Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spotlight on AZOURY

Pic 1: AZOURY - La Robe Pensee Noir

Pic 2: AZOURY - La Tenue Anemone
Pic 3: AZOURY - La Tenue Clematite
Pic 4: AZOURY - La Tenue Narcisse
Pic 5: AZOURY - La Tenue Sauge

OMGah! AZOURY has blown my mind! AZOURY is a name that was unheard of, at least to me, until a couple of weeks ago. It was "I love 69" time and AZOURY was one of the shops on the list. Now, being a "shoe girl", the first thing I noticed were all the lovely footwear that AZOURY had to offer. Little did I know that Mayhem Seetan, the brilliant designer behind it all, also created fabulous clothes! Mayhem has a real feel for "Haute Couture". Her designs cutting edge, unique and gorgeous! Her keen eye for detail and and expertly crafted prims produce not an outfit, but a work of art.
In the first picture, I am wearing "La Robe Pensee Noir". I just love the carefully sculpted skirt, which flows with each subtle movement.The rich texture and intricate detail give this gown an ethereal feel. I like how Mayhem pairs this soft lovely gown with a hard collar and bold bangles. This jewelry is part of the outfit, which is always a nice bonus, especially since it is beautiful and well made. Usually, when jewelry comes with an outfit, it isn't that nice, so this is really great surprise.
In the second picture, I am wearing "La Tenue Anemone". This is an extraordinary design. I adore how this little elegant black dress has such a bold personality. The ornate lace texture is to die for and the prim work on the skirt is absolutely incredible! I feel like I should be walking down a runway in Paris when I wear this dress. And the ankle boots! Yes, these ankle boots come with the dress. Mayhem's beautifully painted textures and flawless construction, make these boots a perfect match for this dress. They would also make a brilliant addition to the rest of your wardrobe too.
In the third picture, I am wearing "La Tenue Clematite". I love how Mayhem names many if her designs after flowers. This piece is definitely more casual and has a bit of an 80s retro look to it. The stunning pattern on the leggings give off a soft velvet-like sheen. They are paired with an ultra sexy "peek-a-boo" tube top, which shows off just the right amount of cleavage. Mayhem definitely knows the female form and how to create designs that hug each curve splendidly. This outfit also comes with a pair of very cool boots.
In the fourth picture, I donned "La Tenue Narisse". This also has a bit of retro flavor, but more reminiscent of the 60s. I love the asymmetrical design of the top with a "Missoni-like" print. The striking collar gives it an extra bit of edge and a more modern feel. The super flared pants just make this one outstanding design. Once again, Mayhem comes through with the matching shoes. These are pumps are just sublime! I feel in love with the scalloped heel and open toe. The shoe has sculpted prim foot and a very easy to use hud, so you can find the exact tone of your skin without any fuss.
I the fifth and last picture, I am wearing "La Tenue Sauge". This is a very sassy denim mini-skirt, with an extremely sexy "tie in front" top. I really like how so many if Mayhem's outfits come with a belted waist. One again, it's the extra special attention she gives to the female body. Her designs are are bold and straight forward, but are still very feminine and sensual. She carefully puts together her outfits for maximum style and appeal. Mayhem is a true artist with a very progressive sense of fashion. She doesn't follow fashion, fashion follows her. So, please do yourself a favor and tp on down to AZOURY now! The limo is waiting to take to you: http://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Courchevel/34/49/22

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: LAQ - Martina-01 [Nougat] Glow Skin
Cleavage Enhancer: LAQ - Cleavage Enhancer v2 [Nougat]
Hair: fri.day - Summer-Thoughful Brown
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen Eyes (free gift)
Eyelashes: TF - SweptAway!

