Friday, December 14, 2012

Home For The Holidays

I have not done a 'SL Home' post in a long time. But, since I have been having so much fun decorating for the Holidays (with my SL partner in crime, LouLou Teichmann) and thinking of expanding my blog with more 'home decor' posts, I figured this was great opportunity to start. Mariah Urriah, of kudzu homes, has a bunch of charming and highly detailed classic prefab builds to offer. She has a nice range of huge family homes all the way down to cozy cottages for couples. They are all built to scale and seriously beautiful. Just so you know, most of her homes are partial mesh or full mesh builds, so you will need mesh enabled viewer to see them correctly. For this post, I chose to showcase the 'Savanah Family Home'. This gorgeous and traditional country home, comes with three bedrooms, one bathroom and even a sunroom! This build comes to a total of 216 prims, which is very nice for all the amazing details it has to offer. The windows and doors are mesh and the rest of the home is a standard sculpted prim build. And, let me just say, I LOVE molding on the doors and windows. It is accents like this, that really make a great home. Mariah's textures are absolutely stunning too. I also noticed that her homes are truly to built scale. I have found in many SL homes, you need to be giant to live in them. The doors themselves are three times my size! I found with this home, everything has a very realistic size and feel to it. Needless to say, I am very impressed with Mariah's talent. I am a bit brain dead at the moment and do not want to keep repeating myself, so please check-out the picures. Do keep in mind that all the winter, bedroom and garden decor are NOT included with home. So, if you are looking for abeautiful prefab build or just thinking about it, please check-out kudzo homes. You will find a high quality home for a very lovely price. Here is your LM:

kudzu homes

kudzu homes - The Savannah Family Home
kudzu homes - The Savannah Family Home by Mariah Urriah

kudzu homes - The Savannah Family Home -2
Front of Home Detail and Living Room

kudzu homes - The Savannah Family Home - 3
 Upstairs Hallway and Sunroom
kudzu homes - The Savannah Family Home - 4
Master Bedroom

House: kudzu homes - The Savannah Family Home by Mariah Urriah
Trees, Leaves, Grass: 3D Trees by Nadine Reverie
Snow: Damania by Damanios Thetan
Bedroom Furniture: :CP: Sweetwater Room by Isla Gealach
Sled: :CP: Chilly Sled! - Steel by Isla Gealach (avail @ C88)

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