Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Kierra (Left): :CB: - Zoey Vest-Magenta, Spring Fling Skirt-Jean
Lila (Right): :CB: - Zoey Vest-Dark Charcoal, Spring Fling Skirt-Jean
Kierra (Left): :CB: Silly Tees-All Pink, Baby Doll Shorts (1st Pic) :CB: Silly Tees-Pen Fifteen, Baby Doll Shorts (pic 2)
Lila (Right): :CB: Silly Tees-Spank Tee, Spring Fling Skirt-Jean (1st pic) :CB: Silly Tees-Feelin' Froggy, Sping Fling Skirt-jean (pic 2)
Kierra (Left): :CB: - Casual V-Neck - Pink , Everyday Jeans
Lila (Right): :CB: - Summer Daze Tank-B/P/Pu, Everday Jeans
Kierra (Left): :CB: Flavor Hoodie-Marshmellow, Spring Fling Mini-Jean
Lila (Right): :CB: Flavor Hoodie-Chocolate, Spring Fling Mini-Jean
Lila (Left): :CB: Pretty In Plaid
Kierra (Right)::CB: Doll Baby - Red (includes shorts and belt)
Left Pic-
Lila (Left): :CB: Dangerously Innocent Mini-Paisley
Kierra Right): :CB: Dangerously Innocent Mini-Red
Right Pic-
Kierra (Left): :CB: Simply Sweet Mini-Black
Lila (Right): :CB: Simply Sweet Mini-Indigo
Lila (Left): :CB: Satin Dreams Lingerie-Red Violet
Kierra (Right): :CB: Satin Dreams Lingerie-White

Cool is definitely an understatement for Anyalia Pearl's line of clothes that is known as "COOL BEANS". I remember checking out COOL BEANS when it was still a relatively new store and it sure has grown! Not only does it house casual wear (like her "V-Neck" and "Silly" tees), but now more formal pieces, such as the "Dangerously Innocent Mini" and some very sensual lingerie, like Anyalia's "Satin Dreams". Her playful and sexy designs have a youthful feel and are very hip addition to one's warm weather wardrobe. For this review, Anyalia, generously sent us a vast array of her newest creations. Thank you Anyalia! Her designs can be as low key as the "Everyday Jeans" and "Summer Daze Tank" or as glamorous the "Simply Sweet Mini" dress. I just love the effort that she puts into her hand drawn textures, like the super hot "Zoey Vest", which make her designs so life-like and adorable. And adorable would certainly be an understatement for pieces such as her ultra cute "Doll Baby" set and "Pretty In Plaid" dress. These are the quintessential summer staples. Anyalia's luscious colors and crafty prim work make COOL BEANS one of SL's shining stars and also keep my avi looking stylish.
I know this is a bit "off-the-record", but Kierra and I have been a tad behind in our work due to some major SL issues. We have been working our cute little avis butt's off in order to get back on track. So I will let you see the rest for yourself. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some delicious clothes from COOL BEANS. I sent the limo, so all you have to do is hop on in:

~ Additional Style Info ~


Hair (pic 1,2,4,5 & 6): fri.day-Cassidy-Delighted Blond
Hair (pic 3): TRUTH - Isis-Driftwood
Hair (pic 7): fri.day - Tatum-Delighted Blond
Skin:(pics 1,2,5,6& 7): -Belleza- Alyson SK 7 (Cleavage)
Skin (pic 3 & 4): : Dutch Touch: - IsIs-Cocoa-Liner Red EBBlack
Jewelry: Mariposa - Oceanic Set
Sneakers (pic1-5): UBU - PornStar Lo-Tops (Color Change)
Shoes: (pic 6 & 7): Moody Stiletto-BARE Katherine-Silver
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen Eyes (free gift)
Eyelashes: TF- SweptAway!


Hair - ::69:: - Miracle
Skin - Pics (1,4,5) Iren - Cutie
Skin - Pic (2,6,7) - Belleza - Jesse Deep Tan
Skin - Pic 3 - Imabee - Lucy
Jewelry - Pics (1,3,4) - Line - Shelly Set, Pics 2,6,7 - Mariposa -Florita
Shoes - Pic 6 - Stiletto Moody Bare Ava Gold (Black), Pic 7 - ByKay - MaryBelle - Black
Eyes for all pics - ::UH:: -Tsuya eye
Lashes - [DK] Deviant Prim Lashes 01

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