Sets: *GLITTERATI - Sci-Fi Hallway, Black Box
Poses: {.:exposeur:.}


Kierra (Left): :CB: - Zoey Vest-Magenta, Spring Fling Skirt-Jean
Lila (Right): :CB: - Zoey Vest-Dark Charcoal, Spring Fling Skirt-Jean
Kierra (Left): :CB: Silly Tees-All Pink, Baby Doll Shorts (1st Pic) :CB: Silly Tees-Pen Fifteen, Baby Doll Shorts (pic 2)
Lila (Right): :CB: Silly Tees-Spank Tee, Spring Fling Skirt-Jean (1st pic) :CB: Silly Tees-Feelin' Froggy, Sping Fling Skirt-jean (pic 2)
Kierra (Left): :CB: - Casual V-Neck - Pink , Everyday Jeans
Lila (Right): :CB: - Summer Daze Tank-B/P/Pu, Everday Jeans
Kierra (Left): :CB: Flavor Hoodie-Marshmellow, Spring Fling Mini-Jean
Lila (Right): :CB: Flavor Hoodie-Chocolate, Spring Fling Mini-Jean
Lila (Left): :CB: Pretty In Plaid
Kierra (Right)::CB: Doll Baby - Red (includes shorts and belt)
Left Pic-
Lila (Left): :CB: Dangerously Innocent Mini-Paisley
Kierra Right): :CB: Dangerously Innocent Mini-Red
Right Pic-
Kierra (Left): :CB: Simply Sweet Mini-Black
Lila (Right): :CB: Simply Sweet Mini-Indigo
Lila (Left): :CB: Satin Dreams Lingerie-Red Violet
Kierra (Right): :CB: Satin Dreams Lingerie-White

Cool is definitely an understatement for Anyalia Pearl's line of clothes that is known as "COOL BEANS". I remember checking out COOL BEANS when it was still a relatively new store and it sure has grown! Not only does it house casual wear (like her "V-Neck" and "Silly" tees), but now more formal pieces, such as the "Dangerously Innocent Mini" and some very sensual lingerie, like Anyalia's "Satin Dreams". Her playful and sexy designs have a youthful feel and are very hip addition to one's warm weather wardrobe. For this review, Anyalia, generously sent us a vast array of her newest creations. Thank you Anyalia! Her designs can be as low key as the "Everyday Jeans" and "Summer Daze Tank" or as glamorous the "Simply Sweet Mini" dress. I just love the effort that she puts into her hand drawn textures, like the super hot "Zoey Vest", which make her designs so life-like and adorable. And adorable would certainly be an understatement for pieces such as her ultra cute "Doll Baby" set and "Pretty In Plaid" dress. These are the quintessential summer staples. Anyalia's luscious colors and crafty prim work make COOL BEANS one of SL's shining stars and also keep my avi looking stylish.
I know this is a bit "off-the-record", but Kierra and I have been a tad behind in our work due to some major SL issues. We have been working our cute little avis butt's off in order to get back on track. So I will let you see the rest for yourself. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some delicious clothes from COOL BEANS. I sent the limo, so all you have to do is hop on in:

~ Additional Style Info ~


Hair (pic 1,2,4,5 & 6): fri.day-Cassidy-Delighted Blond
Hair (pic 3): TRUTH - Isis-Driftwood
Hair (pic 7): fri.day - Tatum-Delighted Blond
Skin:(pics 1,2,5,6& 7): -Belleza- Alyson SK 7 (Cleavage)
Skin (pic 3 & 4): : Dutch Touch: - IsIs-Cocoa-Liner Red EBBlack
Jewelry: Mariposa - Oceanic Set
Sneakers (pic1-5): UBU - PornStar Lo-Tops (Color Change)
Shoes: (pic 6 & 7): Moody Stiletto-BARE Katherine-Silver
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen Eyes (free gift)
Eyelashes: TF- SweptAway!


Hair - ::69:: - Miracle
Skin - Pics (1,4,5) Iren - Cutie
Skin - Pic (2,6,7) - Belleza - Jesse Deep Tan
Skin - Pic 3 - Imabee - Lucy
Jewelry - Pics (1,3,4) - Line - Shelly Set, Pics 2,6,7 - Mariposa -Florita
Shoes - Pic 6 - Stiletto Moody Bare Ava Gold (Black), Pic 7 - ByKay - MaryBelle - Black
Eyes for all pics - ::UH:: -Tsuya eye
Lashes - [DK] Deviant Prim Lashes 01

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lovely LoQs

Pic 1: LoQ Hairs - Cafe Au Lait-Ash
Pic 2: LoQ Hairs - Frappe-Dark Blonde
Pic 3: LoQ Hair - Breve-Jet Black

