Monday, May 31, 2010

So Many Styles To Choose

One of my favorite things about summer style is the summer dress. They are so light and flowing, making me feel very feminine and pretty. When looking for the perfect summer dress, one of the first shops that comes to my mind is "So Many Styles". And Irie Campese has definitely created so many styles to choose from. I decided on this cute neutral floral prairie dress, which comes with a choice of two different lengths - Short and Long. I am obviously wearing the short version, which can be worn alone or paired with leggings or jeans. The summer has just begun, so be prepared to see a lot more dresses from "So Many Styles". Actually, I recommend just hopping on down there to see for yourself.

Dress: {SMS} - Prairie Dress Light Brown
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Shanti - Ecru
Handbag: [mixxES] Marche Bag (Group Gift)
Necklace: MIEL SEY Necklace (FLF)
Bangles (Right Arm): [}Jasha{] Spring Bangles-Grey/Brown
Bangles (Left Arm): ::JZ:: STUMBLEBUM- Bangles-Antique Silver (Stumblebum Brigade)
Earrings: *ByKay* - Large Hoop - Silver (Freebie)
Lip Piercing: .:*LOULOU&CO*:. EPSILON piercing
Hair: Exile - Claudia - Mink (NEW)
Skin: -Belleza- Alyson Deep Tan Group Gift HB (Cleavage)
Tattoo: [ILAYA] - Star Tattoo
Poses: PurrPose
SIM: Thibdeau

Lost Again and Looking Glam

As my Memorial Day weekend reached a fevered pitched, I found myself lost in a dark and bewitching sim, while searching for some new skins. I may have been lost, but at least I looked fabulous. You know, in I case I may need to be rescued or something. I am wearing my recently purchased dress from "Glam Affair" that was designed exclusively for "The Dressing Room". I love the simple a-line shape and empire waist that is accentuated by an eye-popping yellow paten leather belt. The bust of the dress is adorned with silver studs, which certainly give this dress some extra special appeal. This is definitely a nice addition to my continuously evolving little dark dress collection.
I was lucky that I remembered to bring my new gift tote from "COCO". It came equipped with my with my two basic essentials in case I get lost...Bottled water and an issue of Vogue. This could of held me for a couple of hours. This clear tote bag comes w/ a choice of two colors for the trim - the other is pink. It also comes with two different carrying positions-the shoulder or by hand. No matter what option you choose, it will certainly look adorable and will definitely compliment any casual outfit. Not bad for free group gift! Especially if you have a handbag addiction like I do. When you make you way down to "COCO", and I insist that you go immediately, be sure and take a look at cocoro Lemon's other amazing accessories and clothes. Ms. Lemon's rich textures and fine detailing are applied to all her creations, which make any of her pieces hard to pass up.
Well, just in case you were wondering, I did end up finding my skin store and lived happily ever after....Sort of....

Dress: -Glam Affair- Evelyn Dress Jacket (TDR)
Shoes: Maiteya Gold Esprit Black
Tote: *COCO* - ClearToteBag-Black (Group Gift)
Bangles R: [}Jasha{] Spring Bangles Black
Bangles L: ::JZ:: STUMBLEBUM Bangles - Antique Silver
Choker: *ByKay* Emma Choker (Smokey Quartz)
Earrings: thick. PacDude Earrings (Dollerbie)
Lip Piercing: .:*LOULOU&CO*:. EPSILON piercing
Hair: Exile - Claudia/Brown Sugar
Skin: -Belleza- Alyson Deep Tan Group Gift HB (Cleavage)
Eyelashes: TF - SweptAway
Poses: Glitterati
Sim: Bad Blood

