Sunday, May 5, 2013

Backyard Boho

Uff! Is it just me or is SL being a major pain in the butt this weekend? I heard it may be due to SL rolling out their server side baking. Unfortunately, I will not be able to experience this nifty new feature until the Firestorm or LL viewer makes it possible for me to shoot very large custom sized images. If you are photographer, who has upgraded to the latest Firestorm, I am sure you noticed the 'black rectangle' glitch with images above 4000 pixels. So, suffice it to say, I had to downgrade to my last Firestorm install. Small images with low quality is not an option. And I hate to say this, but what is the point of having all these amazing new photo tools, when you can't take decent picture? Regardless, I am excited about all the new advances, but I do hope they fix this issue soon.
My health still is on the mend, so I am also moving very slow. There are all these great releases and amazing things I want to post, but I am just not up to speed to show them yet. Please bear with me (Or is it "bare"? I always forget :/)

  *{ SeVered GarDeN }*  Jamila - sky by Berta Avro  & :CP: Cassie Backyard Barbecue by Isla Gealach
 *{ SeVered GarDeN }*  Jamila - sky by Berta Avro  & :CP: Cassie Backyard Barbecue by Isla Gealach

It is the first weekend of the month, which makes it Belleza's BEST BUY weekend! All weekend long (until 11:59pm SLT on Sunday), Belleza has 3 exclusive editions of Mya (created by the very talented Shyla Diggs) for the very nice price of 400L per skin! She is available in all skin tones, so definitely make sure you get over there now and DEMO them! Grab your men too, since Belleza also has 3 versions of Jonas for the Guys! They are also 400L per skin and come in all tones! Shyla Diggs did a seriously amazing job with each skin!

-Belleza- Mya Med BBB 3  & Exile- You've Got The Love -Cashmere
 -Belleza-  Mya Med BBB 3 by Shyla Diggs, :Exile::You've Got The Love:Cashmere by Kavar Cleanslate & Cae ::Alchemy:: Necklace by Caelan Hancroft 

If you read my last post, I went on about Kavar Cleanslate's (of Exile) amazing new hair releases that are HUD driven with 8 streaking options. I figured this new stunning long and curly style, called "You'e Got The Love", added a bit of boho romance to my look. You really need to go over to Exile and try on ALL of Kavar's new styles and check-out the new HUD's cool features as well.
If you notice in the background, I have picnic table, cooler, barbecue grill, lanterns and even some pennants! This is all part of 'Cassie's Backyard Barbecue' from uber creative Isla Galeach of Cheeky Pea! It is a FaMESHed exclusive too! The picnic table seats 4 avatars and has 9 animations! Not to mention, the table is covered with tons of food and condiments. Despite all the amazing details, Isla manages to keep the LI is fairly small. Plus, the food items are not linked, so you can take away or add, depending on your prim availability. I need to invite some friends over for the Barbecue, so I can show you all the amazing options! There is also an awesome blow-up swimming pool with 25 animations, which I have to show you! So, please stay tuned...
Here are your LMs:

 *{ SeVered GarDeN }*

Location: My Home
~Style Info~
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes - Skyfall (M) by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.03 by Izzie Button
Skin: -Belleza-  Mya Med BBB 3 by Shyla Diggs (BELLEZA BEST BUYS)
Hair: :Exile::You've Got The Love:Cashmere by Kavar Cleanslate (NEW)
Necklace: Cae ::Alchemy:: Necklace by Caelan Hancroft (avail @ FaMESHed)
Dress, Hair Flowers, and Floral Arm Bracelet: *{ SeVered GarDeN }*  Jamila - sky by Berta Avro  (NEW)
Bracelets: Cae ::Alchemy:: Bracelets by Caelan Hancroft (avail @ FaMESHed)
Rings: Cae ::Alechemy:: Ring by Caelan Hancroft (avail @ FaMESHed)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Elegant by Siddean Munro
Flip-Flops: FANATIK: Flipflops ALLin1Flipflops ALLin1 by Funatik Resident (NEW)
Pose:Del May - by Del May
~Deco Info~
Picnic Table, Cooler, Barbecue Grill, Laterns, Penants: :CP: Cassie Backyard Barbecue by Isla Gealach (                       (avail @ FaMESHed)
Trees: 3D Trees by Nadine Reverie

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