I have always been a big fan of LoQ Hairs, so when I received these copies I couldn't wait see the amazing hairstyles awaiting me. Thank you Gia!Well the hair was, and still is, gorgeous! Plus, the fact that they were named after various coffee drinks, made it even more delectable! Anyone who knows me, is very aware of my obsession and serious addiction to coffee. So what could be more fabulous than hair inspired by coffee?
Anyway, Gia Pawpad's latests designs have a very retro feel with a glam modern makeover.In the first picture, I am wearing "Cafe Au Lait" in ash. This very yummy sounding and looking hairstyle, has a real 60s flavor to it. The luscious wavy strands and teased top, which is secured with an adorable clip, make this a one irresistible design.
In the second picture, I am wearing "Frappe" in a dark blonde. I am constantly in search of the perfect "updo" and now I think I have finally found it!. The creamy color and and ultra high "bump", is expertly finished off with a very elegant chignon. I just love how Gia's textures are able to have a brilliant shine with out looking greasy. .And I know, you know what I mean. I am not mentioning any names. Gia has a keen eye and knows just what women want and how to design it perfectly.
In the third and last picture, I am sporting "Breve" in jet black. All these names are making my mouth water! "Breve" has a bit of an 80s feel with the side ponytail. However, Gia manages to give this a hip new look with sleek tail and chic sides-wept bangs. I just love how she completes this look with soft and subtle tendrils.
So now I will stop my ramblings. I could literally go on forever about Gia's work, since such unique and fashion forward looks are hard to find. But I will let you go discover them for yourself..... The limo is waiting to take to LoQ Hairs: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ZI%20Mystic%20Moonlight/74/184/2527

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: LAQ - Martina-03 [Nougat] Glow Skin
Cleavage Enhancer: LAQ - Cleavage Enhancer v2 [Nougat]
Dress (pic 1): Mimikri - Calypso Black (TDR BLUE)
Dress (pic 2): ZC - Calangute Dress *Chocolate
Necklace (pic 2): ZC - Karmuka *wood gold
Bracelets (pic2): Zaara -Patra Gold Bracelets *Amber
Dress: (pic 3): ::HappyFinds:: - Floral Boho Dress
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen Eyes (free gift)
Eyelashes: TF - SweptAway!

Set (pic 1): *GLITTERATI - Sci-Fi Hallway
Set (pic 2): -VP- Vanity
Poses: *Everglow


Pic 1: {Dead Carrot} - Shape[Girls Dig Curves]
Pic 2: {Dead Carrot} - Shape[Girls Dig Curves], Tattoo{Who Did A Stitch On Me?}
Pic 3: {Dead Carrot} - Shape[Girls Dig Curves], Tattoo{My Fugly Tattoo Guy}

Lucie Genira is one of SL's new up and coming shape designers, whose brand is also known as "Dead Carrot". She does some pretty amazing tattoos as well. If you are bored with all the perfect (not to mention unrealistic) "Barbie" and "waif-like" shapes, Lucie's shapes are the way to go! I was given one of Lucie's new shapes to test drive, which is so accurately called "Girls Dig Curves", and I was definitely in for surprise.Thank you Lucie! As you can see in the above pics, my figure has nice full bottom and very well rounded hips. The breasts are not uber huge and are the prefect size to compliment this figure. The legs are that of a real woman, shapely and not a mile long. The youthful face just pulls the whole package together, giving one a very unique and lovely look. Just so you know, all Lucie's shapes come with skin charts, so you can find the perfect skin to go with the shape of your choice. The shapes are also modifiable, which is major plus in my book!
Lucie also designs dome rather edgy tattoos, which are a refreshing change from the butterfly tramp stamps I see everywhere. In the second picture, I am wearing "Who Did A Stitch On Me?". I think the photo and name pretty much say it all, but I love the realism of her carefully placed scars. In the the third and last picture, I donned the "My Fugly Tattoo Guy" tatt. You have got to adore that name! The jacket style tattoo with it's tribal-like print is extremely well executed and not to mention very cool to look to at.
Lucie has a great talent and fabulous sense of humor, which shine through in work. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Btw, she just released an awesome new shape called "Cicatrix", which is in her store now! So hurry up and check out the rest of her amazing creations. The taxi is waiting:


Hair: Maitreya - Green II-Caramel
Skin: -Belleza- Alyson SK 7
Tanga: *League* - Itty Bitty Tanga-Ecru
Shoes: [SC] - Nantucket Spectators-brown
Bangles: [}Jasha{] - Spring Bangles-Grey/Brown
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen Eyes (free gift)

Set: -VP- Dirty Bath (Clean Version)
Poses: *Everglow*

Good Shit Hunt

The Good Shit hunt kicked off this week so off I went with my hunt head on as I saw some of my favourite designers were participating. This was a very easy hunt to complete and I was very impressed with the prize quality. A nice range of items on offer from skins, hair and fashion to furniture and even a skypad!!!. There is a group you can join by clicking the signs in world and also a website with hints if you need them can be found at : http://gshuntsl.wordpress.com/. So what are you waiting for goooo get hunting heres the starting point :http://slurl.com/secondlife/Redshift/62/143/2487

