understand why.... However, since I am rather high strung and slightly neurotic (Hey! I'm from NY!), I managed to emerge from a very drowsy state and snap some pics in the middle of the night. I wasn't completely completely happy with the pics, but they were acceptable for posting... At least I think so...
Anyway, I do like to mix bits and pieces of one outfit with another. So, I decided to use this gorgeous print top, from the 'Overall Tropical' outfit, created by designer Luana Barzane of [Amarelo Manga]; pair it with these amazing new 'skinny pants' from Cattiva Vita of [CheerNo Femme];and use the fabulous belt that came with 'Overalls' too. And, to top off the whole look, I wore this lovely boho style 'Hara' jewelry set from Yula Finesmith of Finesmith Designs. FYI: The 'Hara Set' is only $10L for Finesmith group members. So you definitely do NOT want to pass that up! Now, with that all said, here are your limos:

[Amarelo Manga]:
[CheerNo Femme]:

[Amarelo Manga] - Overall Tropical (top), Cheerno (skinny pants), & Finesmith - Hara
[Amarelo Manga] - Overall Tropical (Top) & [CheerNo Femme] AZALEE - Skinny Pants Ruby 
[Amarelo Manga] - Overall Tropical (top) & Finesmith - Hara
Finesmith Hara Set: Earrings & Necklace 

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: [PXL] GAIA SK SE MEB C1 by Hart Larsson
Lip Tatt: [PXL] GAIA SK Passion Lips (Tattoo) by Hart Larsson
Eyes:  FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Bronze (M) by Ikon Innovia
Hair 1st pic: [e] With- Brown 04 by Elika Tiramisu 
Hair 2nd pic: [e] Story - Brown 04 by Elika Tiramisu 
Bangle R: Finesmith Wild Bracelet by Yula Finesmith
Bracelet L: LaGyo_Chic charms bracelet gold by by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Belt: [ Amarelo Manga ] - Belt (2) Dark 3 (Gold/ Silver) - (Part of 'Overall Tropical' outfit) by Luana Barzane
Shoes: N-core CHIC "Fatpack" by Claire Messenger
Poses: .synt. by Tart Quandry 

Monday, July 25, 2011

What Can I Do?

Major FAIL on my part!!! I took these pics of Aikea Rieko's fabulous exclusive for the 'La Venta Eventa' event. Unfortunately, this event is new to me. Of course I have heard of it, but I never have been involved with it or kept up-to-date with it. I should have double checked the dates. I thought this was until tonight at 11:59 SLT. However, it ended last night. Bad blogging on my part and I sincerely apologize for anyone who missed this amazing creation, and of course Aikea. Aikea is truly one the most talented designers on the grid. I mean, ALL of her pieces are hand drawn! So, despite the setback, I still decided to show the pics I took of this awesome ensemble. The top skirt and pants are all separates that you can find at her store in about every color imaginable. Plus, her prices are unbelievably reasonable, so I encourage you to go and check-out everything in her store, [ThePlastik]. Here is your limo:

[Plastik] Lattice Set - Lattice Top & Aeda Pants
:[P]:- Lattice-Shirt-(Venta)-CandySteel & Aeda Slacks Gunmetal
[Plastik] Lattice Set - Lattice Top & Aeda Skirt
:[P]:- Lattice-Top-(Venta)-CandySteel & Aeda Skirt-Gunmetal

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: MONS / Nicole Skin - TDRblue special by Ekilem Melodie
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Eggplant (M) by Ikon Innovia
Hair: [LeLutka]-BIEL hair - BlondeFun by Thora Charron
Necklace: ZC : Swarit necklace *paua silver* by Zaara Kohime 
Bangles L: ZC : Sadaf paua bangles *silver*L by Zaara Kohime 
Bracelets R: ZC : Sadaf paua bracelet *silver* R by Zaara Kohime 
Clutch: [ORTA] - Stella clutch in Steel by Valena Glushenko
Shoes: N-core CAPRICE "Fatpack" by Claire Messenger
Poses:  Glitterati by Katey Coppola

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Best Kept Secret...

