Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spotlight on MARIPOSA

Lila (left): Mariposa - Unlocked Necklace-Kissed
Kierra (right): Mariposa - Acat Set (Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings)
Lila (left): Mariposa - Oceanic Set (Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings)
Kierra (right): Mariposa - Aubade Set (Necklace & Bracelet)
Lila (left): Mariposa - Florita Set (Choker & Bracelet)-Bronze/Purple-Color Change
Kierra (Right): Mariposa - Florita Set (Choker & Bracelet)-Silver/Blue-Color Change
Lila (left): Mariposa - Vintaged Dress-Blue/Gold, Acat Set-Color Option 1
Kierra (right): Mariposa - Vintaged Dress-Blue/Red, Acat Set

There is an amazing new jewerly designer on the scene and her name is, Felicity Winslet. Her gorgeous creations can be found under the name, Mariposa. Felicity's designs are a mix of very organic looking gems and meticulous metal work, which is a refreshingly unique find in SL.
In the first picture, Kierra is wearing the "Acat" set , which comes with a necklace, earrings and bracelet. This set also can be be found in four different color options. The delicate silver sculpting mixed with the turquoise stones, give this piece a very "Native American" feel to it. It's the perfect piece for many of the bohemian styles that we are seeing this summer. I am wearing the "Unlocked" necklace in "Kissed", this carefully crafted piece is also wrapped in sumptuous silver that is adorned with pieces of amethyst and a signature key.
In the second picture, I am wearing the "Oceanic Set". I know you have seen me blog this before, but this definitely deserves some special attention. I just adore the roughly polished stones linked together by ethereal gold stands. This also has a gorgeous pair of earring and bracelet to match. Kierra is wearing the "Aubade" set in silver and obsidian. This particular set is a bit bolder, especially the bracelets, but Felicity's intricate detailing make this yet another masterpiece. One again, like so many of the pieces from Mariposa, these sets can be worn with something very casual or extremely glam.
In the third the picture, Kierra and I are both wearing the "Florita" choker and bracelet. The metal work of these pieces is superb. The intricate detailing and perfectly placed gems, give this a very ancient feel with a modern twist. It will make any woman feel like a queen. It also comes with a texture changing script. So one has the choice of 8 gem stones and 2 types of metals. I also forgot to mention that all of Felicity's jewelry comes comes with a resize script and has several attachment options for an ideal and easy fit.
Btw, Mariposa is not all jewelry. There are also fabulous clothes to be found there as well.In the last picture, Kierra and I are wearing the "Vintaged" dress. I just love the earth tones and flowing prim work, which is further enhanced with an empire waist. It also comes with a choice of two lengths to suit your style. A definite staple for your summer wardrobe. So, what are you waiting for? Get down there and take a look! Just so you know, Felicity is very generous and has some amazing free gifts try. She also has MM board and fabulous lucky chair! There are many delightful surprises to found at Mariposa. The Limo is waiting:

~Additional Style Info~

Lila -

Skin: Laq-martina-06 [Nougat] Glow skin
Hair: Laq-Tess-Black
Eyes: Exile-Shine -Silent Lucidity
Bodysuit (pics 1-3): Pacadi - Yada Bodysuit - White

Kierra -

Skin: -Belleza- Elle - Deep Tan
Hair: ETD (now closed). Pic 4 - Laq - HB Style #08
Bodysuit (Pics 1-3): Pacadi - Yada Bodysuit - Light blue
Eyes: :: Exodi :: - Zbilja v2.0 - Deep Ocean Blue

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