Skin - AtomicBambi-APPLE-Sunblush
Outfit -[astraia] Knotted One Piece - Includes hat and shoes
Jewelry -*Ticky Tacky* A Bitch Never Change

Outfit -A-BOMB - Black Dress
Bangles & Bag -The sea hole " Good Scene"
Outfit -Nyte'N'Day - Swirl Bikini & Shorts Set
Summer Seat Set - buttons - because, it's summery seat
Outfit - (Nushru) Alexa Dress in Aqua
Bracelets & Hair flower - Dark Mouse - Whimsy
Skin - !Imabee: Umeko - Underwater
Outfit -Lark - Hallie Dress
Bookshelf - ::EmJay:: -Pure White Bookshelf

~Additional Style Info~

Hair - >TRUTH< Bethany - copper
Eyes - ::UH::Tsuya eye (Gsh prize)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feeling Fabulous with Finesmith Jewelry!


 "December Collection"

Pic 1: FS* JEWELRY - December Collection - Necklace, Earrings & Bracelets (Right and Left Arm)- Silver/Amethyst-Color/Texture Option 
Pic 2: FS* JEWELRY - December Collection-Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet (Right)-Silver/Amethyst (Close-up) 
Pic 3: FS* JEWERLY - December Collection-Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet (Right)--Gold/Diamond (Close-up)

Finesmith Jewelry has managed to release another masterpiece, which is also know as the "December Collection". Now I know the name elicits images of snow and ice, but the only ice here are the brilliant diamonds. This carefully crafted set has a bold elegant pattern, which is combined with meticulous metal work. I am thoroughly amazed at how "life-like" these metals look! I do not know how Yula Finesmith manages to pull this off so well, but she does and I adore it. I can't tell you how many times I have been disappointed to find that I have bought jewelry, whose golds look yellow and silvers look white!  The same type of fine workmanship holds true for the gems. The diamonds shine brightly without having to resort to bling! I am not even going to go there! *LOL* The other jewels have this same amount of realism as well. Besides the necklaces, it comes with 2 exquisite bracelets and set of stunning earrings. These all come equipped with their own color/ texture change script. You have a choice of 6 different metals and 6 different gem stones, which make this is the ultimate addition to any formal wardrobe. There is also a resizer script included as well. So do yourself a favor and take a trip on down to Finesmith and treat yourself to this sublime collection! There are also many other amazing treasures to be found here as well. The limo is waiting:
~ Additional Style Info ~

Hair: Maigika - Aurora- Chocolate
Skin: LAQ - Martina-08 [Nougat] Glow Skin
Cleavage Enhancer: LAQ - Cleavage Enhancer v2 [Nougat]
Lingerie: [PACADI] - Oona Lingerie-Black
Shoes: Maitreya - Esprit Gold-Black
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen Eyes (free gift)
Eyelashes: TF - SweptAway!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

ACTION and Project Themory - CIRCUS! June 26th &27th

Action and Project Themory
June 26th&27th
Action-Cotton Candie Kart:
The kart is stocked with 6 different flavors! Anyone can click on the kart and receive a RANDOM flavor! Keep clicking to collect all 6!

This is a BRAND NEW never before seen product from Action... You can still purchase this item after the weekend but not for L$75!
This item will be available from 12am SLT on Sat. - 11:59pm SLT on Sun. Located near the front entrance at Action!

ACTION! Super Bargain Saturday! Week #25

-Action Unisex Slim Patent Belt in Sand-

This ultra cool "Unisex-Slim Patent Belt" in sand (has a resizer too) will be on sale for just $60L at Action Surf Sk8te ! This will only be available on Saturday, June 26th from 12am-11pm STD. You can find it placed at the front of the store;s entrance. So hurry-up before this amazing deal is gone! The taxi waiting:

More info found on Action's Blog: http://actionsurfandsk8te.com/blog.html

New from TRUTH!

