Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spotlight on AZOURY

Pic 1: AZOURY - La Robe Pensee Noir

Pic 2: AZOURY - La Tenue Anemone
Pic 3: AZOURY - La Tenue Clematite
Pic 4: AZOURY - La Tenue Narcisse
Pic 5: AZOURY - La Tenue Sauge

OMGah! AZOURY has blown my mind! AZOURY is a name that was unheard of, at least to me, until a couple of weeks ago. It was "I love 69" time and AZOURY was one of the shops on the list. Now, being a "shoe girl", the first thing I noticed were all the lovely footwear that AZOURY had to offer. Little did I know that Mayhem Seetan, the brilliant designer behind it all, also created fabulous clothes! Mayhem has a real feel for "Haute Couture". Her designs cutting edge, unique and gorgeous! Her keen eye for detail and and expertly crafted prims produce not an outfit, but a work of art.
In the first picture, I am wearing "La Robe Pensee Noir". I just love the carefully sculpted skirt, which flows with each subtle movement.The rich texture and intricate detail give this gown an ethereal feel. I like how Mayhem pairs this soft lovely gown with a hard collar and bold bangles. This jewelry is part of the outfit, which is always a nice bonus, especially since it is beautiful and well made. Usually, when jewelry comes with an outfit, it isn't that nice, so this is really great surprise.
In the second picture, I am wearing "La Tenue Anemone". This is an extraordinary design. I adore how this little elegant black dress has such a bold personality. The ornate lace texture is to die for and the prim work on the skirt is absolutely incredible! I feel like I should be walking down a runway in Paris when I wear this dress. And the ankle boots! Yes, these ankle boots come with the dress. Mayhem's beautifully painted textures and flawless construction, make these boots a perfect match for this dress. They would also make a brilliant addition to the rest of your wardrobe too.
In the third picture, I am wearing "La Tenue Clematite". I love how Mayhem names many if her designs after flowers. This piece is definitely more casual and has a bit of an 80s retro look to it. The stunning pattern on the leggings give off a soft velvet-like sheen. They are paired with an ultra sexy "peek-a-boo" tube top, which shows off just the right amount of cleavage. Mayhem definitely knows the female form and how to create designs that hug each curve splendidly. This outfit also comes with a pair of very cool boots.
In the fourth picture, I donned "La Tenue Narisse". This also has a bit of retro flavor, but more reminiscent of the 60s. I love the asymmetrical design of the top with a "Missoni-like" print. The striking collar gives it an extra bit of edge and a more modern feel. The super flared pants just make this one outstanding design. Once again, Mayhem comes through with the matching shoes. These are pumps are just sublime! I feel in love with the scalloped heel and open toe. The shoe has sculpted prim foot and a very easy to use hud, so you can find the exact tone of your skin without any fuss.
I the fifth and last picture, I am wearing "La Tenue Sauge". This is a very sassy denim mini-skirt, with an extremely sexy "tie in front" top. I really like how so many if Mayhem's outfits come with a belted waist. One again, it's the extra special attention she gives to the female body. Her designs are are bold and straight forward, but are still very feminine and sensual. She carefully puts together her outfits for maximum style and appeal. Mayhem is a true artist with a very progressive sense of fashion. She doesn't follow fashion, fashion follows her. So, please do yourself a favor and tp on down to AZOURY now! The limo is waiting to take to you: http://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Courchevel/34/49/22

~ Additional Style Info ~

Skin: LAQ - Martina-01 [Nougat] Glow Skin
Cleavage Enhancer: LAQ - Cleavage Enhancer v2 [Nougat]
Hair: fri.day - Summer-Thoughful Brown
Eyes: ::UH:: Frozen Eyes (free gift)
Eyelashes: TF - SweptAway!

Sets: *GLITTERATI - Sci-Fi Hallway, Black Box
Poses: {.:exposeur:.}

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