In Her Boots (REPOST FROM Sunday, May 27th, 2010

The weekend always flies by so quickly in SL, especially if you spend most of it checking out the various sales, fairs and favored designers. On my quest for more additions to my already ridiculously large inventory, I came across an amazing deal for "Fifty Linden Friday" at "This is a Fawn". This hot little blood red dress hugs my pixelated curves flawlessly. I also found that I didn't have to edit the skirt prim on this dress one bit. This is one of the things I dislike most about such dresses, since the skirt prim is always way too big and is very difficult to modify.
My next stop on my shopping list was "MIEL". Miel Nirvana is one of my all time favorite designers in SL. I popped in quickly, so I could grab the gorgeous SEY necklace that was also on sale for "Fifty Linden Friday". I love Miel's unique use of metal and wooden textures in her jewelry design. The final outcome is a bold yet elegant piece of wearable art. I must say that this was a real steal for 50L!
I had heard that I CE COCO had a new skin gift out. So I had to TP on down to Leona Olivieri's store and try it on for size. The skin is called "Scarlett" and the reason seems quite obvious... If you take a look closely at my face in the above pics, there is a striking resemblance to that of Miss Scarlett Johansson! Now, I could be wrong and this could all just be a cool coincidence, but you never know. Since I am a fan Scarlett's and Leona Olivieri's work, I couldn't help but leave the skin on.
Last, but certainly not least, on my list was [Gos]. There was a 50% off sale on the "burlesque" boots I have been eying for quite some time. This is not just one pair of boots. It is actually 6 pairs. These boots come with script that gives you a choice of six different color textures and six different colors for the laces. Gospel Voom, the creator of these gorgeous boots, also designed a unique sizing system for the perfect fit. You can even adjust the invisprim separately! After you have found your desired look and fit, one can see the extraordinary textures and keen eye for detail that Gospel Voom used to create this lovely new addition to my wardrobe. The weekend is almost over, so get your butt over to Gos and pick yourself up a pair at very nice price!

Dress: "This is a Fawn" - String Dress [Blood] (FLF)
Boot: [Gos] - Burlesque-Color Change (50% off sale)
Bangles: [}Jasah{] - Spring Bangles-Black
Bracelet: [}Jasha{] - Tahta Bracelets
Earrings: *ByKay* - Large Hoop - Silver (Freebie)
Lip Piercing: .:*LOULOU&CO*:. - EPSILON piercing
Skin: :::I CE COCO::: - Scarlett
Eyelashes: TF - SweptAway!
Hair: Exile Claudia/Mink
Sim: Utopia Portugal VII

TGIF! (REPOST FROM Friday, May 27th, 2010


I don't know about you, but I am ecstatic that it is finally Friday and that the weekend is finally here. One of my favorite things about Friday are the great sales awaiting me here in SL. So after logging on and checking my NCs, I quickly slipped into something more comfortable - a favored "boardwalk tee" from "Action"and beloved jean mini from "Maitreya". I grabbed my beloved "Fifty Linden Friday" (aka FLF) list and headed on down to the first stop on my list, which was !lamb. To my great surprise, one of their hair styles that I have been eying - "Sour", was the FLF special. Suffice to say, I quickly grabbed both colors that they were advertising - "butter" and butterfinger". I quickly slipped on the hair in "butterfinger" and happily skipped out in my new free clogs from SAIKIN. I also could not resist wearing the very blogged about and very chunky jewelery put out by *LP* vs .::GARAGE::.. I definitely overdid the chunky accessories look in these pics, but it's Friday and I am feeling good.

Top: Action Womens Boardwalk Tee-Owl
Skirt: Maitreya -Cleo Jeans Skirt-Charcoal
Belt: {SMS} - Was Part of their "Jeans Mini Blue" skirt
Clogs: SAIKIN - clogs sabot sandal REST-Red (Freebie) **
Hair: !lamb - Sour-Butterfinger (FLF)
Necklace: *LP* vs .::GARAGE::. - Faster Necklace-Red
Bracelet: *LP* vs .::GARAGE::. - Faster Bracelet
Bangles: [}Jasha{] Spring Bangles-Grey/Brown
Lip Piercing: .:*LOULOU&CO*:. EPSILON Piercing
Earrings: *ByKay* Hoop Large-Silver (Freebie)
Skin: -Belleza- Alyson Deep Tan group gift (cleavage)
Tattoo: [ILAYA] - Star Tattoo (Freebie)
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity-Mardi Gras (Freebie)
EyeLashes: TF - SweptAway
Sim: Tableau
** I found these awesome clogs with help via the following Blog :

Love Those Summer Dresses (REPOST FROM Friday, May 27th, 2010

Summer is finally here and so are all the yummy summer dresses. I always feel so pretty in these light flowing numbers. The one I am wearing I picked-up at my new favorite store, Action Surf Sk8te. I love how the well designed skirt prim follows my every move flawlessly. I paired this dress with a gorgeous new pair of shoes from KayLeigh McMillan. She is yet a another designer who has taken on the challenge of working with sculpted prim feet and shoes. These sexy strappy stilettos come with many different color and texture options. Every part of the shoe has several highly detailed choices to pick from, which will leave you wearing a heel with your own unique twist. I also must mention that the HUD was very easy use and I had a very easy time matching my skin tone. If you haven't been to *ByKay* yet, or at least in awhile, I suggest you get down there soon to see her latest collection. Oh! And please don't forget to check out her fabulous jewelry collection while you are there too!