Lila (left): TRUTH - Iris-Driftwood
Kierra (right): TRUTH - Iris-Treacle
Kierra (left): TRUTH - Rayne Streaked-Blood
Lila (right): TRUTH - Rayne Streaked-Champagne
Lila (left): TRUTH - Lucille Streaked-Espresso
Kierra (right): TRUTH - Lucille-Cocoa

Just when I think Truth Hawks created every possible style imaginable, he turns around and gives us even more! This week's new releases follow suit of all his recent creations, by mixing a bit of the old with the new. Retro style is very obviously very big at the moment and spans quite a few very different eras as well. In the the first picture, Truth brings back a bit of that bohemian feel with "Iris". This loosely braided hair style is wrapped with the same signature leather and beads (that I loved so much) from Truth's "BoHo" style a couple of weeks ago. And to top that off, the leather and beads have 21 different texture options! You can also choose not wear this option at all.
In the second picture, Kierra and I decided to be a little less country and a bit more rock n' roll with "Rayne". "Rayne" definitely has a bit of that mid 80s "hair band groupie" feel to it. However, Truth manages to glam it up and give it a hot modern look. I just love the razor cut layers that give it a full and whispy texture. Like so many of TRUTH's latest designs, this comes in a myriad of solid colors and their streaked counterparts. As one can clearly see, Kierra and I opted to wear the streaked version, because we got it like that! *LOL* I'm just kidding.... Well, kind off.... *LOL*
In the 3rd and last picture, which is definitely least for obvious reasons, Kierra and I are wearing "Lucille". No, we are not wearing B.B.King's beloved black Gibson guitars, but Truth's awesome new retro 50's style. This particular piece is definitely very reminiscent of Betty Page's trademark hairdo. Btw, we know we look a bit like clowns in this picture. It was a good idea that went terribly wrong, but Truth's hair, and not to mention Kierra's editing skills, was the redeeming factor that made this even remotely postable.
So, stop staring at our weird skin and tp your butt on down to TRUTH! I sent a limo:

~ Additional Style Info ~


Pic 1-
Skin: [INAYA] - Meghan
Top: Mischief - Clara Belle-Cherry
Pants w/ Belt: .:A&M:. - Winter Pants-Black
Bangles: Izzie's - Wooden Bangles-Red

Pic 2-
Skin: -Belleza- Jesse Tan (Cleavage)
Top: Mischief - Xtra Simple Tank-Mulberry
Pants: Djinn&Tonic - ClamDiggers-Dark
Shoes: ::Maschienenwerk::: - Chucks-Red
Jewelry: Mariposa - Animosity-Silver

Pic 3-
Skin: Ironik Kitties - Griselda Skin
Outfit: *+*Jills*+* - MB-Drk Blue
Necklace: Burrroughs - Emily Necklace (Free Glance Gift)
Bracelet: Burroughs - Eva bracelet (Free Glance Gift)


Pic 1-
Skin: -Belleza- Elle Deep Tan (Cleavage) Group Gift
Top: ::::IrEn:::: - Red Shirt (Old MM Board)
Shorts: oRly?! - Unzipped jean Shorts
Jewelry: ZC - Kaya Turquoise/Gold
Boots: Kboots - Brown

Pic 2-
Skin: -Belleza- Elle BR Tan (Cleavage) Group gift
Top: MIEL - AM Tulip Tank-Licorice
Pants: Djinn & Tonic - ClamDiggers-LightWash
Necklace: .:A&M:. - Punk Necklace
Bracelet: .:*LOULOU&CO*:. ASTEROID Bracelets
Sneakers: UBU -PornStars Low-Tops-Color Change

Pic 3-
Skin: {Strumpet} - Goodbye NormaJean (ready for them all)-Project Themory Item
Top: fri.day - Basic.Cami-Cream
Shorts: R.icielli - Eleanor Highwaist Short (Group Gift)
Necklace: .:A&M:. - My Fabulous Necklace-NaturePeals-2 loops
Bracelet L: ::::GARAGE:::: White bracelets2 L
Earring: *ByKay* - Rosa Bridal Earrings-Cream
Shoes: [SC] - Nantucket Spectators-Brown

Friday, June 25, 2010


Picture 1: *COCO* - OneShoulderPolkaDotsDress
Picture 2: *COCO* - BubbleSkirt-Gold
Picture 3: *COCO* - Tank Top-with Sunglasses