I don't think I need to tell you just how amazing Maylee Oh's creations are, but I will... They are effing AMAZING!!! We all know her beautifully textured designs are are "to-die-for". Her feminine lines and gorgeous textures are always to perfection. So, since Maylee is offering up a fabulous deal for Lazy Sunday, I figured I would feature those two pieces, which are pink polka-dot 'ribbon tank' and orange 'beach shorts'. Each item is a mere $70L! So, you better hurry-up and grab it before Sunday ends. Btw, I know this post is cutting it close, so I hope it gets to you before it is gone. I am also showing another outfit, which are a couple of beautiful separates from Maylee's 'mini-Summer collection'. Now, since I know you will be dying to check all of this out for yourself, here is your limo to The Secret Store

The Secret Store - Lazy Sunday Ribbon Tank & Beach Shorts
The Secret Store  Lazy Sunday - Ribbon Tank & Beach Shorts
The Secret Store - Lazy Sunday Ribbon Tank & Beach Shorts (Close)

The Secret Store - Ribbon Tank - Batik & Flare Pants - Caramel
The Secret Store  Ribbon Tank - Batik & Flared Pants - Caramel
The Secret Store - Ribbon Tank - Batik & Flare Pants - Caramel (Close)

~ Additional Style Info ~
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Hazel (M) by Ikon Innovia
Poses:  Glitterati by Katey Coppola
1st Look -
Hair: TRUTH Danni - carob by Truth Hawks
Skin: -Glam Affair- Amelie Tan - D 07 by aida Ewing (NEW)
Hat: LaGyo_Bow hat melon by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Earrings: ZC  : Anaya Turquoise Earrings *gold* by Zaara Kohime
Bangle L:  LaGyo_Macula bangle gold (texture-change) by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Bangles R: Grixdale - Summer Bangles - sunrise by Tyr Rozenblum  (NEW)
Tote: [CheerNo Femme] KAMALA - Wicker Bag ::TFG:: (Past TFG item)
Shoes: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Tangerine by Mikee Mokeev
2nd Look -
Hair: TRUTH  Zaria 2 Streaked - chocolate by Truth Hawks  (NEW)
Skin: -Glam Affair- Amelie Tan - D 07 by aida Ewing (NEW)
Bangle L:  LaGyo_Macula bangle gold (texture-change) by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Bracelet R:LaGyo_Imber bracelet gold/white  by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Pearl Necklace: [PM] Group Gift : Pearl Necklace by Tya Fallingbridge
Necklace: MIEL SEN NECKLACE by Miel Nirvan
Belt: [LeLutka]-ANNA belt/true A by Thora Charron
Bag: Berries Inc. Seasons hunt *summser bag by summse Sands (TSH)
Shoes: N-core CAPRICE "Fatpack" by Claire Messenger

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Indian Summer...

My brain is a bit fried from the heat today, so I am going to try and keep this post short and sweet. Luana Barzane is a still a 'new-to-me' designer, who generously passed me some review copies to check-out. Well, I loved what I saw. So, today I decided to post one of my favorite creations, called 'Indian Dress'. I simply adore the Indian print texture and it comes in such a gorgeous color combination! I love the long sleek lines of this dress and sexy tummy cut-out. This is one fabulous Summer dress! Just so you know, I would have posted more, but I have been having major problems with SL today. I just did not have the patience to deal with it. However, there are more creations look forward to. Please do yourself a HUGE favor and take a look at Luana's brilliant designers at [Amarelo Manga]

[Amarelo Manga] - Indian Dress

[Amarelo Manga] - Indian Dress
[Amarelo Manga] - Indian Dress (Close)

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: -Glam Affair- Amelie Tan - Bl 03 by aida Ewing (NEW)
Liner: Fleshtone :: NightStark Eyeliner by Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl ( @TFG)
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Hazel (M) by Ikon Innovia
Hair: !lamb. Wild Nothing - Honeycomb Roots by Lamb Bellic
Headband: NHA! Headband Nasha by kyrha Bouscario 
Necklace: Morantique LUSH/Hoopa wooden necklace (lemon) by Mo Miasma 
Bangle L:  LaGyo_Macula bangle gold (texture-change) by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Bangle R:  [MANDALA]B/(R)/Rich orangeTAKARA bangle by Kikunosuke Eel
Shoes: N-core CAPRICE "Fatpack" by Claire Messenger
Poses: Bent! by Catherine Fairport