Dress: Action Womens Pure Luv Dress -Gray
Hair: booN - BCL958-chocolate
Hair Clip: *noju* - antique 2 rose hair clip
Shoes: *ByKay* -Kate Spring -Color Change (Group Gift-Invite Only**)
Necklace: .:MALT:. -Lovable Necklace-Color Change (old suscribo gift)
Earrings: [glow] - Orcan Earrings-silver
Lip Piecing: .:*LOULOU&CO*:. - EPSILON Piercing
Bangles: [}Jasha{] - Spring Bangles -Grey/Brown
Skin: -Belleza- Alyson Deep Tan group gift HB (cleavage)
Tattoo: [ILAYA] - Star Tattoo (group gift)
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity-Mardi Gras (Free)
Eyelashes: TF - Swept Away
**Whenever a group invite is requested, just take the time to write a sincere note to designer asking for an invite. However, please only do this if you plan on staying in the group and not just for the free gift.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hunting I Went

With many new hunts just around the corner I decided it was time I actually went through the previous hunt items Id collected from the hunts Id managed to complete as I had only had a quick peek. Ive shown just a few of the many prizes I managed to find to give you a taste of the items generous creators offer, all of which were from the Fashion Freaks Hunt which is running until June 15th so you still have plenty of time to take part. The starting point for the hunt is at Shush so go get hunting and snag some wonderful items.

~Style Card~

Hair in all pictures is from - Hair ->TRUTH< -Annette in caramel

1 -
Top -E.B Prims & Poses - Fashion Freak Shirt
Bangles - ~SIGMA~Jewels - Bangles in Wood & Colours
Skin -CandyDoll - Frikitona

Top - Just Me - Haruko Top Black Hearts

Outfit - Shush - Jumper blue green

Outfit - ILLY creations - IC Dress

5 & 6
Outfit - Sassy Kitty Designs - French Beach Fashionista Swimsuit 3 - includes hat, bag, bikini with several layer options, glasses and overskirt.
Skin - Ocean's Body Boutique - Grazelle Caramel Sahara Night - MM Prize also available to buy

Outfit - .:: DELICIOUS::. Designs - Floral Summer Dress

Quack Quack

Have to say I am a huge fan of Ducknipple and could quite honestly buy the whole store. Beanster the owner of Duck creates some wonderful pieces which are all sold for a very reasonable price although made to a very high standard. I picked up a couple of new outfits to add to my collection and was yet again very happy with the quality of my purchases. The Bokita outfit has a lovely bodice which is very detailed and a rather sexy low cut back. The Peggy outfit which Im wearing with the tights that come with it flows nicely and again very highly detailed. You really have so much choice with Ducknipple as complete outfits, seperates, shoes, accesories and also a bargin area can be found there so its very worth paying the store a visit.

~Style Card~

Both outfits from - Ducknipple
Outfit 1 - Bokita in Brown
Outfit 2 - Peggy in gray

Skin --Belleza- Elle Dark Deep Tan - Group Gift
Hair - HCT - Vanessa in Ash Blonde - Available at Savoir Hair for free
Tats - ::Para Designs:: - Field of Dreams in Light option
Necklace - noir*lily - Pearls Necklace Black - Popcorn hunt prize
Bangles - Sn@tch - Royal Bangles

I feel pretty ohhh so pretty

Ive been on the lookout for a full length sun dress but am always very wary with things that have alot of prim parts as they usually never fit me and im not the best at adjusting things. So when I saw this dress whilst on a visit to Zenith I thought I would chance it and give it a try. Im so glad I did as it fit perfectly and didnt need any adjusting Yay !!!. Could quite easily be paired with a nice pair of summer sandals for that casual look or even worn as a more formal gown, and it also comes in four colour options to suit all tastes.

~Style Card~

Skin -Mango - Yummeh Tan 69L Hump Day Skin
Hair -W&Y -New 9 type A (it does come with the hat)
Outfit - Zenith - Malaysia in Pink
Necklace - Garage - Gems Necklace - Group Gift

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tank Girl

I really am a jeans kind of girl and dont really wear dresses too often so when I saw the new Renegade outfit from Twisted and Spoiled I had to buy it. It comes in a few different colour options and includes the pants,top in 3 colours,bracers, gloves, shoes, choker, leg bands and wristlets. I choose the Brown set and have to say I love it especially as the detail in the accessories is excellent as are the textures used. Twisted offer alot of complete outfits that come with accessories and sometimes shoes so no need to try and co-ordinate its already done for you so its well worth paying them a visit.