*COCO* was my first favorite shop in SL and also my first taste of real fashion in SL. As a "noob", who was fashion obsessed in RL, I was overjoyed to find that SL actually had a lot of talented and incredible designers on the grid. cocoro Lemon was one the first of such designers, whose creations are on  par or even greater than the RL designers who we see on runways at fashion week. I was hooked! I am  also always closely watching to see what she comes up with next!
Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a few of *COCO*'s latest releases and was more than honored to review them. Thank you cocoro! In the first picture, I am wearing the "OneShoulderPolkaDotsDress". The name basically says it all! I just LOVE this little black dress, whose silk-like texture is so carefully wrinkled. The expertly crafted polka dot chiffon prim just brings this ultra chic number to a whole other level I just adore the subtle baring of the neckline.This dress just screams GLAM!
In the second picture, I am wearing cocoro's "BubbleSkirt" in gold.The intricate pleating mixed with hand painted shadows and highlights make this an extraordinary piece thats has a very exotic feel.This particular skirt is the perfect compliment to an formal or casual wardrobe.
In the third and last picture, I am wearing *COCO*'s "TankTop-with Sunglasses". Once again cocoro uses this amazing black silk texture (as seen in pic 1) with skillfully sculpted wrinkles that she places with an adept precision. The plunging asymmetric neckline is to die for! And when you turn around, the back has a fabulously low scoop cut, which accentuates my curves to a "T"! Absolutely YUMMY!
Now I think I have rambled enough, so it's time for you to go see this for yourself. The limo is waiting:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin (pic 1&3): Laq - Martina-05 [Nougat] Glow skin
Skin (pic2): Laq - Matina-03 [Nougat] Glow Skin
Cleavage Enhancer: Laq - Cleavage Enhancer v2 [Nougat]
Hair (pic1): fri.day - Allison-Moody Brown
Hair (pic2): fri.day - Cassidy- Thoughtful Brown
Hair (pic3): fri.day - Kate-Moody Brown
Bodysuit (pic2): [PACADI] - Yada Bodysuit-white
Pants (pic3): Djinn&Tonic - Clam Diggers-Dark Wash
Necklace: ZC - Parnini Necklace-Clear
Bracelet R: Zaara - Pallav Clear Bracelets
Bracelet L: ZC - Patra Silver Bracelet-Clear
Earrings: ZC - Urvi Earrings (colored)- Silver
Shoes (pic 1&2): *ByKay* - Kate-Color Change
Shoes (pic3): Redgrave - Madonna Heels-Black/Silver
Eyes: ::UH:: - Frozen Eyes (free gift)
Eyelashes: TF - SweptAway!
Poses: VIVAPOSES & *Everglow*

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Take a "Glance"

:: Alatiel Fashions :: - Blast of Summer (comes with the hat)

ANUBIS Style - Rainbow (comes with sneakers but sl wouldnt let me attach them grrr)

[dekade.] *Micro* Bikini complete with hat, bag and glasses

MEB - Cameron purple
PurpleMoon - Pink Orchid Dress

I finally managed to find some time to go through the goodies I grabbed recently at the opening of Glance. Packed with some fabbbb stores all your shopping can be done in one place and as a taster lots of the stores are offering gifts YAY !!! So I took a gentle stroll around the sim checking out all the awesome stores and grabbing the bargins as I went along so heres a taster for you so head on down to Glance its well worth a trip. Im not sure how long the gifts will be available so heres the Limoooooooo go grab while you can :- http://slurl.com/secondlife/Glance%20Style/131/121/22

~Additional Style Info~

Skin --Belleza- Elle Dark Deep Tan HB
Hair -Pic 2 - .:MINA:. GIA - Cranberry(Available at Glance), Pic 3 - ""D!va"" -Haruka - Onyx, Pic 4&5 -""D!va"" -Akane - Onyx
Shoes - B! Shoes - Fiocchetto ( Available at Glance)
Jewelry - Burroughs - Emily Necklace, Eva Bracelet (love these they have sooo many colour options) - Available at Glance

Spotlight on MARIPOSA

Lila (left): Mariposa - Unlocked Necklace-Kissed
Kierra (right): Mariposa - Acat Set (Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings)
Lila (left): Mariposa - Oceanic Set (Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings)
Kierra (right): Mariposa - Aubade Set (Necklace & Bracelet)
Lila (left): Mariposa - Florita Set (Choker & Bracelet)-Bronze/Purple-Color Change
Kierra (Right): Mariposa - Florita Set (Choker & Bracelet)-Silver/Blue-Color Change
Lila (left): Mariposa - Vintaged Dress-Blue/Gold, Acat Set-Color Option 1
Kierra (right): Mariposa - Vintaged Dress-Blue/Red, Acat Set

