Review Policy

I always appreciate and accept review copies! I adore SL fashion and featuring SL's most talented designers. However, there are some issues you should take into consideration before sending...
- Since this is a personal blog, I choose to represent my own individual style and taste in fashion. So, if I feel that your designs do not fit my personal sense of style, I do reserve the right not to blog them. This does not imply that your designs are awful or poorly made, but only that your designs are not something I would normally wear.
- I will attempt to post your review copies in timely manner. Unfortunately, I can not guarantee that this will happen. There are times when my work flow is really high, SL is acting up or RL circumstances prevent me from getting to them immediately. Also, please take into account that I spend a lot of time and put a lot of care into each post I create. I am not a machine. Although, I wish I were one that could crank out amazing posts a few times a day! Much thought, love and creativity go towards every photo and post that I create, so I hope you can understand the amount of time that this process involves. I love to mix and match different designers to create certain looks. So if an item is not used right away, it could be blogged much later down the line. I will do my best to let you know via note card and/or IM, if and when your reviews are posted. I am human, so sometimes I forget. If there is a specific day that your creations need to be posted by, please let me know in advance and I will try to accommodate you. 
- When sending review copies, especially 'blind' reviews, please send them in a folder/package with your store name and date on it. It would also be helpful to send a note card with your store LM, any important info about the item or anything that you may want mentioned in the review. The reason I ask this, is because I receive a lot of random stuff! LOL! If you not denote what the items are for, I may think it is store gift, a gift from a friend, etc..
- I have zero tolerance for stolen or copybotted goods. If I am sent such items, you will be reported immediately!
- I never ask for review copies (unless it is for an event or if there is a blogger call for a designer I really love) and I do NOT use an alt to blog, If anyone contacts you, claiming to be my alt, this person is definitely not me! If I do happen to contact you, please make sure the original name is, 'Lila Quander'.
*PLEASE NOTE* Since my blog is not strictly a "Look Book" style blog and I do write about the items I am wearing in my post, I try to mention as many designers as possible. However, due to time limits, the length of my post or just being really tired and flakey, I do forget to mention some creators. If I happen to forget mentioning you, PLEASE DO NOT take this personally! I do not wear or blog anything that I do not love or feel that is not a quality product. I also go out of my way to ensure that I always fully credit everything that I wear, rez or use in the post. By "Full Credit", I mean the following: Store name with linked Surl, item name, creator name and event info (if applicable). More often that not, my posts contain several different items from different designers. If I were to write something about every single creation, my blog would just become way to long and basically be a book of enhanced credits. I try to write posts that make sense, but when I feel pressured to mention every single item (despite the fact that I fully credit everything), it loses all personal meaning. I always make it a point to mention all designers I blog as much as possible, it just may not happen all the time. If you feel that item I am posting needs special attention, please let me know ^^
- Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for considering me to blog your creations <3 p="p">