~Style Card~

Hair -booN - FKO548 in red
Skin - Deviant Kitties -[Charm] Bract - Tan ( There is a TP at the front of the store to get to the older DK items where this skin is in the sale section)
Outfit Including shoes and all accessories - Twisted & Spoiled - Renegade in Brown

Friday, May 28, 2010

Project Tents

I went to visit the Project Tents for Haiti recently, a collection of designers have items on sale with proceeds being donated to help provide tents for shelter to those in need after the Haiti disaster. I really loved this 'Sweet Blossom' set that I picked up from FK Virtues which included babydoll top leggings and also the shoes for 200L and Corey chose the male item they had on offer for 100L which included the pants and shirt hes wearing. Its well worth a visit to the Project Tents as there are many designers are offering items at reduced prices for this worthy cause.

~Style Card~


Skin - Dutch Touch - Cleo in Olive
Hair - Miel - Tue in Brown - Deck Celebration Gift
Outfit including shoes - FK Virtues - Sweet Blossom Set
Necklace - La Forgia Jewels - Chey Necklace


Hair - Uncle Web Studios - Ilias
Skin - Redgrave - Cruz in Tan
Outfit - FK Virtues -
Necklace - Bad@zz - Double Rope Necklace
Armlets - Redgrave - Double Stud Armlets
Boots - Redgrave - Biker Boots in Night

Beach Babes

With the weather getting better I couldnt resist looking through some of the swimwear I have picked up latley. Zenith were offering a surfer outfit as well as many other freebies as group gifts so I dragged Corey there to grab it before we went to the beach to explore.

~Style Card~


Skin - Redgrave - Cruz Skin in Tan
Hair - Uncle web studio -
Outfit - Zenith Fashion - Group Gift there are quite a few here also some Lucky Chairs
Necklace - Bad@azz - Double rope necklace
Armlets - Redgrave - Double stud armlet


Skin - Belleza - Jesse in Sunkiss - previous group gift
Hair - WAKA and Yuki - MM Board prize
Bikini -AYUMI - Fat Pack Im wearing the black
Necklace - KOSH - Betel Nut Necklace

Flower Power

Well if your anything like me shoes are a true addiction in Second Life so when I heard that Norman Maroon was offering some Hippy Chick Boots to subscribers I popped down to his store FM Shoes to take a look. The store is trendy hip and very inviting even though I was struggling to look properly as there was a rush of people grabbing his very generous gift. I love these boots that fit me perfectly which is very unusual as my avi is rather tall and I generally find boots dont fit my legs. Norman's store has only been open for a few weeks but Im sure that he will have a very succesful Second Life career as his boots are of a very high quality and well who doesnt love a well made pair of shoes or boots. So hit that TP button and go visit FM Shoes and join the subscriber as Norman has just told me more is to be added very shortly :)

~Style Card ~

Hair - Hairy Situations - Jorja in black - Closing Sale item
Skin - LAQ - Jessica in Nougart
Dress - *COCO* - Shirred TubeDress - Group Gift
Necklace - Miel -Sey Necklace - Fifty Linden Friday Item
Bangles - YourSkin & YourShape - The Deck Celebration Gift
Boots - FM Shoes - Subscriber gift

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fifty Leagues Under The Sim


League was my first favorite store on the grid and still is one of my most favored. I recently dropped in to pick up few more of Nina Janus's fabulous creations. I can never leave with out spending quite a few Lindens there. So, while digging through my inventory, I devised an outfit with a bit on old and new designs from League.

Top: *League* - Grandad Vest Open Ecru
Skirt: *League* - Thermal Skirt Black
Stockings: *League* - Alice Stockings - Black Garter (Project Themory)
Scarf: *League* - Scarf Wrap-Retro School-Bl/Wh-Pendant Shiny (FLF)
Bangles: Jasha Spring Bangles - Black (L)/Gray Brown (R)
Mouth Beads: TIK TOK
Lip Piercing: .:*LOULOU&CO*:. - EPSILON
Hair: booN - BCL958 Chocolate
Eyes: Exile - Shine Lustrous Arctic
Boots: Miel - Far Boots-Solid
Skin: -Belleza- Alyson SK7 (HB) Cleavage
Tattoo: - ILAYA - Star Tattoo (Free Gift)
Pose: [doll.] - Sofia 06 (Suscribo) - 1st Pic
Pose: [doll.] - Lenka 05 (Suscribo) - 2nd Pic