There is an amazing new jewerly designer on the scene and her name is, Felicity Winslet. Her gorgeous creations can be found under the name, Mariposa. Felicity's designs are a mix of very organic looking gems and meticulous metal work, which is a refreshingly unique find in SL.
In the first picture, Kierra is wearing the "Acat" set , which comes with a necklace, earrings and bracelet. This set also can be be found in four different color options. The delicate silver sculpting mixed with the turquoise stones, give this piece a very "Native American" feel to it. It's the perfect piece for many of the bohemian styles that we are seeing this summer. I am wearing the "Unlocked" necklace in "Kissed", this carefully crafted piece is also wrapped in sumptuous silver that is adorned with pieces of amethyst and a signature key.
In the second picture, I am wearing the "Oceanic Set". I know you have seen me blog this before, but this definitely deserves some special attention. I just adore the roughly polished stones linked together by ethereal gold stands. This also has a gorgeous pair of earring and bracelet to match. Kierra is wearing the "Aubade" set in silver and obsidian. This particular set is a bit bolder, especially the bracelets, but Felicity's intricate detailing make this yet another masterpiece. One again, like so many of the pieces from Mariposa, these sets can be worn with something very casual or extremely glam.
In the third the picture, Kierra and I are both wearing the "Florita" choker and bracelet. The metal work of these pieces is superb. The intricate detailing and perfectly placed gems, give this a very ancient feel with a modern twist. It will make any woman feel like a queen. It also comes with a texture changing script. So one has the choice of 8 gem stones and 2 types of metals. I also forgot to mention that all of Felicity's jewelry comes comes with a resize script and has several attachment options for an ideal and easy fit.
Btw, Mariposa is not all jewelry. There are also fabulous clothes to be found there as well.In the last picture, Kierra and I are wearing the "Vintaged" dress. I just love the earth tones and flowing prim work, which is further enhanced with an empire waist. It also comes with a choice of two lengths to suit your style. A definite staple for your summer wardrobe. So, what are you waiting for? Get down there and take a look! Just so you know, Felicity is very generous and has some amazing free gifts try. She also has MM board and fabulous lucky chair! There are many delightful surprises to found at Mariposa. The Limo is waiting: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Persephone%20Isle/171/88/301

~Additional Style Info~

Lila -

Skin: Laq-martina-06 [Nougat] Glow skin
Hair: Laq-Tess-Black
Eyes: Exile-Shine -Silent Lucidity
Bodysuit (pics 1-3): Pacadi - Yada Bodysuit - White

Kierra -

Skin: -Belleza- Elle - Deep Tan
Hair: ETD (now closed). Pic 4 - Laq - HB Style #08
Bodysuit (Pics 1-3): Pacadi - Yada Bodysuit - Light blue
Eyes: :: Exodi :: - Zbilja v2.0 - Deep Ocean Blue

Hit With "Pretty Stick"!

Dress - Country Blue Dirty Prairie Dress
Jewelry - White Pearl w/ White Bow Set
Kierra (Left) - Corset Dress Green
Lila (Right) - Green Midrise Jean Skirt & White Lace Top

Dammit our truck broke down we need a cowboy preferable a hot one to come help us poor maidens in distress. With the very low cut back on the Prarie dress showing that adorable tushh of yours lets hope someone comes to rescue us soon Lila or Omgahhhhhh we wont be able to shop !!!!. Anyway enough of the sillyness.... the prairie dress has a lovely detailed bodice which really shapes our womanly curves without showing too much flesh. Then turn around and boom you get the sexy low cut just showing a little but not all leaving something to the imagination. We teamed our outfits up with the White pearl and bow set which are highly detailed and complment the check of the dress perfectly. The 2nd pic Lila is showing an outfit offered as a group gift the skirt unlike many in SL isnt right up the tushy and the lovely lace texture used on the top making it almost sheer but not quite giving it that seductive feel. The Corset dress has a nicely detailed bodice and contrasts beautifully with the simplicty of the skirt. Unfortunalty due to SL being a total pain in the butt I couldnt show a pic of the back as I had some major issues and couldnt take a pic. However it has an burlesque feel to it with the lace up effect and could easily be worn with a pair of jeans Yay !!!

So as ever heres the Limo to take ur cute little booties down to Pretty Stick :-

~Additional Style Info ~

Lila -

Skin: - Belleza - Elle Deep Tan HB (Cleavage)
Shoes: ByKay-Kate-Color Change
Boots: Kboots - Brown
Hair: fri.day-Jennifer2-Thoughtful brown
Eyelashes: Talon Faire- SweptAway!
Eyes: ::UH:: - Frozen Eyes (free gift)

Kierra -

Hair: - Pic 1 - Magika - Connect - Black, Pic 2 - Truth - Tilly - Crow
Skin: - Belleza - Elle in Dark Tan
Eyes: - Tuli - gems in sapphire
Lashes: - [DK] - Deviant Prim Lashes 01
Boots: - Boots - Lucy in Disguise - Engineer Boots - Black

