Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Last Minute 'Call For Couture': -MonS- 'Clave Series/ Colorfull&Likit-PinkLip-Freckles'

Ekilem Melodie has created a fabulous limited edition series of skins, which are also know as the  'Clave Series/ Colorfull & Likit-PinkLip-Freckle'., for the 'Call For Couture Festival'. There is also a version without freckles too. Like all if Ekilem's skins, 'Clave' is rendered beautifully. The lips are full, pouty and luscious. The eyes are almond shaped and sultry. The skin comes with 3 different brow colors to pick from, so you always have the perfect shade to match your hair. Plus, she comes with two cleavage options as well. You can opt for a regular cleavage or you can choose a full, sexy and 'pushed together' look. Of course, I always choose the latter, but I will show you full length view of both. You can find this at the  'Call For Couture Festival' until Oct 31st, so you better get your last minute shopping done there soon, Just so you know, fifty percent of all proceeds are going to the 'Samaritans Charity', And, of course, you can find many other fabulous skins, jewelry and clothes, at -MonS-. There is limo waiting to take you to both places......

Call For Couture
-MonS- :

-MonS- Clave Skin Series / Colorfull&Likit-PinkLip-Red, Colorfull&Likit-PinkLip-Brown, Colorfull&Likit-PinkLip-Black
-MonS- Clave Skin Series / Colorfull&Likit-PinkLip-Brown V1 & -MonS- Clave Skin Series / Colorfull&Likit-PinkLip-Black V2

~Additional Style Info~

Hair: TRUTH Cleo - driftwood (NEW)
Earrings: *ICED* Andela Earrings (NEW)
Lingerie: Zaara :  Kanti Lingerie Set *silver*
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black
Poses: *EverGlow*

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