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Staying Cool in MichaMi

The extremely intense heat is still plaguing NYC! Blah! Thankfully, since I am indoors in the a/c, I can post about some cool summer looks. Now, I know this fabulous 'print dress', from awesome designer Milla Michinaga of MichaMi, is not a recent release. However, this piece is definitely a classic that I feel definitely deserves another showing. I love the simple A-line shape and paisley-like print. It gives the dress a definite boho vibe, which I LOVE! Especially in the summer! It comes in 4 lovely colors, but I will show you my two favs. If you haven't been to MichaMi yet, you HAVE to go! NOW! Milla has so many beautiful, sexy and classic creations, which I know you will adore. Here is your limo to MichaMi

MichaMi Print Dress in Blue

MichaMi: Print Dress in Blue 
MichaMi Print Dress in Plum
MichaMi: Print Dress in Plum 

~ Additional Style Info ~

Hair: Angel - Angella_Caramel by DjAngeI Fallen 
Hair Piece: Clawtooth: Fancy Pants Hair Flower (Texture Change) by Bubbles Clawtooth (The Seasons Hunt)
Skin: [PXL] GAIA SK SE MEB C1 by Hart Larsson
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Cool Silver (M) by Ikon Innovia (Pre-Release)
Long Pendant: [ glow ] studio - So long Necklace (leather) by [glow] team (NEW)
Poses: (marukin) by Valencia Southard
1st look -
Lip Tatt: [PXL] GAIA SK Rose Lips (Tattoo) by Hart Larsson
Bag: (PRISS) Simple Tote Bag *Cream* by Erin Winterwolf 
Shoes: [PM] Fae Wedge [A] - LF - White by Tya Fallingbridge
2nd look -
Lip Tatt: [PXL] GAIA SK Pink Lips (Tattoo) by Hart Larsson
Pearls: Finesmith poulet golden by Yula Finesmith (NEW)
Bangles: [MANDALA] B/(L)Rich INDIO TAKARA bangle by Kikunosuke Eel
Ring: Finesmith Molecule Ring by Yula Fimesmith

A long hot Summer....

Wow! It has been soooooooooooooo freaking HOT is NY these past few days. These are the 'Dog Days of Summer' for sure! Despite the hot and humid weather, I do have some cool deals for you (Haha..I know, cheesy line..). I am wearing this amazing new dress from Applonia Criss of CHANTKARE. Not only is this dress fabulous, but you can get it a very low price at 'The Fashion Garret'. You definitely do not want to pass this number up! The hair I am wearing may look familiar, since it is a well known style from "LoQ Hairs", called 'Con Panna'. However, hair diva, Gia Pawpad, has just re-textured and re-released all of her past styles! And, of course, they are fabulous! I am also wearing some pieces of jewelry from Yula Finesmith of Finesmith Designs.These pieces, which you will see a close-up of, are part of the 55L Thursday deal. I know this post is playing it close to 11:59 SLT, so you better run and grab this before the day ends. There are also a number of other gorgeous items available for just 55L too. So, here are your limos....

The Fashion Garret:
"LoQ Hairs" :
Finesmith Designs

"LoQ Hairs" Con Panna - Caramel by Gia Pawpad 
Finesmith Designs Wild earrings, necklace & Bangle and LOQ Hairs - Con Panna - caramel
Finesmith - Wild necklace, earrings & bracelet for 55L Thurs by Yula Finesmith

~ Additional Style Info ~

Hair: "LoQ Hairs" Con Panna - Caramel by Gia Pawpad  (NEW texturing)
Skin: -Glam Affair- Amelie - Tan - D - 02 by aida Ewing (NEW)
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Bronze (M) by Ikon Innovia 
Liner: Fleshtone :: NightStark Eyeliner by Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl (NEW)
Other Necklace: (TokiD) big spheres necklace (earth) by Maya Levane
Shoes: N-core CAPRICE "Fatpack" by Claire Messenger
Poses: Bent! by Catherine Fairport

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Day At The Beach!

Okay, I am still pretty ill, but freaking Kaelyn Alecto still manages to talk me into doing a double post! I am warning you, this girl will charm you into doing things that you don't want to do! *Laughs* So, don't say I didn't warn you! Seriously, she is an awesome friend and great person to hang-out at the beach with. We basically decided to show off some new releases and remind all of you that Tuli is still having their 50% off skin sale! You absolutely can NOT miss this sale, which I think ends on the 24th. The skins are so clean, natural and lovely. Plus, they come with a ton a tatt layers for so many different looks. Here is your limo to TULI:
These uber cute bikinis that we are wearing, are from blossoming designer Berta Avro of Severed Garden. It's an entire outfit too.It comes with the pareo, nekclace, bracelet and anklets. How cool is that? This is a definite MUST for summer! Here is you limo to *{ SeVereD GarDeN }*
Last, but certainly not least, we are wearing the latest, and long awaited, releases from Truth Hawks. Kaelyn is wearing 'Bree'. which is a very loose side pony with very sexy side-swept bangs. Perfect bikini hair. I am wearing 'Lacey', which is definitely a new fav for me. I love her bouncy curls and 'color change' headband: Here is your limo to TRUTH