Gin & Tonic or "Djinn & Tonic"

Kierra (Left) Clam Diggers -Lightwash, Summer Henley - Grass
Lila (Right) Clam Diggers - Dark, Summer Henley - Sage

Its been a crazy week for us Demented Divas hence the lack of posts this week. Poor Lila had her sim wrecked :growls: so that took up alot of time to try and fix what some idiot thought would be cool to do. Anyway we are now back on track and have been busy little bees snapping away and shopping our little hearts out. After all that shopping we decided to go chill on the beach wearing the clam diggers and summer henleys from Djinn & Tonic. The detailed pocketing on the pants and the use of textures to create the turn up detail makes these clam diggers a welcome addition to my inventory as I am a huge fan of jeans as Lila will tell you (she wears the pretty dresses Im the pants kinda girl ). The henleys have great texturing to them and show just a subtile amount of cleveage this is a bonus as alot of clothes in SL seem to be all about showing your tic tacs at every possible opportunity. The cute Roxy dress we are showing comes in a sheer and non sheer version, I went for the modest option and let Lila show her sexy flesh in the sheer version :P. With a lovely prim ruffle to the top and skirt this classy little number is a welcome addition to anyone's black dress collection.
So as always heres the Limo for you to pop along to Djinn & Tonic

~Additional Style Info ~

Lila -

Skin -Laq - Martina-03&05 - Nougat Skin Glow
Laq: Cleavage Enhancer v2 Nougat
Hair -Pic 1 - fri.day - Cassidy - Timid Brown, Pic 2 - Kate-Thoughtful brown
Eyes - ::UH:: - Frozen Eyes
Lashes - Talon Faire-SweptAway Eyelashes
Shoes - Pic 1 - Fri.day- Basic.Flats-Black, Pic 2 - ByKay- Kate-Color Change
Jewelry -Pic 1 Mariposa- oceanic set, Pic 2 - Exodi: Prathivi Set

Kierra -

Skin - Tuli - Tanya
Hair - Pic 1 - Truth - Carli - Chocolate, Pic 2 - Truth - Bethany - Cocoa
Jewelry - Pic 1 - Mariposa - Unlocked - Blue, Pic 2 Mariposa - Acat Set
Shoes - Pic 1 - Shiny Things - Zimmy Flats - Faded Denim, Pic 2 - ByKay - Vivianne - Black
Eyes - Tuli - Gem eyes - sapphire
Lashes - [DK] - Deviant Prim Lashes 01

Monday, June 21, 2010


Pic 1: [SC] - Coastal Tank-Gray, Cafe Shorts-Dark Gray, Moana Bikini Top

Pic 2: [SC] - Coastal Tank- Light Brown, Cafe Shorts-Khaki, Moana Bikini Top, Shoelace Sandals-Gray

Pic3: [SC] - Hermana Tank-Beige, Summer of Stripes Skirt-Brown, Shoelace Sandals-Gray

When the weather is getting warmer or I am looking for that perfect "surf-side" wardrobe, the first thought that comes to mind is Surf Couture. Emma Gilmour's textures appear to be based on colors and patterns one would see along the beach. I love the toned down colors and neutrals, which looked like they were washed in the ocean.
In the top two pictures, I am wearing the "Coastal Tank" paired with "Cafe" shorts. The cool textures mixed with Emma's superb eye for detail, give both pieces a very relaxed look. I just love the fine shadows and highlights, which make up the delicate creases and folds. An not to mention the cute ruffling and bottoms on tank. To top of this perfect match, I chose to wear the "Shoelace" sandals in grey. The unique design and high quality elements, make this sandal one of my favorite summer staples.
In the third and last picture, I am wearing gorgeous "Hermana" tank and "Summer of Stripes" skirt. I just can't get over Emma's exquisite prim work on the tanks ruffles. It just adds the perfect finishing touch. The skirt definitely has a very bohemian quality about, which makes it that much more charming. The carefully structured prims around skirt flow brilliantly with my every move.
Now I will stop  rambling, so you go take a look for yourself? The taxi is waiting at your door:

~ Additional Style Info ~

Hair: fri.day - Cassidy-Thoughtful Brown
Skin: -Belleza- Alyson Deep Tan Group Gift (Cleavage)
Jewelry: Mariposa - Oceanic Set
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen Eyes (Free Gift-On table across from TP point)
Eyelashes: TF - SweptAway!

Poses: VIVAPOSES & *Everglow*