Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Latest From [GIEREH] (more info found on CHIC STYLE GUIDE)

Giereh Thorr is a somewhat new designer for me, but has quickly impressed me with his designs. Gierehuses a lot of clean lines and bold colors in his work, which is something I love. I also adore his close attention to detail and the amazing fit of his designs. I am bit blurry eyed at the moment, so I will let you take a look a for yourself. I highly recommend taking a trip down to [GIEREH] to see these fabulous creations in person. There is also a fabulous group gift the you will see below... Here is you limo to[GIEREH]

[GIEREH] - caroldress/black (Group Gift) & amanda/jeans/blue/
[GIEREH] - carol/dress/black (Group Gift) & amanda/jeans/blue
[GIEREH] - caroldressblack & Amanda Jeans blue (Close)

[GIEREH] - carol/dress/red
[GIEREH]- carol/dress/red
[GIEREH] - carol dress orange
[GIEREH]- carol/dress/orange
[GIEREH] - anelise dress cream
[GIEREH] - anelise/dress/cream
[GIEREH] - anelise dress blue
[GIEREH] - anelise/dress/blue
[GIEREH]- amanda/jean/ basic & CHANTKARE HUMPRHEY SHIRT DOVE  by Applonia Criss
[GIEREH] - amanda jeans basic & CHANTKARE HUMPRHEY SHIRT DOVE (Close)

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This all can be found at CHIC STYLE GUIDE