Summertime - Kae & Lila (Full)
*{ SeVereD GarDeN} *Bia* Sky & Natural by Berta Avro
Summertime - Kae & Lila (Close-up)

Summertime - Kaelyn
TRUTH  Bree - Blonde Pack
Summertime - Lila
TRUTH Lacey - honey by Truth Hawks, [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 01 Bare by Tuli Asturias & FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Deep Caribbean Blue by Ikon Innovia

You can find all of Kaelyn's style info on her blog 'Sweet Sexy Crazy'

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 01 Bare by Tuli Asturias
Hair:TRUTH Lacey - honey by Truth Hawks (NEW)
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Deep Caribbean Blue (M) by Ikon Innovia (NEW)
Bikini Set: *{ SeVereD GarDeN }*Bia* Natural by Berta Avro (NEW)
Jewelry Set: *League* Wanderer -Wood Medley by Nena Janus (Fashionably Late)
Feet: N-core FEET by Claire Messenger

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yellow Buttercup...

I have been a bit "under-the-weather", so I have been working on this post in bit and pieces over the last day. It should have been posted last night, but I had no energy to finish my last couple of pics or even attempt editing. *Laughs* Anyway, if you read my blog or know me, then you will also know that I have started to fall in love with bright colors. You know, like yellow, orange, etc... I am a native Manhattanite, who loves her black and neutral tones, when it comes to clothes. However, something crazy has been happening to me and I can't get enough of these brilliant shades. Now, this trend has not yet infiltrated my RL, except for bright splashes of colors found on choice accessories. But, I have definitely been living out this obsession in my SL. So, now that I have accrued so much yellow, I figured I would devote a post to it. You may want to wear your sunglasses, but I tried to tone it down. There are new and fairly new releases from my favorite designers. There are also some amazing finds from the 'The Seasons Hunt' and TDR mixed in too. With that said, please take a look at what I have put together....

\TSH The Secret Store - Beach Shorts & GizzA  Crepe Blouse
The Secret Store - Summer beach shorts - Lagoon by Maylee Oh & **GizzA** Crepe Blouse [Prairie - Lemon] by Giz Seorn
TSH The Secret Store - Beach Shorts & GizzA Crepe Blouse (Close)

TSH Vive9
.: vive9 :. Dakota Wrap Dress in Gold by Sanya Bilavio 
TSH Vive9 & Filthy Jolie 07 Fair
:Filthy: Jolie . Fair . 06 by Alexandra Barcelos
CHANTKARE Fruit Loom (Close)

~ Style Info ~

Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Grey (M) by Ikon Innovia
Poses: Bent! by Catherine Fairport
1st Look - 
Hair: [e] Other - Blonde 07 by Elika Tiramisu (NEW)
Skin: [Atomic] Lien Skin (DB)_Buff - TDR by Ivey Graves (Get this at TDR NOW)
Bangle R: LaGyo_Hula bangle by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)
Top: **GizzA** Crepe Blouse [Prairie - Lemon] by Giz Seorn
Shorts: The Secret Store - Summer beach shorts - Lagoon by Maylee Oh (The Seasons Hunt)
Sandals: [PM] Fae Wedge [A] - LF - Key Lime by Tya Fallingbridge
2nd Look -
Hair: [LeLutka]-LOOSE hair - Praline by Thora Charron (NEW)
Skin: :F: Jolie . Fair . 06 by Alexandra Barcelos (NEW)
Earrings: LaGyo_Carmen earring by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Necklace: ZC : Karmuka necklace *colored gold* by Zaara Kohime (NEW)
Bangle: LaGyo_Cocoa tropic bangle by Gyorgyna Larnia (The Seasons Hunt)
Corsage: LaGyo_Leilani corsage by Gyorgyna Larnia (Summer Gift)
Dress: .: vive9 :. Dakota Wrap Dress in Gold by Sanya Bilavio (The Seasons Hunt)
3rd Look -
Hair: [RA] Jane Hair - Brown Cocoa by Raspberry Aristocrat (NEW)
Skin:  :F: Jolie . Bronze . 04 by Alexandra Barcelos (NEW)
Necklace: LaGyo_Melika necklace hibiscus red by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)
Bangle R: LaGyo_Hula bangle by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)
Bracelet L: LaGyo_Waves bangles by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)
Top: CHANTKARE FRUIT LOOM (Cherry Hat included) by Applonia Criss
Tote: elly::canvas.tote graphic.2 by Elly Naire (NEW)
Shorts:  [LeLutka]-SoHo shorts/vanilla by Thora Charron
Shoes:  Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Rosso by Mikee Mokeev