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Now I know the sale at The Plastik has been over since the weekend, but I have been having problems with my laptop. So please accept my sincere apologies for my untimely behavior or you can take it up with my laptop ::giggles:: Anyway, I definitely went a bit crazy at the 50L black sale at The Plastik, especially since my favorite shade is black and The Plastik is one of my favorite stores. I couldn't resist this little black dress number with finely hand drawn textures on the ruffles. Aikea Rieko has an amazing eye for detail. The black neck collar that I am wearing is also another Plastik creation. Even thought the sale may be over, I highly suggest to TP on down there and take a look at her high quality pieces and also the new skin line, which is to die for! Btw, don't forget to join their group and pick up one of their amazing group gifts.
I went up to the The Dressing Room to check out their new stock of designer goods. I found some fabulous accessories, amongst other things, which complimented this dress nicely. If you haven't been to The Dressing Room yet, I recommend you check it out soon. They have nice sampling of accessories and clothes that are made by SLs top designers exclusively for The Dressing Room. And, to top it all off, they are all sold at a generously discounted price.

Dress: [Plastik] - Friday-Tux
Collar: [Plastik] - Recluse Collar-Leatherblack/Rela
Boots: {Cherry} - Aura Ankle Boot
Hair: (Posh) - Push&Shove-Platinum (FLF)
Earrings: [glow] studio ~ ~ DeLyn ~ ~ LETTERS earrings-Black (TDR)
Bangles: [}Jasha{] - Spring Bangles (Left) -RavenSunset/ Spring Bangles (Right)-Black
Glasses: [glow] studio - Jackie.O-Black (TDR)
Lip Piercing: .:*LOULOU$CO*:. - Piercing ::EPSILON::
Eyes: [VS] - Realistic Eyes-01 (giftie)
Skin: LAQ - Tasha 06 [Nougat] Glow skin
Eyelashes: TF - Swept Away Eyelashes
Tattoo: [ILAYA] - Star Tattoo
Poses: *xoxo*, .::Poise::.
Pictures were taken at the Thibedeau Sim....


Yes, this is yet another delayed post, but I couldn't help mentioning Pink Outfitters. You also may know this as the House of London. This is a hip new store, well new to me, where one can find high quality clothes at a very reasonable price. They also had a major first floor sale over the weekend, where everything was reduced to 50L! I definitely stocked up with many great finds and this dress is one of them. At the main store, you will a bit of everything. There is separate shop for women's clothing, men's clothing, skins, and some delicious accessories. Pink Outfitters is a definite must on your shopping list!

Dress: [PO] - Emi Strapless Dress-Black
Handbag: [chuculet] - Maya Bag-Rose
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Esprit- Black
Hair: W&Y - MAKIMAKI (Lucky Board Gift)
Necklace and Earrings: DECO - Pave Swing (10L Sidewalk Sale)
Bracelet: MIEL - CUE Bracelet
Lip Piercing: .:*LOULOU&CO*:. - EPSILON Piercing
Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Deep Tan HB/Cleavage (group gift)
Eyes: - A.S.S. - Sparkle In You Eyes II- Azurite (Gift)
Eyelashes: TF - Swept Away Eyelashes
Tattoo: [ILAYA] - Star Tattoo
Pictures taken in the Sweet Cyanide Sim.....

Who Doesnt Love a Freebie ???

Recently there have been alot of gifts given out for group members making life alot easier in SL for those on a tight budget. Above are some of the casual dresses I have received latley either from subscribers or group memberships.

~Style Card ~

Skin ~ Previous group gift from Xoomp!
Hair ~ Group gift from Trico - There are also a few Dollarbies and a MM board
Necklace ~Dirty Word which has now closed
Bangles ~ ~SIGMA~ Fashion Freaks Hunt gift
Earings~ :ROZOREGALIA: - Hunt9 Gift

Outfit 1 ~ Azul
Outfit 2 ~ Mohna Lisa Couture
Outfit 3 ~ Xoomp!

I also grabbed a few formal freebies just in case Corey decides to take me dancing. Im not really into the formal thing but its always nice to dress up now and then. Both dresses are beautifully made and really are a stunning addition to any inventory.

