Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inaya Skins

Left - Roshaylee make up 14
Right - Rieva make up 1
Top - "Kimashara" pale K18 & "Kimshara" tan K8
Bottom -Maeva make up6 LIPS 2 & Maeva make up9 LIPS 1

Left - Meghan
Right - Marayah M1 lips 1

Sandro Fratica & Naalyeh Raleigh are the owners of Inaya Skins and they recently gave me the chance to try out some of their skin ranges. As this is a store I wasnt familiar with I was a bit wary but boy was I in for a nice suprise. Ranging from very pale skins such as the 'Maeva' to the rich chocolate shades of the 'Rieva & Roshaylee' each and every skin is highly detailed and the attention to shading in the right areas has given them a more realistic feel. Some skins just have that 'flat' feel about them but Inaya skins are far from flat with the detailing to the collar bone and delicate shading to the stomach area the skins just come to life. I especially loved the lips on all the skins and many have a very seductive beauty mark carefully placed to make the pout even more luscious. Looking for the sultry vixen look then the Kimshara skins are the perfect choice as they have a beautifully detailed lace mask and again those yummy lips. The skins all come with both hair base or no base options and there is an extensive range of make up choices to suit every taste. The 'Meghan' even comes complete with 10 hair attachments so what are you waiting for.. head on down to Inaya grab some demos and try some of these amazing skins. Heres the Limo folks : -

~Addition Style Info ~

Hair - Magika - Aurora - Brown pack - Coffee
Bikini - :: Exodi :: - Regina Bikini - Burgundy

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