Sunday, July 17, 2011

There was so much space I cut me a piece with some fine wine..

I am a bit tired at the moment, becuase I spent hours editing these pics and I am not that happy with them.*laughs* If I had I time, I would do these over, but I don't. So, please forgive my over-worked look. However, the clothes definitely outshine my pics. Mimikri Kit's creations have the ability to bring style and general fabulousity to any pic. The first two pieces that I have for you are meant to be worn together. However, you can wear them separately too. They are sold as separates as well, but I figured I would feature them in one style, since they are Mimikri's latest release. These lovely creations would also be known as the ' Luca Dress in avocado & LucaPython Jacket in camouflage'. They come in a ton of other amazing colors as well. It's almost impossible to pick a favorite. I am also showing a creation that is absolutely gorgeous, but not a recent release. I really felt this deserved to be posted, since I absolutely adore it and it also has the same texturing as the first outfit. This piece is called the 'Tahnee Suede top and skirt in cognac'.
Mimikri's creations are so well rendered and truly classic pieces that will add instant style to any girl's inventory. I love her use of texture and muted tones, mixed with perfectly sculpted prims These are just a few of the reasons why Mimikri is one of SL's best designers. Anyway, enough of my babbling, so you can get down to her store NOW! Here is your limo to *Mimikri Hot Couture*

*Mimikri*  Luca Dress Avocado &   Luca  Python Jacket - camouflage 2
Mimikri  Luca Dress - Avocado & Luca  Python Jacket - Camouflage
Mimikri  Luca Dress Avocado
Mimikri  Luca Dress - Avocado 
Mimikri  Luca Dress Avocado &  Luca  Python Jacket - camouflage 1
Mimikri  Luca Dress - Avocado, Luca  Python Belt - Camouflage & Luca  Python Jacket - Camouflage
*Mimikri*  Tahnee Sueda Top & Skirt - cognac
Mimikri  Tahnee Suede  Top & Dress Suede in Cognac 
Mimikri  Tahnee Sudea - cognac (close)

I also wanted to give mention to new pose maker, Catherine Fairport of Bent!. Many of you many know of her has an amazing blogger, but she also created mind blowing poses as well. My first 3 photos are all examples of Catherine's of work. Please, do yourself a favor and check-out her pose store. They are really incredible... Bent!

~ Additional Style Info ~
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Grey (M) by Ikon Innovia
First Look-
Skin: [PXL] GAIA SK SE LEB C1 w/ Rose Lip Tatt by Hart Larsson
Hair:  [e] Story- Brown 08 by Elika Tiramisu
Necklace: *League* Kandula Necklace Silver w Shadow by Nena Janus
Bangle L: Bangle L: LaGyo_Macula bangle silver (texture-change) by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Bangle R: [MANDALA]SINRA  bracelet/Wolf Silver(R) by Kikunosuke Eel
Shoes: [PM] Fae Wedge [C] - RF - Khaki by Tya Fallingbridge
Poses: Bent! by Catherine Fairport
Second Look-
Skin: [PXL] GAIA SK SE LEB C1 w/ Copper Lip Tatt by Hart Larsson
Hair: [LeLutka]-SHOOP hair - Praline by Thora Charron
Necklace: {SMS} Big Native Necklace Earth by Irie Campese
Bangle L: {SMS} Native American Bangles Earth by Irie Campese
Bangle R: ZC : Patra gold bracelet *amber* by Zaara Kohime
Belt: Nyte'N'Day - Ginger Belt - Burnt/Burnt Studs by Nyte Caligari
Tote: {Mon Tissu} Straw Tote Bag - Dark Brown
Shoes: N-core SENSE 2 "Reptile" R by Claire Messenger
Poses: Di's Opera by Di Hoorenbeek