Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back to Black in 'Lady Flutter'

I am sure most of you remember the  amazing 'Black and Blue' event, which was brought to you by the fabulous Keira Seerose and her super talented CHIC management team. Well, it is back, but in black! 'Back in Black's' proceeds, from the designer exclusives, go to a charity that funds services for the mentally ill. I am sure everyone have been touched by someone, or even personally, who suffered from depression,  an eating disorder or addiction (these are just a few examples out of the wide spectrum of metal illnesses that exist). So, this is cause that is very close to my heart. I figured I would kick-off my event posts with a very uplifting and unique ensemble, which was created by the very talented Aeon Perian of ~Plank Couture~. So here are your limos, becuase you absolutely must check this incredible event out!

Back to Black Venue
~Plank Couture~

You can find more info about the 'Back to Black' event here: http://www.chic-management.com/?page_id=1236

Back to Black - Plank Couture- Lady Flutter~plank couture~ Lady Flutter - Amelia Moth by Aeon Perian for Back to Black

Location: Spirit
~Style Info~
Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Gray (M) by Ikon Innovia (NEW)
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Maya" (Amber) by Marisa Kira (2nd Anniversary Gift)
Skin: leah brown test by aida Ewing (WIP.. you will have to wait ^^)
Earrings: FINESMITH ASIA earring by yula Finesmith
Outfit: ~plank couture~ Lady Flutter - Amelia Moth by Aeon Perian  (Back to Black)