~Style Card~

Hair ~ .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ Madeline, the hair flower is part of the Baiastice outfit
Outfit 1 - Agnes Finney
Outfit 2 - BAIASTICE

Hunt astic

I actually sat down and finally looked through some of the items I have collected from various hunts that are currently going on throughout SL. I am a bit lazy when it comes to hunts and do tend to give up half way, but I did actually manage to complete a couple yay!!, so I thought id post a few of my favourite prizes

~Style Card~

Skin - CandyDoll - Frikitona - Fashion Freaks Hunt Gift
Outfit - DeeTalez - Hide Out Hunt Gift
Bracelets - LOULOU&CO - " "
Necklace - noir*lily - Popcorn Hunt Gift
Hair - D!va group gift - Akane in Oynx
Glasses - Nash
Bah - Magi Take - Tote Bag
Shoes - In Her Shoes - Bows in Tan ( All shoes here are free too woot)

Yeeee Hawww Coyboy

Corey and I decided to take a look at The Far Away which Ive seen featured in many pictures and always liked but never actually visited. It is a beautiful tranquil setting and is an awesome setting for pictures. I also got to play cowboys with Corey Yeeee Hawwwww !!!

~Style Card~

We are both wearing outfits from GothiCatz - Corey in 'Wanted', Im in 'Time'

Corey -

Skin - Redgrave - Cruz Tan Skin
Necklace - Bad@zz Double rope necklace
Stud Bracelets - Redgrave double stud armlet
Hat -Surf Couture - Straw Cowboy Hat in Dune
Tats - Para Designs - MHOH gift


Skin - Belleza - Elle in Tan - group gift
Hair - Etd - Janine in Blackberry ( Etd is currently closed)
Tats- 3TOOS - Estrela
Necklace-La Forgia - Chey Neclace
Bangles - YourSkin & YourShape Deck Gift

Lets go Fly a Kite

On my travels today I came across a pretty sim so thought I would finally take a look at a Kite flying animation set I picked up at the recent Deck Celebration Giveaway and give it a try and personally I think its pretty cute :)

~Style Card~

Skin - MM prize from Ocean - Grazelle in Caramel this was also available to buy for 100Ls for those unable to grab it from the MM board.

Hair - Rosey Love from Posh this is available at Savoir Hair as a freebie

Top - Cupcake - Corset Open Top in Rose

Short - Starlust Motel freebie

Kite Animations Including the kite - Adorkable Poses

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looking For Some Action

Yay! The weekend and summer are finally here! The weather was gorgeous and I was feeling a bit frisky. I had decided I was definitely in need of some "action". So, that's exactly where I went and spent a bunch of those Lindens, which are always burning a hole in my wallet. I could have easily bought one of everything here at "Action Surf Sk8te", but I settled on one of their well textured, detailed and obviously sexy "Board Walk Tees". Well , to be perfectly honest, I actually bought all them, but don't say anything. The tee comes in a bunch of nicely muted colors and neutrals that one can easily match with almost anything. I also could not resist their ultra cute "Denim Mini", which comes in many different colors and textures. So if you are in need of some thing cool, as well as hot, I suggest you TP your cute pixilated butt down here quick!

Top: Action Womens Boardwalk Tee-Coal
Skirt: Action Womens Denim Mini Skirt-Black
Hair: booN BCL958 hair-chocolate
Eyes: Shine Lustrous Artic
Sneakers: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
Skin: Belleza - Alyson Deep Tan Group Gift
Earrings: [glow] Earrings - Orcan
Lip Piercing: .:*LOULOU&CO*:. -Piercing::Epsilon::
Bangles: [}Jasha{] Spring Bangles-Right-(Grey/Brown)
Tattoo: [ILAYA] Star Tattoo
Pose (1st Pic):[PURRpose - Blue 5 - Just For The Girls Hunt (over)
Pose(2nd Pic): Showring - Ego Boost - Just For The Girls Hunt (over)

Who Can Resist Plastik

None of us shopping addicts can resist a sale but when I heard The Plastik where having a 'Black Like my Soul' sale I hit that TP button like a crazy woman. There are over 30 items in Black now reduced to 50L so my ever increasing and very messy inventory gained a few more additions. Also grab the free group gift near the TP point for yet another amazing creation.


Outfits from The Plastik Left Prayer, Right Courtesan

Skin Group Gift in the Subscriber at Dulce Secrets

Both Hairs are from Iren Left Girlfriend, Right Stockholm

Tats Para Designs - FFH Gift
Shoes - Kookie
Necklace Phoenix Rising